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Forbidden Fruit Stays Forbidden

This creme worked out fine for me, but I didn't notice much of a difference compared to when I shave with just jojoba oil, which is an ingredient in this. The laundry list of potential irritants should definitely be considered if you have any kind of sensitivities. The perfumes also smelled very sweet and fake to me; something that wasn't a problem since it didn't linger very long. I think I'll be trying something else after I finish this tube.
Easy to apply creme,
Provides fantastic glide
Many ingredients are possible irritants for some,
Fake and overly sweet fruit smell
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There is a very sweet fruity smell to this shave crème. It is a bit on the powerful side and seems "fake" smelling to me. Too strong and too sweet for my tastes; I would have preferred a more subtle scent that didn't smell so much like candy. I'm not sure what the forbidden fruit is, but it smells a lot like pez candy or watermelon jolly ranchers. The smell doesn't really stick around that much when you shave and wash off, so I'm not too concerned with the scent overall. I usually try to avoid scented shaving crèmes because I don't personally require my shave crèmes to smell like anything, and have found that sometimes the perfumes used can be irritating.

This product was a bit thinner that other shaving lotions and crèmes I have used. I ended up having to use a bit more than expected because of this. I don't have to use a whole lot though, because I only use this product to shave my bottom and pubic area. If you want something to shave your legs or all over, this might run out pretty quickly. This is not the lathering type of shave cream. When wet it stays a smooth cream that provides a nice glide that reduces friction.

This product comes in an easy squeeze tube for application. The bottle is tasteful and mostly discreet. Someone reading the label will notice this is an intimate shave crème if they've used one before, but you can probably store this in your bathroom without feeling embarrassed by the labeling.

I was pretty happy with the shave I got using this. I used a cheaper disposable razor but was still able to get a very close shave with a nice easy glide. The crème really does give you an amazingly smooth glide, and I didn't accidentally nick myself at all while shaving thanks to the crème providing little body friction. Afterwards I didn't have any sort of irritation or razor burn, and only had a few razor bumps show up over the next day, something typical for me that I haven't been able to remedy yet. In the past I have just used plain jojoba oil to shave, which is an ingredient in this product. I did find that this crème was easier to apply them just using jojoba oil by itself thanks to it having a thicker consistency than just oil. However, the end result didn't seem too different. Some of the ingredients in this aren't so great, and while I will use this product until I finish it, it will probably not be a repeat purchase.

The ingredients list on this has a lot of potential irritants. Parabens, blue and red dyes, perfumes, alcohol, wheat amino acids, and glycerin are all components of this shave crème to watch out for if you have certain sensitivities. Yes, Blue 1 and Red 33 are listed on the back of this product. I noticed that this isn't on the ingredients list provided by EdenFantasys, but they are certainly listed on the back of the product. This is not a product made for sensitive skin. I have to admit that I didn't give the ingredients list a thorough look through before I bought this, but even if I had, I would have not known this contained red and blue dye since it was not listed on the product page. Some of the last things I want on a freshly shaved area are parabens, dyes, and alcohols. I don't like using products with red dye, so I was disappointed by the incorrect list provided by EdenFantasys and some of the reviews I read through. I try to keep as many irritants away from freshly shaved areas as possible; it is just another thing to potentially cause breakouts for me.
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