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Perfume oil by Principessa Beauty

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Perfume oil reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

At first glance the price for the meager .2 ounces of perfume you're getting seems rather steep. But after experimenting with the perfume and seeing just how long it lasts, I can't really argue with it. The price and small container make it not ideal for an every day perfume, but for something that you wear from time to time it'll last all night and smell great doing it.

I just love this scent! I know that everyone's body chemistry makes perfume smell slightly different, but this one is definitely worth a try. I love how convenient it is and how well it lasts. My husband also loves that he doesn't have to walk through a mist of perfume after I put it on.

If you are looking for a smell that smells like it would taste good, Principessa Beauty's Belloccia may be just the scent for you. It's long lasting scent and easy to use applicator make smelling awesome a breeze. It's small size is perfect for taking with you on the go, but it's cost is a bit high for how little you get. The only reason I am only giving this 4 stars is the size for the price.

This perfume oil, while pricy, has a very nice combination of scents. It’s great for those who are always on the go, who want a burst of fragrance without having to carry something bulky.

I feel ridiculously pampered when I wear this. To the point that I stand there and think to myself, "You are entirely too excited about putting on this parfum," and I constantly marvel at the teeny bottle it comes in, but the scent is so strong that you only need a very tiny amount and it lasts all day. It must be the scent equivalent of wearing your fanciest bra and panties. All day you have a little smile because you know you've treated yourself.

Would I buy this particular scent again? No, it isn't really my style or taste. Would I buy a Principessa Beauty product again? Absolutely- the packaging and product are high quality and worth the price, if you find a scent you love.

Perfume oil from Principessa beauty is a lovely product, and I find myself wishing that my favorite perfumes could be available in such a desirable applicator/container. The scent of the perfume itself, however, isn't the best - floral, yes, but with a lingering after scent that is stale and musky. Perfume is a very personal thing, of course, so it's hard to say how it will work for someone else.

Judging from the outer packaging and the fabulous descriptions on the product page alone, this product gives off the impression of superior quality. However, this was not the case, and nothing of what I was expecting. The scent is a hit or miss -- it's so distinct that you'll either love it or hate it -- so beware.

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