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Shine on lip gloss Shine on lip gloss

Lip gloss by Bella Il Fiore

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Shine on lip gloss reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

All in all, I was not very fond with this product at all. It left me very unsatisfied. Yes, the color and packaging was great but the gloss itself was simply slacking. It did not moisturize my lips as well as it should, and the gloss became a goopy, gunky, sticky mess.

This is a beautiful lightly tinted,sheer gloss. It makes your lips shine like a model on a magazine cover. It lasts an hour without reapplication by it self. It lasts two hours if you have a balm under the gloss. It comes in six colors and a 0.8 ounce tube. I have no complaints for this lovely gloss!

Being a lip-gloss slut, I have my share of these tapered little tubes all over my house. I am usually re-applying on an hourly basis, if not more often. This one falls directly in the middle of the spectrum for me; it isn't garbage, that makes me annoyed to have on my lips, and it isn't that pure ecstasy that you rarely find in a lip gloss, that you can hardly feel, and looks amazing. Middle of the line price, middle of the line quality, and middle of the line product.

If you are looking for a great gloss that doesn't wipe away or slide off the lips easily then Bella Il Fiore's Shine On is just about perfect. It doesn't need to be reapplied as often as thinner brands but might be a bit heavy on the lips for some users. The color is rich but sheer and has a lovely shimmery gloss finish. It can be layered under a shinier gloss for dramatic impact.

Shine On is a great gloss for those who battle lip licking or constant rubbing of your lips. It also last through drinking, eating, talking or smoking, but it is thick, sticky, and messy. If you like this in a gloss than this is for you. The Plump effect it gives your lips is lovely, but with that sticky mess it is not for me.

I love lip gloss and realize that it's usually a sticky, imperfect product. This, however, has almost zero redeeming qualities and costs just a little too much for me to consider it an acceptable loss.

I love this lip gloss initially but it does get sticky once it's on for about 10 - 15 minutes which I don't like; but it's very much worth it for the smell and first 10 minutes of wearing, if you don't mind a little stickiness on your lips and the shine of the gloss of course!

Want more volume and high gloss? The Shine On Lip Gloss by Bella Il Fiore comes in a variety of feminine colors and has a sweet scent. It lightly tints the lips and gives it a subtle glimmer. If you like thick glosses, this is a very slick one that doesn't often need to be reapplied.

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