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Dona arousing herbal bath essence reviews

20 reviews
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20 reviews

In the end I was rather disappointed with this, which surprised me as I love Dona products. The scent is lovely but does not last, it does not give your skin any lasting smoothness and I found no arousal affects at all. However, during the bath it does make your bath very lovely and luxurious. It's disappointing in this neither very good nor very bad state it's in.

If you want to enjoy a light, clean smell scenting your bath water, and prefer to keep to natural bath products with lots of plant based ingredients, this may be perfect for you. If you like lots of bubbles or a smell that stays with you throughout the day, keep looking.

I would definitely recommend this bath oil to any one that does not have overly sensitive skin. I have fallen in love with this product and will be purchasing the rest of the line very soon.

I love Dona products, I really really do. So having one that was such a huge disappointment just left me shaking my head. All this product does is scent your bath water, so you are quite literally pouring your money down the drain.

For $10 you get a lovely fragrance to add to your bath that will lightly perfume your skin and leave you feeling soft and silky. It doesn't foam up in hard water but it also doesn't irritate my sensitive labia. All in all it's a solid product and one worth owning.

This is an aromatherapy treatment. It would be great if it smelled a little stronger in the tub like how it smells before you pour it out the bottle. The little smell I did smell was refreshing and relaxing. I may have to pour extra capfulls to get the full experience. With the bottle being small though that can be an issue.

While the concept of this product is good and I usually trust Dona to make products I'll enjoy thoroughly, this one fell flat. It smells great in the bottle but it takes a lot to even be detectable in the bath.

This is another big let down with the Dona line. It had no positive (nor negative) effects on me at all. It smells great in the bottle and seems like it would be a nice bath product, but unfortunately it's only worth is as a book end.

I think this is a great option for a nice bath oil. It doesn't leave you feeling dirty or greasy, the scent is nice and relaxing, and it makes your skin feel nice and soft. It makes for a wonderfully relaxing bath.

Looking to try something new for bath time? Something that will help your body relax and awaken your mind? The Herbal Bath from Dona by System JO smells nice and would make a nice gift. If you don't mind being left with greasy skin.

This has got to be my favorite DONA product so far! I love how relaxing the scent is and went through almost this whole bottle in a matter of a week and a half just because the scent was so addicting!I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone who loves a nice, relaxing bath!

A great smelling, mostly natural bath product, the Dona bath essence is a great product to have if your craving a relaxing, or sensual, bath experience.

An easy to use bath essence that leaves just a lovely lingering scent for when you want something simple to put you in the mood, without fussing over bubbles.

Indulge in a luxurious bath with the Dona arousing herbal bath essence. Just pour two capfuls of this camu camu bath oil into your warm bath and you will have a delicious smelling experience.

This is a nice bath additive if you are really into your bathtime or aromatherapy. It isn't as oily as other bath oils, but that's one thing I like about this product. The price is a bit much for 6 oz. I think it was a great bath experience for myself and I'm sure any lady that enjoys her bathtime would agree.

Pamper yourself and feel like a million dollars after you use this in your bath. I made sure to do all the little things I never have time for just to get more bath time while I used this essence. This is more of an aromatherapy item than anything else...and it worked for me!! Now I will make sure to pamper myself every week and enjoy the sexy, relaxed feeling of my home spa experience.

Would you like to feel like Cleopatra and make soaking in scented waters a daily luxury? This is the product for you, at peon prices.

At the end of a hard day when you are feeling like a zombie Dona herbal bath essence is a nice way to let plants do the job at relieving your stress. But if you are looking for something to also moisturize and nourish your skin you will have to sadly keep looking. The herbal bath essence is designed for the purpose of relaxing your state-of-mind. In use I found it to be a nice remedy for most of my headaches and always my body-aches and stress.

Although I'm not a bath person, I'm giving this four stars. It is great for someone who likes scented baths and needs to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It is a nice scent for a couple who want to bathe together and don't want a lot of bubbles or oil or salts. It would probably also be good for people who can't use bath salts. I just happen to think this works better in conjunction with another bath product than on its own.

I really liked this bath oil from Dona. It smells good and washes off easily. The one I have is the mangosteen, and it totally fits the name without being overpowering. I think it is worth the $10 price for something that smells so good.

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