Flickering touch massage candle - body massage candle by LELO - review by Jessica Elizabeth

Unscented, greasy and all around disappointing.

With the greasy wax and lack of scent, unless you're dying to have the container it's just not worth it. Try another scent or find a different candle all together.
clean burning, nice packaging, reusable container
no smell, burns in the middle of the candle leaving the sides still full of wax, greasy
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So, I got this candle more out of curiosity than anything. We're not really into wax play or using candles for massage. I got this candle because of it's scent; black pepper and pomegranate. I thought "how unique!" and when I mentioned it to D he had the same thoughts. So I bought the candle and couldn't wait to get it. However, I'll finish that story in a sec.

The purpose of this candle is for massage and the wax is excellent for that. It melts at a lower temperature so it's still warm but it's not hot and it really works into the skin very well. But with the greasy feeling it leaves behind...eww

It's also not sooty. I have another massage candle that is more sooty than a wood fire. So I was happy to see the lack of soot in this one.
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

It starts off runny. However, once you touch it it gets very thick, then leaves a greasy feeling on your skin. It does spread nicely but as you push it across the skin some of it builds up in front of your fingers and starts feeling waxy. It also gets up under your nails and you end up having to clean that out.

The texture is smooth, it's not chunky or anything weird like that.

Taste / Aroma

Here's the major disappointment. It has almost no scent. I suppose mine could be faulty but I've never had a faulty candle before.

Mine has no fruit scent at all and there is a slight black pepper scent on the very "back end" of the aroma, but you have to have your face in the candle and be actively thinking about it in order to catch it. Major disappointment. I got this candle for the sole purpose of the scent and it really doesn't have one.

    • No smell


The first thing I noticed is that as it burns, though it burns slow, it burns down the middle of the container. This leaves a lot of wax stuck to the sides of the container. This really is too bad as it wastes a lot of the wax and makes reusing the container hard.

As for the wax the temperature is very low, so you don't have to worry about burns. However it leaves a greasy feeling on your skin for quite some time. It's not enough that I feel the need to hurry up and wash, but it's one of those things that leaves a lingering "awareness" that you have something on your skin. After the greasy feeling goes away it doesn't leave your skin feeling moisturized or anything. Just leaves a feeling that a few minutes ago you had something greasy on it.

There's also no pour spout on the container. While you can just drip it over the edge that sort of pouring can get messy.


The Lelo candle came in a nice black box that is very sturdy.

The candle itself is in a metal-ish container with a metal lid that sits on top of the candle. It has a colored handle; mine is red. Inside the container is a piece of foam maybe 3/4" thick that sits snugly in the top of the candle. I assume to hold the scent in. It comes with a small black ribbon that says "Lelo" on it and can be used to pull this foam piece off/out. However, on it's second use my ribbon came off. It's still easy to remove the foam though; just press down on one side and the other pops up.

The look of this candle is very sophisticated and modern. It in no way looks like a candle actually. I can't really say what it does look like; that's quite subjective. If I saw this (not knowing what it is already) I'd probably assume it was a trinket box, or perhaps a small jewelry box actually. (Yea, I think weird LOL)
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I was incredibly disappointed with this product. I was so excited because of the unique scent! Once the package came this was the first thing to be pulled out and opened. We hurried up and stuck our faces in it excited to experience the unique scent of black pepper and pomegranate. However it's not there.

At first we thought "maybe you need to burn it." So we hurried up and lit it and let it sit while we dug through the rest of the box of goodies. However while the black pepper scent comes out a tad bit after burning it's still on the "back end" of the unscentedness of this candle. It's almost non-existent and you have to have your face in the candle to get what bare hint of the scent is there. Add that to the greasiness of the wax and this candle just isn't worth it.

I may try the other scents, as the containers are beautiful and it is clean burning. However for the price, I just don't know.
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  • Cat E.
  • Love Lula
    Thanks for the review. I'm still on the fence about whether these are worth the money or not.
  • robberknot
    Thanks for the review
  • chicmichiw
    Too bad. 'Black pepper and pom' sounds like such a unique scent.
  • EmuLove
    Great review... doesn't sound like it is worth the $30!
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