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Intimate caress shave cream

Shaving foam by Kama Sutra

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Intimate caress shave cream reviews

27 reviews
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27 reviews

I felt like this was intimate careless shave cream. It didn't allow for a close shave. I had irritation and my razor was clogged. I just don't see a positive in this shave cream.

I don't think I will be buying this product again (I am still in search of a better shaving cream), but I'm not horribly disappointed in it. I will use it on my legs because I am pleased with its performance on them.

Great product; definitely worth the money. I love the easy-to-use bottle, honeysuckle scent, and that it works well with my sensitive skin.

Unless you've exhausted all other choices and are looking for something new, I would recommend trying something you can buy from the pharmacy, and save yourself the shipping costs. It is nice to have something feminine for the purpose of shaving, but the honeysuckle scent is a bit overpowering and doesn't have any life changing benefits.

This is an amazing product that I plan to purchase again in the future. I think it's one of the best shaving creams I have ever tried.

Feels really like an intimate caress shave - easy to apply, and works like a charm. Use it in the shower - it's easy to wash off and leaves baby smooth skin and a pleasant smell!

I simply wasn't pleased with this cream at all. It was worse than just using water to shave. I haven't had razor burn in a long time until using this product.

Form smelling like a pina colada to no razor residue, this shaving creme beat my personal favorite hands down!! I love the soft skin, close shave & hair conditioning properties of the Intimate Caress Creme. With many botanical ingredients, it backs up its claim for moisturizing both your skin & your hair. The small amount needed is a bonus for those of us who need to economize & make every cent count. However, the aroma & luxurious benefits will definitely make you feel pampered!

I wouldn't recommend this. Normally, I shave with just water and thought this must be a better solution. However, I found it left me with more stubble, made it much harder to shave at all, and generally just didn't work.

While I was not overly impressed with the scent, I am still in love with this shave cream, and don't think I will be changing brands anytime soon. I have never used a product that left my bikini area smoother and softer after shaving.

Intimate Caress from Kama Sutra is a rich, moisturizing shave creme for women that leaves a light, fresh scent that lasts for hours.

I'm pretty sure that my least favorite mandatory activity of my day is shaving. Either that, or brushing my teeth. It's just a tedious chore that I -have- to do, and really would rather never have to think twice about doing. This product has actually made shaving not so loathsome.

This ultra rich shave creme is perfect for shaving whatever needs to be shaved. It will protect your skin and leave it soft, silky and moisturized. The scents are amazingly life like and just plain yummy enough to tempt you to use it as a lotion as well as a shave creme. Personally, I recommend it as it softens tough heel skin and elbow skin as well!

Razor burn is one of those things we all try to avoid. Kama Sutra caught on to that with this product. It seems like they had the right idea, but the performance and scent aspects fell short of what I had expected from them. I personally have had much better results with the other shaving creams like this one out there. I was left with a bad case of razor burn, and disappointment after this one.

I would absolutely purchase this again, for the scents alone. They're SO yummy! I was left wanting by the quality however, and if I want a really smooth shave, I'll be using a different product.

Intimate Caress makes for a great shaving experience and may live up to its standards of no irritation. It doesn't cause a negative reaction for most people. I love the smell and texture that meshes well with my shower routine.

Over the years I've tried many shaving products, and until now never found one that I can use EVERYWHERE on my body. The Intimate Caress by Kama Sutra is the best product to date, that is safe enough to use on my sensitive regions of my body. The ultra-rich formula leaves the skin moisturized, and prevents razor burn, or any rash to form, even while using it on the genitals. This is perfect for both women, and men, and safe for daily use. This product is worth every penny!

A delicious smelling shaving cream that will make you want to drink it right from the bottle! For an absolutely clean shave and plenty to enjoy in the way of aroma you will not want to miss out on this great product by Kama Sutra!

I had much higher hopes for this shave creme. Compared to others, much cheaper ones, this doesn't stand out. I needed more product to do the job and it didn't create as smooth a shave as I expected. The smell was nauseating and not what I had hoped. I can say that it did soften my skin and was not irritating.

The Kama Sutra Intimate Caress Shave Cream is one of the best ways of dealing with razor burn that I have tried. And it holds on the skin really well.

Kama Sutra's Intimate Caress shave creme is probably one of the greatest products I have purchased in quite a while. The honeysuckle scent is beautiful and isn't overpowering. This product works well to moisturize my skin, and leaves it nice and soft after shaving. It can be used to shave any external area of the body, including the pubic area. Intimate Caress is hypoallergenic, too!

My search for smoothing shave cream ends here! Intimate Caress shave cream is a luxurious cream that works wonderfully and won't irritate your skin - it's allergy and dermatologist tested. This cream is also approved for use anywhere on your body. Not to mention, the three available scents are absolutely devine. Perfection!

The only reason that this got 4 stars instead of 5 was because I found it to be too thin for my liking. I prefer thicker shave creams so that I'm not having to constantly reapply. Aside from that, this is a great shave cream and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a thinner shave cream that smells amazing!

KamaSutra's Intimate Caress shave creme does wonders for your skin. This contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba seed oil and you can feel it moisturizing your skin right away. Intimate Caress shave creme is dermatologist tested and hypo-allergenic and can be used anywhere on your body. Pick out of three wonderful scents for a great shaving cream that will leave your skin so silky and smooth that you won't stop touching yourself.

The shave cream by KamaSutra is by far one of my favorite shaving creams. It has an incredible smell that is even perfect for the most sensitive nose. It comes in a beautiful body and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. It leaves a lite smell and can be used on any part of the body. It is Hypo-allergenic and comes in an easy to use pump bottle.

With 3 great scents to choose from and ingredients that leave your skin silky smooth, this shave cream won't let you down! You will smell exactly like your cream does and have no worries about razor burn, because this cream will pave the way to smooth bumpless legs and private areas! If I could rate this anything of my choosing I would rate it 20 out of 5 stars!!!

Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase. Though it is a bit pricey, especially considering the size is pretty much the same as any shave cream/gel you can get in nearly any store for a much cheaper price, it's moisturizing abilities are well worth the price.

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