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Massage candle by Entrenue

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But, It Smells So Good!

Don't look here if you're looking for a good massage candle. All you're getting here is something that smells really good, and would work well for wax play that's pretty safe.
Smells good, Would work well for safer wax play
Fails as massage aid, Goes on kinda waxy
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


In theory, this candle could be used to set the mood with some light flickering candlelight and a light pleasant scent, then used for a wonderful massage and followed by a couple of really good licks. In reality, it's good for the first part, glowing nicely and producing a light and pleasant scent, however it's really not all that great for much of anything else.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Solid state, it's very matte looking. Can't dig your finger into it very easily, but you can easily scrape up some wax with a fingernail.

Liquid state, it floats around like a nice oil might. It looks like it's going to feel wonderful, but in reality, if you manage to get it to your skin fast enough, it's still pretty waxy. I didn't pour any out of the container, but I did move the container around while it was liquidy and it moved nicely enough that I would have been confident in my clumsy ability to be able to pour the wax without making a mess.

Taste / Aroma

There are 6 different scents available: Chocolate, Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Sex on the Beach, and Peach. I've got the Sex on the Beach, and wasn't entirely sure what to expect, since I've never had the drink before. It's got a nice fruity scent, reminiscent of a flavored chapstick. I can't quite put my finger on anything specific though.

The strength of the scent is mediocre at best. Unlit, you can only smell it if you stick your nose in it. Lit, well if you're within a few feet you might be able to smell it, but I've accidentally singed some hair trying to catch a whiff.


Since my fiance wasn't very keen on the scent of it, I had decided that I was going to use it by myself. I let it burn and melt until there was a really nice pool of wax, and as soon as I dipped my finger in the pool, I was very disappointed. It looked so promising, yet it was like I dipped my finger in the wax pool of a regular beeswax candle, only this smelled and tasted better. I've managed to get it to be somewhat massage product like once, and I rushed my finger on over to my arm for that, then decided it wasn't worth the trouble and went for a bottle of lotion instead. I've only been left with a waxy feeling that lasted a few minutes, then I didn't really notice it any more. However you can wipe off any excess with a spare towel and that should take care of just about everything.

The wax was pleasantly warm though, just the right temperature to create a nice feeling if poured onto the skin, kind of like having the shower be just about as warm as you can take it. I did also taste it, because it's listed as edible, so I couldn't resist, and it wasn't bad. It tasted much like it smells, and I wish I could describe that better, but either way, it's not the worst thing you could accidentally discover under your nails. It just had a waxy texture to it.


The jar itself is pretty discreet, being a lovely tin color and about 2 1/2" x 2 1/2", meaning it doesn't take up much room. However the lid on the other hand, not very discreet at all. It says "sex kitten wicked wax, edible massage oil and candle, 100% delicious, meowgasm, and sex on the beach".

The label on the bottom gives you directions: light the candle and set the mood, allow candle to burn until partially liquid. Pour or spoon into hand and apply to skin. Begin the sensual massage. Allow your tongue to follow. Repeat often.

In addition to some cautions like the contents may be hot and keep the wick centered and trimmed to 1/4", the bottom also lists ingredients: hydrogenated soybean oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, shea oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and fragrance or flavored oil.

I liked the fact that it's drug and cruelty free, but I'm not sure how I feel about the disclaimer that it's sold as a novelty only. Then again I have a few other massage candles that work well and have the same disclaimer, so I guess that's not a good enough excuse.

Personal comments

Much like my Scent of Scandal candle, this one also kinda looked like a milkshake (like one of the ones you freeze to save later) to me after it had burned then cooled, so I thought I'd share that with you all too.



Quite honestly, I prefer the Tantric massage candle to the Sex Kitten. The ingredients are almost the same, and I guess the avocado and apricot oils really do make a difference, since those were the only things the Tantric had that the Sex Kitten didn't. It smells really good, but when all is said and done, I think the Tantric is a better deal, even if it's not edible.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy the scent, but it never managed to burn evenly all the way across and it still didn't work as a massage aid. I kept burning it for the added ambiance of having candles lit, but now that it's pretty much empty, I got rid of it. The wax wasn't good for anything and I couldn't get the wick to light anymore. If you're looking for something to just add extra light and a light scent this isn't too bad, but keep looking if you want massages from your candles.
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