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Pure instinct attract cologne

Cologne by Jelique Products

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Pure instinct attract cologne review

Pure Instinct is something you have to try for yourself. Whether you have a special someone or are trying to attract that special someone. It's like a good friend reminding you how hot you are all day long.
Elevates mood; smells like Sweet Pea; seems to work.
Can be sensitive to wearer; no ingredient listing; possible placebo effect.
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extremely useful review
So, there is this guy.  He's pretty dreamy.  I'm kind of into him, and I think he's kind of into me.  We have yet to cross that bridge, however, into the nefarious world of, "what are you doing Friday night?"  That's where Pure Instinct Sex Attractant
Cologne comes in.

I chose Pure Instinct because it had received 4 stars with 24 votes by edenfantasy.com users.  I figured, "This seems to be the best rated among the pheromone products|Pheromones on the website.  I'll give it a shot.  If it doesn't work no harm done."

The product came in a tiny ziplock bag.  There were no instructions or ingredient list.  The bottle just says that it contains pheromones.  The makers of Pure Instinct also claim that it is a unisex attractant.

After doing some research, I know that there are pheromones called copulins that increase testosterone levels in men, and there are other types of pheromones as well.  Jellique, the makers of Pure Instinct, don't tell you what kind of pheromones you are getting but, boy, can you smell them.

The first day I wore Pure Instinct, someone commented to me, "Are you wearing (Bath & Body) Sweat Pea?"  I said, "No, but it smells like that, doesn't it?"

It's true that Pure Instinct has a pretty floral scent.  Pure Instinct also also smell like pheromones.  I never knew I could smell other people's pheromones until I put this stuff on and was like, "Wow.  That smells like so-and-so."  If I was smelling my friend's vaginal secretions, I can't say it is a pretty smell. but it's definitely a distinctive smell.  That's for sure.  I'm sure receptivity to the scent is also based on your personal sensitivity to smell.  I put the oil on my wrists and my neck.

The day arrived where I would be seeing my Mr. Perhaps.  I put the oil on, crossed my fingers and went to see him.  Something very strange happened to me that day.  I felt very feminine.  I felt very beautiful.  I stood up straighter.  I smiled at more guys. I felt guys looking at me.  I don't know how much of this stuff is a placebo effect but, damn, I felt good!

The product does state that there has shown to be an elevation in mood by the wearer.  I can definitely attest to that.

Then, I was there.  Right in front of my maybe man-to-be.  He was cool as ice.  He didn't come onto me, or even comment on a new fragrance.  We just sat as we always do, discussing our business, and so on.  I was crushed. 
Follow-up commentary
Well, I know you all are wondering whether or not I snagged the man I was lusting after.

Long story short: He's ancient history.

So this stuff didn't work on the guy I wanted it to work on. I will say that I did still feel more attractive while wearing it. That might have been from the extra dose of confidence it serves up. I'm not sure. The faint trace of pheromones was just too much for me to continue wearing it all the time. I pretty much have put it up on the shelf until the next person I'm interested in comes along. 
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Shazam!
    I hope you do a follow up to this and let us know what happens!
  • I have used Pure Instinct selectively for the last couple years. I love the smell of it on me, but the scent is different on everyone. When I do wear it, I have about a 90% return rate.  so if you like soft scents wear as perfume like I do. have fun
  • Nashville
    Did it list the ingredients? I remember reading an article that these so called pheromones are actually pig sweat.
  • No, there were no ingredients listed on the bottle or on the website.
  • nerdgirl
    Thanks for the research into the pheromones... I was definitely curious myself.
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for sharing
  • luisss
    ill have to try this
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