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Pure instinct attract cologne reviews

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39 reviews

I was curious about the premise of the product, but was ultimately disappointed by it. Pure Instinct is the same generic, sweet, fruity fragrance on me and my boyfriend, and it's not a scent either of us was impressed by. It seems to be a crowd pleaser, so if you enjoy sweet fragrances it may be worth a try - but I wouldn't buy it for the promise of a personalized pheromone sex attractant fragrance, charisma in a bottle, or anything like that. Sadly, it seems like just another gimmick to me.

All in all, I believe that this is an absolute MUST in anyone's purse or briefcase! It works perfectly for both genders, and it will make you want yourself more and more with each application. Your partner will soon want to know why you smell so perfect!

I do not bring you concrete scientific evidence that this product will get you laid like never before and have you fighting off the guys tooth and nail. I can, on the other hand, say that it is a long lasting unisex perfume that smells great without being overpowering and feels great when it is on.

Overall, a nice, light scent to wear if you want to try something different. I believe most people will find this non-offending. Whether or not it will make you a sex magnet is debatable and probably varies from person to person depending on individual chemistry.

I loved this product. I will definitely buy it again. The scent is addicting. I just hope they can reformulate it a little to make the scent a little longer lasting. Phenomenal product though.

Overall this is a well priced pheromone cologne, while it claims to be unisex, the scent to me seems to have feminine overtones. However, it has a pleasant scent and the notion that it might be boosting sex appeal definitely affects a person's confidence level. It is definitely a good buy.

The product is unique, and so is what's inside it. It is interesting to see what customized scent comes up with certain people. The price for this product seemed about right considering how much product I have left after having it for over a year. Will re-purchase.

Men and women alike will take pleasure in wearing this sex attractant cologne. A long-lasting scent that doesn't bombard the senses, Pure Instinct can be worn on a daily basis as a mood-booster that will draw in those around you!

It smells nice, but it’s not anything I would use again, nor will she stake claim to the "pheromone" claim of the product.

This is a very interesting scent that not only changes from person to person but is proud of that fact. I always knew that perfumes would smell different depending upon the body chemistry of the person wearing it - but it is nice to see that a product that not only admits it - but promotes it as a good thing. For the price, it's worth giving it a try to see if you like it. If nothing else, Eden has a fantastic return policy!

Small bottle and yet long lasting. Smells different on everyone. Works with your body's chemistry to produce your own unique fragrance that you can enjoy anytime.

Great "personalized" cologne for either gender. Lasts forever and would recommend to anyone looking for a more customizable perfume. Can be mixed with other perfumes and body sprays as well. Love this stuff but I hate that it leaks all over.

Amazing cologne for every walk of life. Do not invest to much thought on the pheromone claims and you'll be good to go with great smelling skin all night long.

Pure Instinct makes an excellent cologne for both men and women. The scent straight out of the bottle is fruity with a hint of flowers and reminds me of fruit flavored gum. After being applied, the scent will change on your body. On me, it changed to a floral scent with a hint of spiciness. On my partner, it changed to a woodsy scent. This absorbs into skin very well. The scent is pretty long lasting, too. The only con I can come up with is that this does not work well as a sexual attractant.

This pheromone cologne will work with your body's chemistry to provide a scent all your own. You don't need to use a lot so the price is good for the small bottle. But beware what your body may truly smell like...

This is a great perfume, but I am not sure about its ability to attract the opposite sex. It smells great and is unisex. The bottle leaks easy so its not the most travel friendly thing in the world.

This cologne had two entirely different smells on him and I. Both of them were nice and fresh. It made me want to keep smelling him, not sure if it was the pheromones or him. Either way it was very pleasant.

The fragrance of this pheromone-laced perfume oil lifts my mood. While it won't convince your crush to sleep with you, it smells so good it just might facilitate some meaningful interaction.

Although this says it's a unisex attractant cologne, I feel the initial scent is more feminine. It's still a good product and absorbs in the skin quite nicely. Because of this, it lasts and lasts without having to use much at all. It can be worn with other lotions and body sprays or used in your home. It is a tiny bottle, but a little goes a long way.

I loved this product five years ago, and I love it now. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a light scent that will last you all day and not conflict with your natural smell. I keep it in my purse, so that if I am out and notice that it has worn off earlier then I want it to, I can just put more on.

Pure Instinct is a nice oil based cologne, with a sweet smell, and some fairly high claims. Pure instinct is supposed to make you a sex magnate, but besides the pleasant fragrance, I have noticed very little else. This is one fragrance that should be lightly worn for it has a tendency to have a overwhelming effect (plug your nose) if applied to heavy.

This is an item that I have kept in my purse for years, always returning to purchase more when it runs out. I have found that my husband may not know when I wear it, but it defiantly gets a reaction out of him. When testing it out on friends at a bar, I noticed they were getting positive feedback from men.

The smell is fantastic! It seems to condition the skin while lightly scenting it with your own personal scent. The effect that it has on your mood is great. I really am excited about this product and continue to use it faithfully.

With one swipe across your wrist and your neck or decollete with this alluring sweet scent and you will notice a boost in your confidence, mood, and senses. For a special treat, you can add it to your bath water.

This was a neat item to try. I wore it with an open mind, but experienced no real "attraction" results. If you like light, floral scents - try this one out, but don't expect much more than that.

A soft-scented and stimulating blend of pheromones and essential oils that, if nothing else, can make you feel a little sexier.

Despite the open top, I love this product and wear it almost daily. I'd rather wear this than any perfume. I'll continue to buy it in various forms, from various vendors.

The coolest thing about this product is the way that it reacts differently on everyone! I had wanted to try pheromone cologne for some time, but after I learned that many of them are made from natural ingredients and WHAT those ingredients are, I was a little hesitant. I actually was first introduced to this product at a home party, and when I asked the consultant for the ingredients, I was relieved to discover that everything is synthetic.

Definitely worth it. It's a cheap mood booster that makes you feel sexy and other people will notice. And it smells good too!

This is not magic, but it is a great alluring, low key scent that everyone seems to be drawn to. The bottle size may be discouraging at first, but a little goes a long way.

If you're expecting to be attacked by a mob of suitor, this is not the product that will cause it to happen. If you enjoy a pleasant smell on your body, this is the product for you. It lasts all day and a little goes a long way in terms of fragrance. In terms of attracting a mate, you have a better chance with your own interpersonal skills.

This product is versatile for more than just a cologne. Has a pleasant fragrance that makes one smile, even on the worst of days.

great little inexpensive bottle of fun that will last forever so will the fun you will be having along the way

I wear it every day and love it! Very nice, very subtle smell. I'm happy to have a scent that does not provoke my allergies at all. It's also about half the price at edenfantasys.com as opposed to where I bought it.

Pure Instinct did not have members of either sex crawling all over me. It did not turn me into a sociable member of society. It did, perhaps, make me more approachable to others and help facilitate social interactions. This may or may not be a placebo effect, but in the end, does it really matter whether it is? If it works, it works!

A beautiful, fragrance that smells different on everyone, yet always alluring and pleasant. It would be worth the price as a perfume even aside from the whole pheromones angle. Pure Instinct isn't a love potion, and it isn't mind control in a bottle, but it does seem to facilitate social interaction. Will you notice a difference in how people respond to you? Probably, yes. I did, before I even knew what it was.

I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a great product that smells amazingly well! I love the way Pure Instinct smells!!

Pure Instinct is something you have to try for yourself. Whether you have a special someone or are trying to attract that special someone. It's like a good friend reminding you how hot you are all day long.

I will probably reorder Pure Instinct again. If it makes my wife comment about it and draws here near me--any price is not too much.

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