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Edible body powder Edible body powder

Edible powder by Body Candy

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Edible body powder reviews

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7 reviews

This "Body Candy" appears to be marketed as something to enhance the sexual experience. It is made of sugar and cocoa powder, cannot be used on the genitals due to the ingredients, leaves the body sticky and smelling of a child's nursery kitchen and has no use as a cosmetic, or even as a sexual enhancement product. Body Candy could have done better with a different product. As a candy, I suppose it works. But, as a sexual product it is a major fail.

This is a lightweight, lickable and delicious body powder. The watermelon flavoring is perfect and the consistency is great for foreplay. You can feel free to generously sprinkle this all over your partner's body without worrying about being sick of the flavor before you are able to lick it all off.

Being messy is half the fun with this delicious candy explosion edible powder. If it’s your first time trying something new or if you’re a regular foodie who mixes pleasures, the powder is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in every way. Just be sure to keep wet wipes close by!

This body powder can be a delicious start to foreplay. Sprinkle some on. Rub it in. Lick it off. It's delicious. Just be prepared for it to be a bit messy.

Sprinkle some powder on your lover and lick it off their body for a sensual experience. At least, that's what's supposed to happen. Mostly, I felt awkward and giggly due to the larger licks required to get up the product. After it was licked up, it did leave a lighter residue than many similar products. I'm pretty texture sensitive and still had to rush to wash up. The experience was okay, but nothing especially sensual or great.

The edible body powder can be used on any body part and is easy to travel with, though it could be a bit messy. It also works good for cooking.

The Edible Body Powder reminds you of the parts of the body that often get left out during sex. The sensual and tasty kisses and licks of the back, butt and stomach make this powder perfect for couples. Whether you're the licker or the lickee, you'll enjoy the experience. The no-leak, discrete container means this bottle of sweetness can go anywhere you and your partner do, turning a taste-less time into a delicious one!

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