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Super sweet... you may not want to share!

A great, if somewhat messy, novelty or gag gift. And sure to get the literal juices flowing (perhaps the proverbial ones, too, if you ever get around to it!).
tasty, fun, novelty item
sticky, not one-size-fits-all, minimal structural integrity
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The suggested use for this is pretty straightforward: a novelty item with which to tantalize a partner, or to embarrass a friend. But as one who received this as a bachelorette gift, let me say that it also doubles as a snack food, especially if you're prone to strong sugar cravings. As a bra, it works decently-- in terms of cup size, it is certainly NOT one size fits all, though it did fit multiple persons of varying chest circumference. It is also far from opaque, so it does not give any real coverage. Indeed, if you're anything more than a C-cup, it likely won't give you much, if any, coverage, but that's not exactly the point, is it? The real point of this thing seems to be embarrassment (again, let me tell you from personal experience that it works wonders in that department, especially if received in public) and tantalization.
    • Bridal gift
    • Gag gift

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a candy bra, so it should consist of very solid sugar rings (unless you get them wet-- not recommended, except when eating) strung on elasticy plastic string. On that note, do be aware that actually eating this thing does get rather sticky, regardless of whether your partner tries to go at it in one sitting or, like me, you get hungry on the drive home and eat chunks of it piecemeal. I should also note that once you start in on the actual cup-like strands of the bra, the structural integrity disappears pretty quickly. The cups seem to be somewhat woven together and depend on some of the candy pieces to maintain any shape. The clear, plastic string holding everything together seems to be pretty durable, despite several days of eating the candy pieces from the bra. One other thing to be aware of: this is a candy bra, so the candy pieces are very sugary. The package indicates that one bra (280 grams) provides about 28 10-gram servings. This is probably very accurate; delicious though it is, the sugar quickly abrades the mouth. I would caution anyone against trying to consume the whole piece in one sitting, unless if accompanied by many (seriously, many) assistants.
    • Beads
    • Sugary
    • Sticky

Taste / Aroma

Candy bra = sugar overload, unless careful. The manufacturer claims to include 30 different flavors, but I can identify only about five at best: really sugary, light and sugary, hey is that kind of minty?, and two more variations on "woah, sugar!". The best taste comparisons I can think of are to compare these candy pieces to the American smarties (the ones sold in tiny cellophane tubes and which, if you're lucky, almost dissolve in your mouth). That said, there are no unpleasant aftertastes or anything, except for the mouth abrasion that comes from eating too much candy over too short a time. In terms of taste, I cannot emphasize enough that these are pure sugar: a 10 gram serving gives you 9 grams of sugar-based carbohydrates.
    • Smells good
    • Strong taste


Once you really get into it, the candy bra lasts as long as you want it to. I received it as a bachelorette gift a week ago and have only now finished eating the straps and moved onto the bra 'cups'. Eating from the bra is difficult while still on a person, and very sticky as well, but is fairly simple and clean if you go at it piecemeal over the course of several days. Any residue can be cleaned up with a little bit of warm water. It does not seem to leave any sort of colored residue, though I have not experimented extensively with that topic.

Disclaimer: my new husband is asleep beside me while I write this review, and I find myself munching on the cup section of this self-same candy bra. Hmm...
    • Gets sticky


The packaging is not discreet: a cardboard box with an outline of a woman wearing the candy bra. The 'bra' itself is stored in a sealed plastic bag; the bag is not difficult to open and nicely contains any candy residues that might otherwise escape (if you intend to transport the 'bra' for a few days, I suggest keeping it enclosed in some sort of plastic bag, either the one with which it originally came, or a new one).
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

My now-husband and I never really used this product for its intended purposes; I received it is a gift and ended up wearing it (over clothing) for the rest of the evening. But shortly thereafter, I started going after it as a sugar snack. At this point, enough of it has been eaten (by my husband, myself, and several friends at the party) that it would no longer serve its original purpose as a 'bra'. But that should attest to how delicious it really is, and what a fun gift it was to receive.


The candy aspect of this product is delicious, even if it is practically nonfunctional as a bra (except in the novelty sense). It made for a great bachelorette gift-- one of my favorites.
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  • Contributor: Eva Schwaltz
    Great review, thanks for sharing.
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    Your narrative about eating the bra when getting snack cravings gave me a good chuckle. Great review.
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    Wonderful review with lots of humor! I'd be nervous about one of my nipples being crunched on accidentally.......
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    great review i agree with Yaoi that made me laugh alil too
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