Dona sensual chromotherapy bath treatment - bath oil by System JO - review by Red Riding Hood

An amazing bath experience awaits you!

This is a fun product for women who really enjoy their bathtime. It's a bit silly, but since when does bathtime have to be serious? The smell is great and the colors are vibrant. It's provided excellent therapy for me in the tub. I just love this product!
Different, great scent, vibrant colors
Packaging could be better
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I'm a huge fan of my bath time and sometimes I just like to add a little something fun to the mix. This product does two things. 1 - It colors your bath. 2 - It creates a lovely scent. It's ocular and aroma therapy. It may seem silly and useless, but most bath products are. I thought it was a fun change and I really enjoyed the scents. You get a spectrum of colors combined with lovely scents that range from bright yellow to deep blue. The intensity of the color depends on how much you want in your bath. This is geared toward women and all of the scents are feminine.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product is completely liquid and runs like water. Depending on the kind of packaging you get, this can be a bad thing. It does disperse through the water easily, which I like. It can also be easily over-poured. When contact is direct with the products, you can stain your skin and bath area until you clean it off. I didn't have to scrub at all. Diluted in water, this product didn't stain at all. I didn't notice any moisturizing properties or any greasy or sticky feel. Truthfully, I felt nothing out of this product in a touch-sense. This can be a good thing, as bath cleanup is easy.

Taste / Aroma

Taste? Please don't ingest this. Why would you? Aroma, fantastic! I liked every scent. I did feel that the Goji Berry and the Acai smelled a lot alike. Apart from that, the smells were nice. Straight out of the bottle, the Blue Lotus can have a sort of plastic-like scent to it. It wasn't so bad once I poured it in the water. The aroma is fairly strong, but not enough to be bothersome. It doesn't stick to your skin once you are out of the bath, you should be able to wear other products without the scents clashing.


I love this product and every color/scent they have. The yellow is bright and although to some people it might resemble potent urine, I thought it was a pretty and sunny type of color. With enough product, it will look a bit more orange. The green is lovely in any amount and looks even prettier when paired with the blue! Yes! You can mix and match. The blue doesn't take a lot to begin to look deep. None of it is going to make your water look like you mixed a packet of Jell-O in it, but it will definitely show up. The purple is a bit mucky and not as bright as I would have liked. It's still pretty, but I thought it could be a bit brighter. The red is gorgeous. A few drops gives you an orange-red color. Add more and you have a beautiful, fiery red. It may look blood-red in the bottle, but it's more of a fire-red with orange undertones. All of the scents are potent and lovely and it doesn't take a lot of product to work up a pleasant aroma.


The packaging all LOOKS nice and would make great gifts. My overall happiness with the packaging is half pleased and half disappointed. I have basically received two types of bottles, the same size but with different lids. One lid is a flip/cap that depresses on one side, allowing a little spout for the liquid to pour through. It's easier to use and doesn't pour as quickly. The other lid is simply a screw-off lid, which makes it hard to control the amount of product you are pouring. It also likes to travel back down the bottle and get all over your hands. There is plenty of product information on the bottle and it gives the ingredients.


I really enjoyed these products and I'm super sad that EF doesn't sell them anymore. I really enjoy my baths and this product was fun, different and smelled wonderful. I am glad I stocked up! For a little extra fun, you can mix some bubble bath in as well. Your bubbles won't change color, but you can use the Dona baths and have corresponding scents so that when your bubbles fade away, your color is there, making your eyes happy!
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  • K101
    Lol about the urine! I didn't think of that. Yellow would be an interesting color. This is one of the only Dona products I've not tried (this and the candle) and I'm kind of wishing I'd have ordered it at some point before it was always out of stock. It sounds like it'd be fun, at the very least. Thank you for sharing. I really liked your review on this!
  • Melan!e
    I'm sad these are gone from EF too. I never got to try it. It sounds great!
  • PropertyOfPotter
    Thanks for the review! I actually think it coloring the bathwater is pretty fun!
  • clarabell
  • Red Riding Hood
    Thanks for reading! Kendra, Yeahhhh I had to say it. You know people are thinking it. I actually didn't mind the water being yellow. There was something "happy" about it. Like sunshine in my bathtub. I cannot understand why it would be discontinued. It's one of the few products that don't have tons like it on the market. It was unique and smelled so lovely! I stocked up, but I am going to be so sad when I run out. I try to use bubblebath more. I'm so glad other people think that this is fun!
  • purpleflower1972
    Great review
  • Red Riding Hood
    Thank you, Purpleflower!
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