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Inttimo shave kreme reviews

33 reviews
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33 reviews

This creme worked out fine for me, but I didn't notice much of a difference compared to when I shave with just jojoba oil, which is an ingredient in this. The laundry list of potential irritants should definitely be considered if you have any kind of sensitivities. The perfumes also smelled very sweet and fake to me; something that wasn't a problem since it didn't linger very long. I think I'll be trying something else after I finish this tube.

It wouldn't matter if the bottle of shave kreme stood up and started talking to me...I am unimpressed because of the smell. I can't be the only woman who doesn't want to heavily perfume my body parts while I shave them. However, even looking past the smell, the product is really no better than any other similar product.

Inttimo shave kreme will help kill razor burn and leave your skin soft and sexy. It does contain Wheat Amino Acid so if you have allergies to this then stay away from this shave cream if you do not have the allergies than you should deffinately try it, it will help eliminate razor burn.

This shaving product glides on smoothly, contains moisturizing and soothing ingredients like organic aloe, and smells great. At just over a dollar per ounce for the large size, it's one of the best values in shaving products on Eden Fantasys.

I like this product a lot. Love it, in fact. It's in the top products I've used for hair removal and I would reccommend it to anyone who shaves. I DO prefer another product over this one, but it's almost a tie. Wet really did something wonderful with this product!

When I bought this, I did not think it would be one of those items I can't live without, but I can't live without it now. It is worth the money because you can go through a bottle of shaving cream every month; this lasts six. It is also worth it because I don't even have to put lotion on after I shower and my skin feels just like silk. I also think that others will be pleased by not getting ingrown hairs.

If I am being completely honest, this product hasn't really performed any better for me than shaving with a conditioner. That being said, I don't want to shave with conditioner anymore because I really love the amazing scent of this product! That alone makes it worth a re-purchase to me.

This wasn't the first time I'd used this shaving cream, and there's a reason I keep coming back to it. With this shaving cream, I don't have to sit still for three days after I shave my thighs. I don't get rashes or chafing, and that's definitely worth the price of the produce. This won't be the perfect product for everyone but it is for me.

I believe this product would be worth the money you spent. I have used similar products before, but I haven't been left feeling as smooth as I feel after using this product.

I like this lotion a lot - it does what I need without weird, lingering scents. A pump bottle would be nice.

The Inttimo shave kreme did exactly what I hoped it would. It might come in a little bottle but it really lived up to my standards. It went a long way and left my legs feeling silky smooth with no razor burn.

This is an exciting little bottle of shaving cream that I wish I had found sooner. Inttimo Shave Kreme was originally intended for use by my girlfriend, but I got to it first and claimed it after my first use. It's thick without clogging the razor, it goes on smooth, wipes off easily and the scent doesn't linger. I'd suggest just giving it a try. You might be very pleasantly surprised with Inttimo!

This is a fantastic little shaving cream! It made my shower time smell like I was in smoothie heaven and made the rest of me smoother than smoothie heaven! The only drawback I can see for this product is that it's a little pricey for one and a half ounces of shaving cream. If you have a few extra points to spend, give this cream a try. It could be your new favorite, too!

I am pleased that I decided to give this a try and I think I will splurge for the bigger one when I run out of this one. I have used many shaving creams that have left my coochie itchy right after. If it worked for me it may work for you. You will also love the pleasant smell that comes along with it.

This intimate shave creme not only smells great, but works perfectly! Inttimo Shave Kreme prevents red razor burn bumps while adding moisturizers to your skin leaving you silky smooth.

This is a lovely product that has helped me and will help many others be able to shave their private parts with ease. Awesome product for anyone who regularly gets razor burn or the rash like irritation after shaving. If it helped me, maybe it will help you too.

To sum it all up, I will be getting this shave cream whenever I get a chance and it will forever have a spot in my favorites because it smells amazing and performs the best of any shave cream I've tried!

While it may smell good and leave your skin lickably smooth, I'm not sold on it. I got more nicks and cuts with this but less rash or burn, so I could take it or leave it.

With a bubblebum-fruity smell, this gave me a very nice, clean shave. While I needed more than I thought to lather up, it didn't clog my razor and left my skin feeling very smooth. My only complaint is that it smelled a bit strange when it mixed with my vaginal juices, but the scent didn't linger. In conjunction with my Coochy Protection aftershave, my 'kitty' feels great!

Overall I was 100% pleased with this product. I wasn't bothered a bit by any of the ingredients and after all was said and done I had a clean shaven pussy without the bumps, knicks, and irritation that many products would give me. This product is quite close to beating my all-time favorite Coochy Shave Cream! Go try it, you'll love it!

If you're in the market for a new shaving cream for your intimate areas, Inttimo Shave Kreme is worth checking out. I like it a whole lot better than Coochy, which I thought was the best thing ever. It's got a ton of moisturizers in it and allows you to get a smooth, irritation-free shave due to the amazing glide it gives your razor. My kitty was never so happy.

This is an awesome shaving cream for women that leaves your skin feeling soft, and smells great. It allows you to get a close and thorough shave all over the body, including your most intimate areas.

Inttimo Shave Kreme smells amazing, and has a very smooth consistency, allowing you to shave as close as possible. Most of the time while using this product, I didn't get razor burn or a rash, but not 100% of the time. It's a good product, but for the money I'm not sure it's the best out there.

Inttimo is a fabulous shaving product that smells delectable and although it's expensive, anyone who loves ridiculously smooth skin should try this out for themselves or their partner.

Wet's Inttimo Shave Kreme had so much potential to help kill the nasty razor burn that I am so prone to. But sadly, it just didn't do much to stop it. But it still is wonderful for shaving areas that aren't as prone to razor burn.

Inttimo Shave Kreme is a great smelling shave creme! Unfortunately, it doesn't get me a super close shave like I prefer. It claims to not cause irritation and yet it still does sometimes. I don't feel it compares to my previous chose of Choochy shave creme.

The Inttimo Shave Kreme is an absolutely great buy. It provides a ton of moisture for your skin along with a pleasant shaving experience and a delicious smell. What more could you ask for?

If you have the extra money to spend all the time, buy this all the time. It lets you get a close shave all the time and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. On top of that, it has a delicious scent and you don't need a whole lot at one time.

Overall - a great product I will definitely be buying again. It does exactly what is says it will do, leaves smooth and silky skin and has a wonderful scent.

There is nothing especially wrong with the Inttimo shaving cream; it does its job well enough and has a great scent to boot. However, the problem is the results you get from this aren't enough to warrant the price tag and could easily be replicated for a fraction of the cost.

Inttimo Shave Kreme out performs any other product I've tried for shaving. It leaves the skin soft and silky with no bumps or razor burn or redness. It lasts a long time, even in steamy conditions and a small amount covers a large area. It rinses clean, smells good and is definitely going to be a staple in my shower!

This product does exactly what the description states it will do. The light tropical/forbidden fruit fragrance is pleasant, and not overwhelming. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and razor burn free. I highly recommend it!

A good product that eden should consider carrying the larger size. No more bumps rubbing against your garments or cuts on legs!

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