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Crazy Girl's "Shimmery" Dust

This product could have been so much better than it is. Although the smell, edible contents, and added bonuses do help make for it, it doesn't deliver on what it is advertised to do. I would not call this a shimmer powder at all, because it completely lacks that element. I would look elsewhere if you want something that will give you an all-night party shine. But, if you want something to compliment other parts of your beauty routine this makes a good addition to the mix.
- Nice smell
- Works when paired with lotion
- Contains pheromones
- Little shimmer
- Needs to be reapplied often
- Too subtle
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Crazy Girl's half-ounce size Shimmery Dust is designed to add a subtle hint of shine to your skin, with the added bonus of being edible. These two features are combined with a pleasant smell dubbed to be a "kissable pink cupcake flavor" and it is advertised as containing pheromones.

Make no mistake, this is not a tub of glitter. If you want to be glitz-ed up for a night of heavy partying, you might want to look elsewhere. This talc-based powder takes the "wanna be sparkling" phrase on its labeling literally, as that's exactly what you'll be left feeling. It is best used for a light, barely-noticeable sheen only. On the plus side this makes it perfect to wear every day, and for pairing with other Crazy Girl products of a similar scent (such as their Flirty Body Mist) without being overwhelming.

One good thing about this product is its formulation. Mineral-based and light, there are only a few reaction concerns. This product contains saccharin, fructose, and corn starch and three dye colors (Yellow 5, Blue 1 and Red 6 Lake), and it should not irritate your skin unless you have some sort of rare and specific allergy. I would not apply this any higher than on your neck, due to the airy nature of the substance. This makes it easy to get in your eyes. Obviously this is not meant to be used directly on your genitals, which might cause irritation. For this reason, you should be careful if you decide to use it around your upper thighs or buttocks.
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    • Bridal gift
    • Everyday wear
    • Foreplay
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    • Everywhere
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    • Chest
    • Limbs
    • Neck

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This dust certainly is fine! I find it similar to well-sifted flour in that regard, or finishing powder for makeup. It isn't so fine that the powder goes everywhere when you fluff the pouf around in the jar, but it doesn't clump together either. If you tap out a little onto your hands (because say, you didn't want to use the provided puff for some reason) you'll find it to be quite smooth. Once rubbed into the skin it is nearly impossible to feel it. It is neither grainy nor sticky nor greasy. The sparkles give no added texture to the skin.

It is easy to get out of the jar. If you want very, very light coverage just press the pouf against the openings until some has stuck to the fibers, and then wipe on. If you're looking for heavier coverage, seal the jar and shake it around a bit before doing so. You could also shake a bit out into the lid, and then apply from there. That being said, you'll really want to use the last two techniques. I find anything else just isn't enough to make a difference.

As to whether or not the product stays in place, it's rather hard to say. The shimmer is so gentle I barely notice it even right after putting it on. Going off of the smell, I imagine that it lasts at least an hour or two, depending on what sort of physical activity you're doing. The powder doesn't show up on clothes later, either. I wore an outfit of all black once while using this, and there was no "faerie dust" left behind.
    • Airy
    • Light
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

The variety of Diva Dust sold on Edenfantasys is the "Blushing Beauty" style. It also comes in a "Silvery Fox" and a gold version. Now, you have to look around for it, but it does say that it has a cupcake scent on the side label. I was impressed by the smell. I love the smell of cookies and cupcakes, so I'll buy pretty much anything advertised as such. There are no products I can think of that adequately match what this one smells like. Boxed yellow or white cake mix comes to mind, but even then it isn't quite the same. There are strong hints of marshmallow and vanilla that make it similar to Rice Krispie treats made with vanilla extract, but there is certainly a baked goods vibe alongside that.

I enjoyed the smell, which wasn't overwhelmed with sugary notes like some similar scents can be. The intensity matched just about everything in this product: Light and airy; the same can be said for how long it lasted.

I did not have my partner taste this product. Instead, I tried it out myself. Let me say this; just because something is edible doesn't mean you should eat it. My first impression was chalky, especially if the substance was built up on one area, but that fades to a nice aftertaste. The taste doesn't match the smell 100%, but it is close enough, it is just missing the vanilla components. I just appreciate the fact they tried to make it same for consumption at all.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


Part of me really wants to like how this powder held up, it really does. The smell is nice and the results of the pheromones were surprising, that much is true. But when it comes down to it, this product is supposed to be about the body shimmer it offers. In that category it falls terribly short. My skin is abnormally pale, and I really had it build it up to notice any difference. This might work better for those of you with different skin tones than mine, however. I have an olive tint to my skin, and I think that worked against the red base of the product. The glitter part just simply is not there. I don't want to look like I just went pole dancing when I wear glitter, but I want it to be noticeable too. I could not detect a single sparkle on my skin after I put it on. I can see it in the jar, but somehow between the puff and my body they must have all flown away.

I conducted a number of experiments when I wore this product to try and figure out how to make it work. I'll try to break it down for you here:

Around the House
When I wore it in my dorm I noticed the smell for about three hours after I first put it on. I had to actively smell for it, though. I could tell the shimmer was there, on my chest especially. It is hard to pin down just when the shimmer wore off, because I barely noticed it in the first place, but I'd say it lasted for at least an hour.

Out and About
When I went to class it was rather windy, and I think that contributed to how long it lasted. I didn't notice it at all except for on my hands by the time I took my seat twenty minutes later. Ditto on the shimmer. When I was out, I got to experience what the sex attractants would do as well. I talk about that in the last section if you're curious.

I wore this overnight once to see how it would hold up if you didn't wash it off (crazy weekend party, anyone?) before going to sleep. It was completely gone by the time I woke up seven hours later.

With Lotion / Other Smells
This way works the absolute best. If you put on lotion right after a shower or bath you should add doing this on to the routine too. It sticks best, adhering to the oils of your skin and lotion. Either pick something with complimentary smells or something not scented, because it will otherwise be over-powered. I wore a fruity lotion and perfume with this to help set it in. The sum of the smells lasted about four hours, and the shine lasted about two.

One thing about the lack of longevity is that you don't have to go through a lot of effort to clean it up. Just shower and wash like normal and you should be good to go unless you really cake it on. Through my experiments I also found that it doesn't irritate my normally sensitive skin, even right after shaving. I noticed no outbreaks, itchiness or other unpleasantness while wearing this product. Even the acne-prone should be safe leaving this on. That isn't much of surprise given the ingredients. Aloe extract helps calm redness, and mica and talc are natural minerals.
    • Feels natural
    • Reapply often
    • Safe for sensitive skin


The packaging for this product is adorable. It comes in a clear plastic dish, wrapped in a side label and topped with a black lid. Other than the fact that it says "sex attractant" on the top in rather large subtext, it is subtle. I keep this with my other beauty products and it blends right in. It gives the variety of the Diva Dust on top, and on the edges it gives the ingredients, a bar-code, the volume, a brief description, and a warning label. The label also mentioned sex appeal and inspiring sexiness, but the font is small enough so that it cannot be read from a distance. If you really need to careful about who sees this, there is a solution. You could either peel off the labels, cover them with sharpie, or put the product into separate dishes. They make travel cases for powder foundation that are similar to this, and without the labeling it should be easy to pass off as blush.

Speaking of travel cases, I find this is a small enough size for such a purpose. Overall it has an area like the size of one's hand, and it's about three inches tall. If you're careful and you screw on the lid correctly you can keep this with other things without fear of discovering a explosion of powdery mess.

There were no instructions included with the package, though that would have been nice. After opening it I played around for a good ten minutes trying to pry open the inner plastic layer instead of getting rid of the plastic sticker that covers the holes in the inside. Once I used the pouf to put on powder I thought I had done it wrong, since the coverage was so light. One thing I also would have liked to see was a best by date. As I have said in the past, most beauty products have them. A little jar stamp with the number of months something is good for is helpful to have. To be on the safe side, I would stop using this after a year as that's when most products go bad by. Not that you'll have trouble using it up by then. If you wear this every day, there should be enough to last you for a couple of months.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Not informative
    • Travel friendly

Special Features

There are many sex products on the market today that say they have "pheromones" or "sex attractants" in them. But what does that mean? I think now would be a good time to discuss this special feature of Crazy Girl's powder.

Pheromones are a type of hormones produced by the body and then released, and are meant to illicit responses by members of the same species (not always sexual responses, too). Thankfully this means that we are not affected by or attracted to the pheromones of other species. If we were, I imagine there would be quite a number of confused, unfixed male dogs out there for every human female that elected to wear sexual attractants. Alternatively this means you have to be careful about which pheromone products you purchase, as some of them do contain pheromones from other species.

This Shimmery Dust contains three pheromones in particular: Copulandrone, Copulaine-alike, and reconstituted Adronone. The first two are synthetics of copulins, which are secreted from the vagina in increasing quantities during ovulation. Studies have shown that males find ovulating females more attractive than their non-ovulating or menstruating counterparts, and the release of copulins may play a role in this. Adronone is also found in ovulating women but it is not the primary substance released. Whether or not the synthetic version of these work is up for debate, and you'll have to make the call for yourself.

Personal comments

I was surprised by the results I had wearing this product, honestly. I am not a believer in pheromones. Previous to now, I had never worn them as I had not put stock in the science behind them. Over the several days that I wore this, I did notice an uptick in the number of the members of the opposite sex striking up a conversation with me. My life did not magically turn into an reverse-gender Axe body spray commercial, but what happened was still intriguing.

I'm certain this was not due to a placebo effect. I wasn't expecting the added bonus to do a thing, after all. However, what happened could have just been due to my own production of copulin (discussed in the section above) and not the synthetics of the product. I practice fertility awareness, so I know that when I was wearing this I was a few days out from ovulation. I will try it again after this part of my cycle has passed and see if anything changes.

If you want to see if these pheromones really do make a difference on you, I would try it several times throughout the month. When you're menstruating (that one is obvious), when you're ovulating (about two weeks after that), and during the luteal phase (basically the in-between parts). From there you should be able to rule out any changes in behavior caused by your own hormones.
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