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Play utopia reviews

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14 reviews

I feel this item it definitely worth the buy because it throws in a new and exciting twist to clitoral stimulation and/or sexual intercourse.

This water-based climax enhancer may not become your best friend, but all in all, it works for just about any woman to provide extra stimulation clitorally with its smooth formula and warming/cooling sensations. I find it's great to turn to when I need a little inspiration in the bedroom to get the blood flowing. It does the job well enough that I can recommend it to those who would like more sensation solo or with a partner.

Durex Play Utopia is a great clitoral stim gel which does exactly as advertised- engorges your clit a la L-argenine and tingles as well. It comes in a refillable leak-proof bottle and doesn't require much to get the desired affect. It's nice and thick and stays put where you apply it whether it be to your clit, g-spot or frenulum. The only drawbacks are the price and the lack of longevity of stimulation. It needs to be reapplied every 10-15 min if you haven't achieved arousal yet.

All in all it's a good product to have and use but you can get cheaper lubes that do the same thing.

For someone who already has a highly sensitive clitoris or someone who's just looking to add a LITTLE extra sensation to their play, this is great. For someone who's looking for a product that will make cumming as easy as counting to three, this may fall short of expectations. While it DOES add a bit of sensation/arousal, it was not as potent as I'd come to believe from the advertising. It's worth trying out, but don't expect too much.

Overall, this product is great for those who need help with increasing sensitivity to their clitoris and becoming more aroused. It contains the amino acid L-arginine which increases blood flow to your delicate areas and helps you become more sensitive.

This product would be great for anyone to try to add some enhancement or fun to their pleasures. Well worth the money.

From the moment I first started using Durex Utopia, I decided I would not be without it, no matter how much it cost me. At the time, I didn't know how long that tiny bottle would last, but hoped to get 3 months out of it. That it has lasted so much longer is a happy bonus for me, and I consider it worth every penny. The main downside of it is that it doesn't work for every woman, and there's really no way to know if it will be amazing for you or not until you try.

All in all I would not buy Utopia again. It is an OK lube but over priced and the selling feature of tingly, hot/cold sensations is greatly lacking.

This product is pretty exciting... for the first little bit. It will help get the girl off quicker, but may need reapplying. If you enjoy tingling, warmth, and cooling this product may be for you.

This is a very nice product and i love the bottle and the pump on it. the price for this gel is great.

This is one stimulating gel! It contains L-Arginine which really gets the blood flowing to your clit. It may not be a lube but it will increase your sensations and get your blood and natural lubricants pumping. However, if tingling is a turn off for you, this product probably isn't worth you're time or money. If you haven't tried any type of tingling product but would like too I would try a cheaper gel.

For those who can't stand even a slight tingle, skip it. But if you like sensations of warm and cool, try this product. You won't regret it.

I definitely like the attempt behind Durex's Utopia Gel. It looks good, the feelings are great, and it definitely is neat. The only downfall is that the sensations don't last nearly enough, and reapplication is more often then not necessary. The price seems a little high for what you get, but overall it could be a good buy for you if you're not bothered by the problems.

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