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Bathtime-Sexytime... SAME THING!

This is a nice bath additive if you are really into your bathtime or aromatherapy. It isn't as oily as other bath oils, but that's one thing I like about this product. The price is a bit much for 6 oz. I think it was a great bath experience for myself and I'm sure any lady that enjoys her bathtime would agree.
Lovely scent, difficult to overpour
Price is a bit steep
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This is really just a scented bath additive. It's not a bubblebath and the "bath oil" properties are not like any oil I've used before. Think of it as aromatherapy. The biggest thing I noticed about this product was the scent. It claims to have aphrodesiac properties and that remains to be seen. I suspect maybe some of the scents might have that effect on some people, and some won't notice it at all. It also offers a bit of moisture if you use enough of it in your bath. It's a nice product for someone who really loves their bathtime and loves to try new things. I enjoyed it a lot. It's not my favorite bath product ever, but it is a nice and sensual change of pace. Just add 1-2 capfulls into your bath and dim the lights for an awesome sensual/relaxing experience. I never noticed any irritated and I have sensitive skin. Just be sure not to use too much product.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This gets a bit interesting. I will give two descriptions.

The first being what the product is like straight out of the bottle.
It is almost a gel-like consistency. It's a bit hard to pour, but in a way, I like that. It keeps you from gobbing too much into your cap and wasting it. If you dab it on your skin or between your fingers, it has an oily-like slip to it and feels a bit greasy. The product seems totally unappealing right out of the bottle.

The second description I'll give is what it's like once you have added it to your water.
It doesn't feel all too greasy, but moisturizes the skin just a tad. It also leaves a nice scent behind. The water doesn't feel quite like a bath oil, but that's a good guideline to go by. My skin is picky about oils and this didn't seem to bother it, but it does leave moisture behind. Just don't expect to walk out of the bathroom feeling like you're made of silk..

I really didn't have to "wash" the product off. I treated it like any other bath oil I have and all went well. I didn't break out or have irritation issues. I suppose if you overdo it and use too much product, you may have to wash it off, but I think it would take a LOT of product to encounter an issue.

Taste / Aroma

Taste? I don't think so. I won't even go there. I will say that I am very pleased with the scent. Although the scent I got was "pomegranate", it smells more like a melon. Cucumber melon is what my nose keeps telling me. It's not a super strong smell, but it's subtle and lasts. My first bath, I didn't notice much, but I used more and was VERY pleased. The scent will stay with you when you get out of the bath, but not so much that you'll have to worry about smelling like it once you're dressed. It sticks, but not very long.


During my first bath, I barely noticed a scent and that was about it. No moisture, nothing. I gave the product another chance, using two caps instead of one and it made a BIG difference. In the bath, the product seemed to last endlessly. I didn't want to get out! I think I was in the bath about 40 minutes and I could still smell it. It leaves some scent behind along with a bit of moisture, but it wasn't annoying or bad at all. I actually liked that I smelled pretty after leaving the bath. The moisture wasn't a greasy feeling at all and really hydrated my skin. Regular baths soften a bit, but this product seemed to help my skin hang onto the moisture. I wasn't totally enamoured by this product, but I was pleased. It's priced a bit steep, but otherwise a fantastic buy. I enjoyed the scent, the feel of the product and the fact that my tub didn't seem messy after using it like when I use other bath oils. Cleanup was a breeze!


You get about 6oz. of fluid in a pretty little bottle with a screw-off lid. The bottle and cap are made of plastic and the labeling and packaging are particularly pretty, in my opinion for a product of this nature. I mean, it's nowhere near as gorgeous as those old-fasioned bottles that my mother and grandmother had from way back, but they are cute and would make suitable gifts. The label tells you everything you need to know about the product and how to use it. It's a bit hard to pour the liquid out, but this is partially due to the consistency. The bottle isn't very big, so I would think if you wanted to travel with it, it would be okay. Depends on where you travel and how liqiuds would workout in your plans. The size should be easy to store, however.

Special Features

This product boasts aphrodesiac effects, but I am not certain that they work. Bathtimb is always a bit sensual and this seemed to be stronger when I use this. It's not enough of a difference that I can tell for sure. Of course, I may notice more depending on how much product I use. So far I've used no more than 2 capfulls in a fairly deep bath.

Personal comments

Ingredients: Glycerin, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Seed Extract, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Paullina Cupana Seed Extract , Ptychopetalum Olacoides Root Extract , Turnera Diffusa Leaf Extract, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Pausinystalia Yohimbe Bark Extract, PPG-26 Buteth-26, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Garcinia Mangostana (Mangosteen) Fruit, Fragrance


The first time I used this product, I was NOT impressed. I like to have my bathtub pretty full and I used one capfull of the product in my bath. The next time I used two capfulls and it made a world of difference. The scent lasted longer, smelled stronger, the formula conditioned my skin better and it was just an all around better experience. I didn't want to leave the tub! I cannot say for sure if it works as an aphrodesiac as sometimes the bathtime doubles as my sexytime anyway. There's something sensual about a nice hot bath to begin with. Sensual and relaxing usually combine to create a nice sexual feel. This seemed more potent when I used this product so maybe something in it works? It's hard to say.
Follow-up commentary
I'm a big fan of baths, so I just love products that add a little something to an otherwise boring bath. This is great for a little added moisture and major scent play. I wasn't impressed at first, but the scents were nice and the product grew on me. I would buy these for friends and keep re-buying them for myself. Excellent quality!
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