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Crazy Girl shimmery dust reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

Great for spicing up foreplay, this dust is above the rest with a delicate, cupcake-like scent. It is light and non-irritating to the skin and it has a subtle, edible shimmer that's sure to delight without leaving behind a mess!

Despite the fact that I bought this item for its shimmery effects, I wasn't so disappointed by the almost complete lack of shimmer once I realized that it was edible. It tastes great with no aftertaste, and it smells fantastic as well. I imagine that I will still get plenty of use out of it.

This product could have been so much better than it is. Although the smell, edible contents, and added bonuses do help make for it, it doesn't deliver on what it is advertised to do. I would not call this a shimmer powder at all, because it completely lacks that element. I would look elsewhere if you want something that will give you an all-night party shine. But, if you want something to compliment other parts of your beauty routine this makes a good addition to the mix.

Diva Dust is a scented, kissable body powder made by Classic Erotica. There isn’t a lot of sparkle to it and the taste is mildly sweet. It doesn’t affect eczema prone skin.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel, taste and smell beautiful. The jar is small but it's not expensive so I think that's fair. As long as you apply this carefully the jar should last you a while. This would also make a fab present!

Crazy Girl Diva Dust is a loose body dust that adds shimmer to skin. It's pink in the container but when applied to skin, it simply adds some glitter to skin. It's easy to apply and not messy at all. The dust is pink cupcake flavored, though to me it just has a lightly sweet taste and scent. The only thing I don't like about the dust is the fact that it contains talc, which some people are sensitive to.

I fell in love with the Crazy Girl Shimmery Dust. It tastes and smells like cupcakes! Even though the shimmer isn't very noticeable, I'd still order more because of how turned on my boyfriend gets when I'm wearing it.

Who can resist the scent of cupcakes with pink frosting? This dust smells delicious! It also tastes sweet. My biggest problem with this dust is that it's not shimmery. It's a light pink powder with microglitter. This powder would look great on very pale to light skintones but if you have darker skin it may come off as looking really chalky. Also, I don't believe in the hype of products containing sex attractants. I still love it and think it's great though!

Crazy Girl Shimmery dust is a body powder with pheromones meant to heighten sexual pleasure. It offers a warm, sweet smell and that special 'tang' on the skin from the pheromones. Some of its ingredients are questionable in safety - if inhaled and not applied to skin - and may also pose allergy problems. For the price, it is a fun product to use, if for nothing else than to heighten one's own mindset.

If you are looking for a good body glitter that tastes sexy with no after-taste, then this is for you. It's great for the price and lovely on your skin.

Add a sweet, sexy and very subtle shimmer to highlight your assets! A light, fragrant and pleasing aroma of warm, fresh baked waffle cones wafts around you, attracting the attentions of those close to you without overwhelming them in the process. I definitely had my husband's attention with the sweet smelling aroma, shimmery cleavage and soft glow on my skin. Feel like a sweet, sexy, diva when he dusts you with his sweet, wonderful, kisses...

Overall, I recommend this product not only from a foreplay point of view but as a beauty product too. It can be used to add that extra glow on the breasts and arms for a special date. For the price, I promise you will get your money's worth!

If you like being licked, and your partner doesn't like a horrible aftertaste, I would recommend this. You get a nice, light shimmer dust with a wonderful scent, and the dust is also edible.

I have found my one true love when it comes to flavored body products. This will have you be the center of attention all night long and your partner craving you every second of the day. Delicious.

This shimmer dust is ideal for any night in or out where you wish to shine. As well as smell and taste great. The glitter shine is not too over shinning, and subtle enough to leave you feeling sexy AND tasty. It has a lovey cupcake taste and scent that will leave your lover licking their lips for more.

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