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Much more than JUST a cologne!

This product is versatile for more than just a cologne. Has a pleasant fragrance that makes one smile, even on the worst of days.
WOOHOO! Makes me happy, provides a wide variety of scents.
can't seem to find a list of what is in this product so folks with allergies beware.
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Ok, so, Pure Instinct comes in a little blue bottle which is 0.5 oz and really it lasts a LONG time, I have had two bottles, my first bottle lasted me almost 2 years wearing it just about everyday and in the bath water on occasion. The new bottle is just over two months old and you can barely tell its been used. This is mainly because when you do put it on since it is in oil form it takes so little to obtain an incredible fragrance.

Perfume Oils which is in essence what this product is have been used for thousands of years from the first recorded perfume maker in the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia who went by the name of Tapputi to modern day. All the while their usage has not changed much, To enhance out natural scent and cling to our skin for longer than any other product out there. Oils have been used to scent the waters of the baths of ancient Roman empire as well Pure Instinct has My own tub. Fill royal palaces with pleasing aromas to the Kings and Queens of old as well as Pure Instinct has a few drops into my candle wax while it is burning. I've added some to a bottle of unscented massage oil so that on role playing nights I can be Cleopatra having Marc Anthony massage scented oils of ancient Egypt into my golden skin.

With this product there is so much that you can do other than just wear it to enhance your mood! I love wearing it personally. Especially since its scent changes depending on your hormones and pheromones it is never the same scent. Since it is an oil it does stay with you longer than your traditional perfume because (ok, and this is where you are going to have to bear with me a little as I try and explain this, I know the history lesson was probably a bit much) in your perfume is only 15-30% oil and 70-85% alcohol and as we all know alcohol evaporates rather quickly when it hits the air. The oils absorb into your skin and they are what actually hold the scent of whatever you are wearing.

Some other usages for this product which I have done are (and some of these may seem a little silly but they work well, especially if you have a stressful day at work, or are trying to plan a special night with the man/woman in your life or just want to relax) take a cotton ball, put a few drops of the Pure instinct on to the cotton ball and toss it into the dryer with your clothes or sheets or anything else you would like to have just a little extra fragrance. Take another cotton ball with a few drops of Pure Instinct on it and toss it into your dresser drawers, your clothes will have a light fragrance from that and you will get a light whiff of it every time you open your drawers, especially nice if you do this with your lingerie drawer. Put a few drops of our oils into a container of water and place on the stove or put in an oil burner, works well if you have company coming, same concept only and this was the weird one, but and I don't even know why I tried it put a little on your ceiling fan and turn it on, just make sure to wipe the dust off BEFORE applying the Pure Instinct (YES that is experience talking).
My favorite quality of this oil is that it enhances my good moods. It makes me more personable, approachable, friendly, even when I wasn't really feeling like that before I put it on. I LOVE how this product makes me feel always feel happy, it is the easiest way to put a smile on my face when I have had a bad day at work. I drove the guys at work insane (i lived on a hall with 9 guys on the ship) because I would leave the bathroom perfumed with this, when I was done with my shower, I also put a few drops in an unscented shower gel that i found.

I have tried it on various males and it turned somewhat spicy which interested me greatly, so me with my curiosity has tested it on every male of age that has walked into my house. The results.... SOME men it smells very very feminine on others it smells very masculine, earthy, musky on, wow, yeah what a turn on.
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  • Dame Demi
    The scent, at least on me, reminds me of cotton candy, and it really does elevate my mood!
  • Robyn
    Most of the time I got gardenias, but I did at times get the cotton candy also, I've also gotten something like pepper, and one along the lines of Gucci Rush, all depending on where I am along my hormone cycle.
  • Naughty Student
    Whoa! Your review is awesome! I never would have thought up all these awesome ways of using an oil fragrance. I might as well save your review so I dont forget these wonderful tips.
  • Betty Rocket
    Fantastic review! I am quite the skeptic about products like this one, but you have me intrigued. Wish listed!
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    Great review! certainly piqued my interest
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    This stuff works great
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