Sex kitten wicked wax - massage candle by Entrenue - reviews

Sex kitten wicked wax Sex kitten wicked wax

Massage candle by Entrenue

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Sex kitten wicked wax reviews

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9 reviews

If you are looking for something new to spice up your night, look no further. This massage candle has a perk not many others do, it is edible! Unlike most things that claim to be edible, this candle in cherry tastes delightful. Pour on your lover, rub it all over, and lick it off.

All in all- This candle is the bomb!! I cant wait to try the other candles in the Eden Arsenal.

All in all, it's a good candle for a newcomer, or someone on a budget. It gets the job done and still makes for a very erotic evening with all the thrills and pleasures of a sensual massage with the bonus of being edible and having candle light. You just have to put up with the slight lack in taste and a slight oily feeling, although the skin is still very smooth. But, you will still have a very very fun experience.

Try not to devour your candle, as you may mistake it for a delicious peach dessert! Smelling quite mouth-watering and not tasting bad at all for an edible candle, you'll enjoy lapping this off of your partner or burning to make the room smell like you've just baked a peach pie!

Depending on what you are looking for this may or may not be what you want. If you are looking for a candle for wax play..great. If you are looking for a long lasting candle for massages...not it.

Don't look here if you're looking for a good massage candle. All you're getting here is something that smells really good, and would work well for wax play that's pretty safe.

The Sex Kitten Wicked Wax Candle in sex on the beach smells lovely, looks lovely, and makes a wonderful candle for wax play without being too hot. However, it claims to be an edible massage candle. While it is flavored in the sense lip balm is flavored... it's not flavored enough to make licking lots of it pleasant, and it hardens practically on contact with the skin making it fairly useless as a massage candle. Great for some things... not great for what the company says it's great for.

Sex Kitten Wicked Wax is a nicely scented candle that melts to a mediocre quality massage oil. It is flavored and edible, so there is no perfume-like taste to it, but the flavor is very faint and rather waxy. If oral play on the massaged/waxed areas is going to be involved, this would be an excellent choice of product; if you're just looking for a sensual massage, there are better candles out there.

You get a flavored lube, a non-greasy massage oil, and you don't have to burn yourself with normal candle wax; what more can you ask for?

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