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Flickering touch massage candle reviews

17 reviews
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17 reviews

All and all I would buy this, it smells nice, looks nice and feels great on the skin. I would buy this for a pair of newly weds, or even a married couple who needs that spark back. If you are looking for a double use candle go for it! I think it is worth its price!

Great candle for a kinky or sensual massage. Great smell and nice oil. Just add a flame and pair of hands!

Snow pear and Cedarwood Flickering Touch Massage Candle is a sensual massage candle from Lelo. It has a warm long lasting glow and pleasant scent. I like to use this for massage, to add ambiance to a room, or for my own personal use. It is all natural and burns up to 36 hours.

Lelo flickering touch massage candle provides a relaxing massage that will send you into tomorrow without the relaxing scents. It's smooth and creamy and will fit anyone's desires. That is, if you don't like strong scents.

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle works wonderfully as massage oil, radiating a sensuous and fragrant aroma. My girlfriend and I fulfilled some temperature play and BDSM fantasies with this product while smelling amazing throughout. However, this mood-setter and partner-pleaser harbors shortcomings that prevent it from being a superb product all-around.

This is kind of a give or take product for me. It is a good massage oil, but does not have the pleasant scent that I was hoping for.

Lelo's Flickering Touch Massage Candle is a new, sexy massage candle for the sensualist at heart. It is created from Soy Wax and Shea Butter. It is a long-lasting sensual massage candle that warms and transforms from a thin oil to a rich, creamy substance that rubs in well and provides a sensual experience.

Sometimes you don't get what you pay for. The scents are alluring and the idea is beautiful. Sadly the execution is lacking and makes me wonder, what the flip was LELO thinking?

All in all, unless you're brand loyal to LELO or have to try it because it's LELO, just get yourself another candle. For the price, you're really just getting a fancy little jar with the company's name on it.

The Flickering Touch Massage Candle by Lelo was obviously a well meaning foray into a line of sensual personal products. And while it does create a phenomenal skincare product, the flaws in design and lack of fragrance simply don't bring this one up to the standards of other high end massage candles. I think with some redesigning and reformulating, however, they would have a chance at being the best massage candle on the market.

As someone with a sensitive nose and skin, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this product very much. I was happy to discover that the candle didn't irritate me at all and enjoyed a lightly scented, warm massage that left me feeling relaxed and my skin feeling soft.

The Flickering Touch massage candle has a smooth wax, that feels amazing on the skin. It is strongly scented with a nice crisp scent and beautifully packaged. This would make an amazing gift. It did leave a waxy residue on my skin but this wont deter me from purchasing this candle again.

This Candle provides a beautiful clear yellow light, and puddles into a oily, yet nicely usable massage oil. The container is beautiful, decorative and convenient, although lacks a pour spout or applicator and wax may be hard to control. The main problem is uneven burning, "well" production around the wick, and long burning times to create oil for massages. However, the massages from this wax/oil are good quality, moisturize and soften skin and glide well for a superior massage.

This is such a great candle not only for massaging but just to use a room fragrance. We love the scent we got makes us hungry for cookies and milk.

With the greasy wax and lack of scent, unless you're dying to have the container it's just not worth it. Try another scent or find a different candle all together.

No matter the cons to this candle, I recommend this particular scent (Vanilla & Creme de Cacao) to anyone who has a fondness for expensive chocolates or creme brulee. It's deliciousness in a candle. The only real con is that you can't eat it. But it smells amazing and the texture is smooth and just the right consistency for a luxurious massage. And now, for our feature presentation!

Crisp, grown up and sexy the Flickering Touch smells like the forest after a rain. The wax melts quickly to form a pool of luxurious oil, excellent for therapeutic or sensual massages. Lit, enjoy the ambiance of the flickering flame thru black glass and the scent as it gently fills your room.Snuffed, take advantage of the amazing oil made from natural soy wax, shea butter and apricot oil. When you're finished, it absorbs into the skin, leaving you feeling satiny smooth and pleasantly perfumed.

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