Dona sensual chromotherapy bath treatment - bath oil by System JO - reviews

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Dona sensual chromotherapy bath treatment reviews

18 reviews
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18 reviews

On the product description it states that it is a bath oil but it isn't an oil at all. It is actually a colored water with fragrance. Chromotherapy bath treatment is for relaxation and the use of color for intended purposes.

These chromotherapy bath treatments are supposed to relax your mood. Dona has came up with different colors for each of their scents in the line. I have only used it one time but did not notice if it really worked for my mood. I will have to try it again when I have some quiet time.

If you're looking for a twist on a relaxing soak in the tub, then a few cap fulls of Dona's chromotherapy bath treatment may be just what you're looking for. It turns your bath water colors (depending on what scent you choose) and the aphrodisiacs may do a little something for you as well as the supposed color therapy, if not, at least you have some pretty smelling colorful water to relax in!

This is a fun product for women who really enjoy their bathtime. It's a bit silly, but since when does bathtime have to be serious? The smell is great and the colors are vibrant. It's provided excellent therapy for me in the tub. I just love this product!

If you like the idea of taking a bath in beautiful scented, colored water, you will love the sensual chromotherapy line from Dona. It softens the skin and helps you relax, not just through your sense of smell, but your sense of sight as well. Also, it is fun to take a bath in colored water for a change!

Overall, I give this a 2/5. The smell isn't very sexy or relaxing but it's an easy way to smell nice from head to toe. The bottle leaks, my fingers are stained, and I could get the same results if I threw potpourri and food coloring in my tub.

The Chromotherapy Bath Treatment by Dona was something that I definitely enjoyed trying. You get about 4-7 baths out of this which honestly, I don't think is worth the price. It was definitely a fun experience though! So I would recommend giving this product a try!

It's a cheap and easy way to treat yourself to some relaxation. Just add a little into the tub water and relax. It doesn't require any scrubbing to remove because it doesn't stain or stick around long. The smell will cling lightly to your skin but won't make you smell like you've bathed in a bottle of perfume. All in all it's just a simple way to relax. No batteries, no mess... Just peaceful relaxing bliss.

Sensual Chromotherapy Bath Treatment by Dona is a truly unique product to add that something special to your bath! It also works very well in a spa or hot tub, and per our local spa dealer, it is safe for that type of use. The scent is amazing, and the vibrant colors are beautiful, and do not stain you or your tub!

When you use this product it's like having a bath tub of exotic flowers. It is so nice, and the color was so pretty. I am in love, so much so that I am going to order a few of the other aromas.

The Sensual Chromotherapy bath by Dona from System JO is a unique and colorful way to spend an evening. With six scents and colors to choose from, everybody is sure to find something they'd like!

The Dona sensual Chromotherapy is a wonderfully fun product. It's suppose to have healing properties to help align the chakras, but this kind of alternative medicine is in the eye of the beholder. Whether or not you believe in this use won't make it any less fun. There are 6 super fruit infused options to pick from, but this also picks your color option. This is a product that everyone can enjoy. Even those with sensitive skin.

This little potion is a magical purple creature in a bottle. I love the color, floral scent, and that it's travel friendly. I'm so happy to have it in the bath collection of goodies that I have. I love it!

Overall, I really like this product. I think the scent is great, and not to over powering as other fragrances. The colors really are vibrant and inviting. I think a flip-top spout on the cap would cut down on the mess. Others have noticed, but for the most part, I like the packaging. I would really like to try other scents/colors, but would wait for a sale.

This bath additive in Acai is nice for relaxing in a purple bath, however, the scent is almost unbareably sweet.

I like this product and will continue to use it, but it is too expensive. If it is on sale, I might buy it again, but otherwise I won't. The color and fragrance is nice and relaxing and it's fun to see the color of the water change.

This wonderful little potion will turn your bath a glorious shade of blue and put a sweetly exotic scent in the air. Glorious.

Dona Chromotherapy works on the belief that colors can change your mood. How well this product works will depend somewhat on your ability to believe that's possible. I personally find colors can have small effects on me, so I see potential in this product. I wasn't able to get the right combo of color and aroma. The color I like has a scent I don't and the scent I like has a color I don't. I do plan to buy more until I get a good combo as I think once I find it I'll be quite happy.

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