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Edible powder by Body Candy

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Cotton Candy, Sugar High

Sprinkle some powder on your lover and lick it off their body for a sensual experience. At least, that's what's supposed to happen. Mostly, I felt awkward and giggly due to the larger licks required to get up the product. After it was licked up, it did leave a lighter residue than many similar products. I'm pretty texture sensitive and still had to rush to wash up. The experience was okay, but nothing especially sensual or great.
Tastes good, Leaves less mess than other edible products, Can be fun to use, Easy to clean up
Does leave some residue, Not vegetarian friendly ingredients, Comes out of jar unevenly
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There are many products on the market that can be used to make foreplay a bit more appetizing. Body Candy's Edible Body Powder is one of those products. It can be sprinkled on the body or applied in larger quantities if desired. Once applied to the body, it can be licked, sucked, or otherwise removed by sensual means. The general idea is to get your lover's tongue on your body for a long period of time and to make it taste yummy in the process.

According to the manufacturer's website, this product comes in Watermelon, Candy Explosion, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cherry Delight, and Cotton Candy flavors. I have what is labeled as Cotton Candy but I believe to perhaps be Candy Explosion due to the taste. Maybe they just taste similar.

You should check the ingredients before using the product for allergies or sensitivities. It has sugar in it and should not be used in the genital area by those prone to yeast infections. Even those who do not get yeast infections from products with glycerin may well get them from a product with simple sugar, so it's probably best to keep this to non-genital areas.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The powder is very finely milled. It's similar to a powdered sugar in consistency. It has that same feel where when you put your finger in it, it sort of feels like you've put your finger in air because it's been ground up so finely. When you rub it in your fingers, you can make out the small granules of the powder. It feels airy and light.

Here you can see it in the container:

Here you can see it in my hand:

On the body, it feels like you have been sprinkled with powdered sugar. When wet, it starts to become more of a paste than a powder. When it has been licked up entirely, it leaves a light sticky film. Think of if you've ever played with powdered sugar and licked it off your fingers before. You can get most of it off, but a light residue remains behind.

Taste / Aroma

Mine is labeled as Cotton Candy flavored. The site says that the "Candy Explosion" flavor taste like Smarties candy. Well, mine tastes like Smarties candy and not like Cotton Candy, so I think perhaps mine got labeled wrong or something. Or maybe the Cotton Candy and Candy Explosion just taste really similar in flavor.

Smarties candy taste like mild sugar to me. Basically, if you took a handful of sugar and mellowed the taste down a little to make it so you could sit there and eat it by the handful, that would be a Smarties candy. There's a slight bit of tartness added to it to kill some of the sweetness of the sugar, sort of like a SweetTart, but not as tart. Or like a Pixie Stick. Just a lot more sugar!

If you like Smarties, you will love this. My husband was sitting there sticking his finger in this and licking it off his hand. No body to lick it off of required. In fact, if you like the taste but find you can't use it for sex, you can always make a snack out of it.


I want to start by talking about the packaging a bit. The container is basically a larger version of a Mrs. Dash spice jar. It has the same top with one side for sprinkles and one side for dumping. That makes sense for cooking, but I don't really get the application here. When you use the sprinkle end, it comes out unevenly. In some areas, huge amounts dump out. In others, you only get light little sprinkles. I can't imagine what would happen if you used the dumping end of this. The whole container would just pour out! It's so finely milled that some other type of top would have been better. I'm not sure what - maybe slightly smaller holes or something.

The top:

A few very light sprinkles of product to show how it applies unevenly:

My husband enjoyed using this on me. It tastes great, which is a big part of the performance of a product like this. Basically what we ended up doing was taking the weird application and spreading it out with our fingers to get an even layer. He then proceeded to lick this even layer off. He said it was a fun experience and that the flavoring was something different and fun.

A few things weren't so great. Since it's a powder, if there happens to be some near your nose and you inhale - it goes up your nose. This can cause sneezing or general discomfort. It made me laugh when it happened to my husband, but he didn't seem to think it was funny. Sort of like accidentally snorting powdered sugar. Funny if it happens to a friend, but not to you.

After it's been licked up, it does leave a sugary film. It's really not terrible. In fact, it's probably the least amount of mess I've encountered from an edible sexual product. It was still enough to require both me and my husband to require washing after use. It's almost like a sugar glaze is left on the body (and was also on my husband's face). It's a bit tacky and just not really pleasant. I'm very sensitive to textures on my skin and this was just still too much for me to tolerate. If you're not like that, this may be a little enough amount of residue to be left alone and go straight to the main event after foreplay.

It did clean up well. I was able to get most of the residue up with just an Eden wipe. I was able to use the wipe to clean it up and not have to go to the bathroom and interrupt things too much. I did soap and water wash down afterward, which removed any remaining traces of product. My husband said the wipe removed enough product not to need the soap and water wash after.


The packaging is very simple. It looks like a super-sized Mrs. Dash spice jar with a little sticker on the front that says "Edible Body Powder" and "Body Candy" and then "Cotton Candy" with a picture of a mouth on it and some hearts. It's pretty discreet. It doesn't have naked people and the sticker is pretty small. The back is completely blank. It does say "edible body powder" so someone will figure out what it is if they go to reading the sticker. It doesn't list the ingredients anywhere on the bottle. It doesn't have any other information or instructions at all.

Special Features

So the ingredients are not listed on the package or the manufacturer's website. All I have is what is listed on Eden's product page, so that's what I'm going with.

This powder is not vegetarian friendly!! Due to the gelatin, vegetarians that avoid this ingredient and vegans will not be able to ingest this!


Sugar, Gelatin, Adipic Acid, Artificial Flavor, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Fumaric Acid, Blue 1

Gelatin - A translucent, colorless, brittle, flavorless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones.

Adipic Acid - A mildly toxic, white, crystalline compound.

Disodium Phosphate - A white powder that is highly hygroscopic and water soluble. It is used commercially as an anti-caking additive in powdered products.

Sodium Citrate - The 3 forms of the salt are also collectively known as food additive E331.

Fumaric Acid - A white crystalline compound. Fumaric acid has a fruit-like taste.

Personal comments

If you're not overly touch sensitive and looking for an edible sensual product that cleans up somewhat better than others, this one is pretty good. The taste is yummy for those that like sweets and the residue will be tolerable for some. If you're extremely texture sensitive (like me), even this light residue will leave you wanting to run to the bathroom.

The sugar in this means it cannot really be used in the genital areas. The gelatin is something I don't like to see added in there, but I am a vegetarian and prefer alternative ingredients to that one.


I got this for my husband to use on me. Since I'm a vegetarian and it includes gelatin, I can't use it on him. I did taste it for the review, but that was the extent of this product going in my mouth. I figured that having him lick something off of me might be a fun change of pace. We had tried edible products before, but since they all left a disgusting amount of residue, all of them wound up in the trash.

My husband's experience with this seemed to be a good one. He said that licking something sweet off of me was fun and enjoyable. I think his general opinion boils down to that it would be fun to pull out on occasion, but not something for regular or daily use.

My opinion is that it was kinda weird. I think that since we couldn't get very specific application of the product and it just sort of dumped everywhere, it meant that too general of an area got covered. So instead of his normal smaller, teasing licks, I got larger licks that were comparable to a dog lapping up water. In order to get up the product, larger licks are needed and I didn't find those as pleasurable. The larger area being covered also means that areas that normally wouldn't get licked (like the ticklish part of my side boob) did, resulting in me squirming around while he tried to get up the last bits of product.

While he enjoyed tasting something sweet, I just don't think it's really worth it. The product can create a mess if you're not careful. We didn't really have any problems with it, but I imagine if you moved the wrong way and had enough product, you'd have a bed of powder. The experience was mediocre for me during use. While I was impressed that it wasn't nearly as stick afterward as many products have been, it did leave enough to make me need to stop him from continuing to clean up. This is usually a bit of a mood killer. The fact that I could use wipes helped, but I couldn't shake the somewhat sticky feeling from the product and then the wipes leave their own little wipe residue. After mediocre foreplay and struggling to clean up, sex was the last thing on my mind, to be honest. So this product almost worked in reverse for me.

I'm going with three stars for this. It tastes good and leaves less mess than many products. I didn't really like it, but my husband did. So I'll average it out and go with three.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Holly Hox
    Ok adipic acid is mildly toxic?? lol dang. That's enough to keep me away!
  • - Kira -
    I just put what the internet tells me. *shrug* I'm no ingredient expert! When I read that I kinda wanted to throw it out...
  • EdenJP
    Thanks for the review!
  • - Kira -
    You're welcome!
  • Peggi
    Adipic acid is what gives it the tart flavor. Not sure how healthy this stuff is but luckily adipic acid in foods is what is called "food grade" so I dunno if there's a difference? I'm willing to give this stuff a try though thanks for the review! Glad all the other ingredients sound safe
  • married with children
    not sure I would want to take this into the bedroom. thanks for sharing.
  • Tagmstr
    Great review!
  • - Kira -
    Peggi - I don't know if I trust the "food grade" label. lol They put all sorts of nasty stuff in food and say it's "food grade." *shudder* Gelatin is safe, but oh so gross!

    married with children - You're welcome!

    Tagmstr - Thanks!
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for the review, love the pictuers
  • - Kira -
    You're welcome! Glad to help.
  • P'Gell
    Thanks for taking one for the team, Kira. I was less impressed with ours (chocolate flavor) than you were with yours.

    It's an odd item, since I've never used any edible sex products except for flavored lube and that was a long time ago.

    I still don't know what I'm going to do with mine. I can't stand the sticky sugar left over on the skin and My Man has NO sweet tooth at all. I hate to waste it, but I can't think of what to do with this stuff after reviewing it.
  • - Kira -
    I saw your review. LOL. The chocolate sounds kinda nasty. X.x It is an odd item. We were lucky that we never made mess with it, but it has the potential to. Ours is just sitting there. Since I don't eat gelatin items, I don't know what to do with it either. If it didn't have that, I'd just eat it as a snack.
  • Michele
    Great review! Thank you for sharing. I've read enough reviews to stay away from this product!
  • DreamWolf
    Great review!
  • Master DarkWolf
    Good review...
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