Inttimo shave kreme - shaving gel by Wet Lubricants - review by Adriana Ravenlust

I'll Take a Bite -- Again and Again!

This wasn't the first time I'd used this shaving cream, and there's a reason I keep coming back to it. With this shaving cream, I don't have to sit still for three days after I shave my thighs. I don't get rashes or chafing, and that's definitely worth the price of the produce. This won't be the perfect product for everyone but it is for me.
Prevents irritation, chafing and pain like whoa, stays where you put it, thick, slick
questionable ingredients, slippery, weird smell in tube, sticks to razor
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
This is shaving cream. It's intended for your "kitty" (I don't shave my cats, though. They'd kill me.) It comes in a big purple tube with a flip-open cap. If you like it, just buy the biggest tube, as it's the most affordable per ounce (about $1.25). If you just want to try it out, EF sells a great bottle that's also travel-friendly (suck it, TSA). It's more expensive than your drug store shaving cream for sure, but it also provides a much better experience in my opinion.

This is a definitely a shaving cream. It's an offwhite when you first squeeze a dollop out of the tube, but it turns transparent as you rub it on your legs or other body part. While it's not the thickest shaving product ever, it REALLY sticks to my skin even if I'm directly under water. I thought it had washed off momentary, but I could still feel the cream on my legs. The water just turns it transparent. It sticks to your razor, though, so you might have to be more vigilant about rinsing off the product and hair.

If you really need an opaque shaving product to know where you've already shaved, you probably won't like this, but I don't find that necessary. The slippery formula does help your razor glide across your skin, but be careful as it will also make your shower floor slippery.

The shave I get with this product isn't the closest ever, and it doesn't really leave my skin super moisturized; however, it prevents that dreadful itch that so many shaving creams seem to give me these days. I don't mind putting on a little lotion after the fact.

It does prevent irritation, which is why I keep coming back to Inttimo shave cream. I shaved my thighs then went out for a walk around the neighborhood. I felt literally zero irritation. My thighs didn't become red, I had no swelling hair follicles. This shaving cream helps me finally achieve a shave like I see on TV. I did use it in combination with Devin's After Shave oil, and both contain silicone, which seems to create a barrier that really helps me reduce shaving and irritation.

I do slightly prefer the pump bottle, which EF doesn't carry, better than the tube. I tend to use a little too much product with the squeeze tubed; although, it doesn't come pouring out all wet and crazy like or anything. Both requires two hands, but you can use the bottle on a surface like the edge of your tub, instead of holding it. I don't have a tub, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Additionally, the bottle seems to smell better than the tube. It's similar to soda tasting different in the can versus the bottle, I'd suppose, but there's a kind of unpleasant "aftersmell" to this shave cream in the squeeze tube. I didn't experience that in either the tiny bottle that EF sells or the larger pump bottle that Wet has used. Those both seemed sweeter and more fruity; however, the scent isn't very strong. It faded away even while I was using it, and it didn't stick on my skin, so it's not a big deal. The initial whiff was just surprising.

I won't go down the entire ingredients list. However, there's plenty of natural oils, butters and vitamins. There's also the ever-hated "fragrance" and parabens make the list. It also includes the contentious Tetrasodium EDT, which is made from formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. If you're super sensitive, you might want to stay away from this product especially when it comes to your private parts. I don't have sensitivities, and I'm willing to take the risk for a good shave and comfort while I walk around town, which is one of my favorite things to do!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I always typo my titles -_-
  • unfulfilled
    Great review, thank you for sharing. I haven't tried this, but I may at some point it sounds nice.
  • CindyH
    good review do not want to try this if has a weird smell
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I've been trying to explain the smell in my head. Others LOVE it, but it really does have a different sort of emphasize in the tube. It smells a little more banana-y and fake. Almost sickeningly sweet, but like I said, it goes away FAST. There's about 2 seconds that I'm able to smell it and think "Well, that's weird" before it's gone.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    One very interesting vote there. I wonder what else they'd like size from smell, texture, price, size, closeness of shave, irritation factors and ingredients. Oh, I know! I forgot: this doesn't come with a pony, y'all.

    I do have to save, I think my previous cream gave me a little closer shave. I could probably switch my razor blade, too, but I already feel like I need to shave again.
  • annalee15
    thank you
  • sweetpea12
    Thanks for the great review!
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  • Lovely Jubblies
    Great review, thanks
  • geliebt
  • Mrs.Tee
    Thanks for sharing
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for a great, helpful review.
  • PassionCpl
    Thanks for the review
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