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Foot foreplay reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

Overall, we LOVE this stuff! The cocoa bean and goji berry has this incredibly sexy, sultry scent. It moisturizes deeply, is arousing/sensual, travel-safe, organic... I mean, the only way it could get better is if it came in a bigger tube! The label isn't the most subtle, but that doesn't matter for us because we keep everything like that in our toy chest.

Intimate Organics Foot Foreplay Lotion is awesome. It's great for both massages and use as a daily lotion on the dryer areas of the body. Skin is left feeling super moisturized and silky soft. Some of the ingredients are certified organic, which is definitely nice. I love the scent, which is chocolate with a hint of berries. It reminds me of Cocoa Puffs. If only it was edible and had a delicious chocolate flavor, too!

I love this stuff and use it daily. It has taken my dry, rough, calloused feet and made them almost as soft and smooth as a baby's bum!!! That and the fact that I get to handle my wife's feet every day make this a winner in my book!

Foot foreplay is a fantastic product that lets you put on deliciously scented thick lotion wherever heavy moisturizing is needed. Want a foot rub? This stuff makes it very easy to massage for hours with very few reapplications.

Touting itself as "foot foreplay lotion", Intimate Organics blends all-over moisture with a scent unique enough to make a mark on your senses. Light enough to be used on your entire body, it excels at making those piggies happy. So after finishing your foot care, your or your partners hands will be left grease-free, and you don't have to worry about running off the market for some roast beef; you can head straight to the good stuff, instead.

The smell is very sensual but still a bit strong. It's a wonderful lotion that moisturizes while you play or just great for everyday use to have baby soft skin.

Who doesn't like foot rubs and things that smell like awesome? If you're into either one of those things, this is an amazing product for you. I was surprised by the delicious scent, how well it worked for foot massage, and the wonderfully soft skin it leaves behind. I'm hooked, and you will be too.

Intimate Organics Foot Foreplay Lotion is amazing stuff. In no time at all, it has brought my horribly dry feet to the happy place that is smooth and lovely-land. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it as well.

Although I'm not huge on the scent I chose, this foot lotion does the job it should with flying colors. Not only does it treat dry skin on the feet, but it works on other areas of the body as well. You can even use it as a massage cream.

This is a simple product with one main use of giving a foot some needed attention. It works and does it well. There really aren't any glaring faults with this lotion. If you're looking for something good for an overall body massage look elsewhere but for feet, this lotion is hard to beat and has my recommendation.

I love my Foot Foreplay lotion. It's one of those products that I want one for upstairs and one for downstairs because I never want to be far from it. As with all the Intimate Organic products this is a naturally derived lotion that smells absolutely delicious.

This product is a sensual oasis of skin soothing foreplay. It is perfect for a foot massage, or a back rub. It smells heavenly and will cause your lovers to want to touch and smell you! I most definitely recommend this to anyone who would like soft, pampered feet.

Foot Foreplay Lotion has major attitude with all the great features it has to offer. Foot Foreplay is paraben free, DEA free, naturally derived, and Pure Vegan. The certification board for extracts is USDA Organics. It is smooth and silky and smells of chocolate. My feet are in love!

Foot Foreplay is an ideal lotion for a good old fashioned foot rub. While it's suitable for lotioning or massaging any part of the body, it really shines in the foot massaging it was designed for. It's long lasting, slick, never greasy, non staining and makes the foot rub a luxurious and nearly orgasmic experience.

Foot Foreplay Lotion by Intimate Organics is a great massage lotion anywhere it is desired, but is especially wonderful for the feet. Just squeeze out a little bit and apply it to the soles of the feet and between the toes. It is super-moisturizing, so after a nice footrub, even the rougher spots on your feet will be smooth and silky. If you're not in the mood for a footrub, use it as a moisturizer instead! Available in three lovely scents: Relaxing, Invigorating, and Sensual.

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