Pure instinct attract cologne by Jelique Products - review by Dame Demi

What good is sitting alone in your room?

Pure Instinct did not have members of either sex crawling all over me. It did not turn me into a sociable member of society. It did, perhaps, make me more approachable to others and help facilitate social interactions. This may or may not be a placebo effect, but in the end, does it really matter whether it is? If it works, it works!
Possibly facilitates social interaction, pleasant scent
Possibly does not facilitate social interaction, I do not find scent to be "gender-neutral"
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I have been wearing this cologne now for several weeks, trying to determine whether it actually has any effect beyond a placebo effect. Do the pheremones actually cause an enhanced mood and greater sociability? Do they attract other people to you? My answer, unfortunately, is still “I do not really know.”

First, the details. Pure Instinct|Pure instinct™ attract cologne comes in a dark blue glass ½ oz. bottle with a glass applicator wand in the lid. The fragrance is supposed to be “gender-friendly,” but it smells very feminine to me--like a mixture of candy and bubble gum. I also find that, after a few hours, the scent fades to a petroleum-like aroma, at least on me. So I try to reapply it every several hours. It is an oil, but rubs and absorbs nicely into the skin.

In order to avoid the placebo effect, I did not wear this to go out clubbing, dressed to the nines, feeling sexy already. I wore it when I was pretty much sleep-deprived and feeling anti-social. Let the experiment begin!

I do not know that Pure Instinct did anything for MY mood, though the initial scent is perky enough. But I did notice subtle little changes in those around me: the woman at the pharmacy counter talked and laughed with me even though there was a line forming; my mail postal carrier stops and talks to me every time he sees me; even when I wore it around hubby, he seemed more hugging and cuddling than normal.

Were these results just coincidence, or even my imagination? I honestly cannot say. Pure Instinct did not turn a fairly antisocial loner who stays at home and reviews sex toys into a social butterfly. But it possibly made me appear warmer and more approachable to others. It may have even made it easier for me to be sociable when I was feeling pretty rung out.

Pure Instinct is not a sexual magnet. But it may, just may, give you that little extra boost you need to help attract and establish contact with others.
My postal carrier bears an uncanny resemblance to Benjamin Bratt. That's enough of a reason for me to continue to wear this cologne.
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  • Eh, the placebo effect is a proven force (based on multitudes of drug testing, at least), so if it works even that much, it's still doing something, like you say.
  • Dame Demi
    I'll be curious to try it when I actually dress up to go OUT out somewhere. I'll definitely post a follow-up then...
  • Oggins
    I hear that these scents are supposed to blend with your body and create a unique smell....that's what I hear anyway.... Did you notice any change that made it smell different on you?
  • Dame Demi
    It smells on me pretty much like it smells in the bottle. Except, as I noted, after time it starts to smell really synthetic and almost petroleum-like--at least on me. It just strikes me as a very sweet scent, and not really appropriate for a man. I tried to test some out on hubby, but he wouldn't even put it on because he didn't "want to smell like cotton candy."
  • Epiphora
    There needs to be a way to genuinely test this stuff!
  • Dame Demi
    The best I could think of was by just wearing it doing mundane everyday chores, or when I wasn't actually feeling well. I thought that might cut down on the placebo effect. Even running on 2-3 hours sleep, though, I still seemed to attract more people's friendly chatter. I was an English major, though--the scientific method is not my strong point. ;)
  • Bulma
    Well dang, a more hug-ish and cuddly hubby sounds like reason enough for me to buy it! Cotton candy is definitely more appealing than my usual Windex and bleach scent. On my good days I smell of febreeze and drier sheets. lol This could be a good change for me ;)
  • Dame Demi
    Hahah, Bulma, you crack me up! But yeah, he is generally very cuddly when I wear it!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Hmm. I've 'smelled' this on me before and I really liked it. I was told it doesn't actually have a scent, it's just enhancing your natural scent but that it started to smell synthetic makes that seem false.
  • Snappy
    Does this product really contain pig sweat? I'd be interested in a vegan product like this one but I'm not to eager to dab on pig sweat.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    I was doused with a near-identical product called "Basic Instinct" during a sex toy party and.... nope. I'm a fairly confident girl, but it didn't draw any attention. I would agree that when people say that this works, it's mostly a placebo effect plus the normal draws of a nice, perky perfume. Good to know I'm not just a cranky cynic! =]
  • Dame Demi
    Yeah, the jury is still out for me on this one. It sometimes does seem to make me more approachable to others, but I think it is mostly a placebo effect. Adriana, the synthetic scent was just something that I noticed, but I'm very sensitive to that sort of thing. Snappy, I'm not sure if it does contain pig sweat, but it would make sense if you were trying to include pheremones. I don't think plant essences would have quite the same (if indeed they do have any) effect! And Miss Cinnamon, I think I have to agree with you--it's more self-confidence than a secret potion. Still, some days it gets me going in the morning when nothing else quite will.
  • geliebt
    Thank you
  • Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for sharing!
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