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Dona bath milk Dona bath milk

Bath and shower gel by System JO

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Dona bath milk reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

Dona bath milk is a great powder to add to your bath water. It will help relax you while leaving your skin and bathroom smelling great.

This bath milk is the bomb. I rarely use any bath milk in powder form I usually get them in gel form. I do enjoy using this though and will have to get me some more so I don't run out. It leaves your skin silky smooth.

Dona's bath milk powder is a wonderful product to add to your bath time. It makes your skin feel soft and smooth and I love the way the water looks rich and creamy after you add it. The scent is very nice, too. To me, it is perfect for a nice hot bath to relax at the end of a hard day.

I am seriously so thrilled with this product! I would recommend it to any of my friends (of any gender) that want to pamper themselves and enjoy baths. It's well worth the price and I plan on gifting some to my relatives shortly. If you like soft skin and light fragrances, this is perfect!

All in all, I love this product! I love how the Camu Camu smells in the tub and boy oh boy it just relaxes the heck out of me! The scent is so mellow and slight; that is very important since I have been a long time sufferer of migraine headaches. I also adore how the Camu Camu makes my skin feel so unbelievably soft and supple!

Dona Bath Milk Powder is absolutely wonderful! Add this to your bath water and prepare to pamper yourself to a whole new level! It'll leave your body feeling moisturized and silky-smooth like never before.

I honestly feel this product is worth the price. Ten dollars isn't really a bad price for the results I got from this product. I really look forward to trying some of the other pieces to the Dona Bath supplies so I can see if they all work as well as this one.

Disappointment will overshadow the good ingredients on this one. If you have a stockpile of bath salts, bubble baths, and/or other ingredients to mix this with you may find a decent experience in all of it. I would only recommend this to someone who has never taken a real milk bath before so they can get a feel for it. However, if you're not someone who makes your own baths like me, perhaps you will find joy here anyways.

Looking to branch out from your bubble bath and bath salt routine? Try a Milk Bath and be amazed at how soft and smooth your skin feels afterwards. This is gentle enough for those of us with sensitive skin. It comes in six scents so everyone can find something they like.

This is definitely not my favorite Dona product and I feel it really falls flat in the quality and benefit department. Overall, it's not a bad product, but it seems more geared to those looking for a more luxurious style of bathing. At the same cost of bath salts, I feel this one is slightly over-priced, but I have mostly enjoyed using it.

As the label says, "Discover Cleopatra's Secret" with Dona by Jo's Bath Milk. Available in 6 "scents", this natural bath product is sure to leave your skin soft and your tub gunk-free. Sadly, the scent isn't long lasting unless you pair this with the other Dona products.

To be honest, I love this whole line so far, after reading a few reviews when this line first came out, I was hooked. The bath milk is a nice way to switch up your routine and relax if you usually take showers or to mix it up a little if you usually use bubble bath or bath salts. Whatever your reason is for having interest in bath milk is, I can say that I would recommend it to anyone. Available in 6 scents, you're sure to find one that you like!

Dona is a brand new line from System Jo that offers aphrodisiac-infused sensual body products to the consumer who loves to pamper themselves. This Camu camu bath milk carries an amazing scent, but in practice needs a little encouragement by coupling it with another product, to do what it promises. Still, at least it smells great!

Dona bath milk is a nice change from your regular bath salt routine! Soft milky and luxurious feeling, it's all natural ingredients absorb into the skin leaving it moisturized and soft. I found this bath milk to be more relaxing and enjoyable than bath salts, however next time I will be sure to choose a more enjoyable scent.

While I can't say that this enhanced any sexual felling I was experiencing, I can say that so far this line of bath products are one that I will be buying again. They smell wonderful, weren't overpowering to me and felt soft on my skin. This is a nice addition to my stash of bath products.

If you're looking for something that is excellent quality, and leaves your skin super soft... this is the product for you. Soak in the tub with the Dona Bath Milk after a long hard day, and let this relax and awaken your senses.

If you're looking for a spa quality product that is safe for sensitive skin, then the Dona Bath Milk is a must have. With five scents to select from, there's something for everyone. It's gentle enough for daily use, and it leaves your skin soft with a hint of fragrance. Why go to the spa when you can have the spa at home?!

If soft skin and bathtime are your thing than Dona Bath Milk will be your new best friend. This creamy powder will surround your with a relaxing scent and leave your skin soft enough to forego lotion. Who needs a spa when they can grab a big tub of this for ten bucks?

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