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Solid perfume by Not Soap Radio

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Solid parfum reviews

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9 reviews

Digging this tiny little pot of scent out of my purse while washing my hands in a bathroom never fails to lift my spirits. The scents are light, easy to blend, and last for a good long time without overpowering a room. They are gentle on sensitive sinuses, and don't irritate my rash prone skin. All in all for a sophisticated parfum these little pots are top notch!

Unfortunately, I can't recommend this stuff! It smells great and would be awesome if it lasted for more than 30 minutes, but it simply doesn't linger for any substantial length of time, as a good perfume should. I recommend you steer clear and try something else!

Not Soap Radio's solid parfum in Island Hopping is a great way to smell a bit tropical without being overbearing and causing a headache. The coconut and vanilla scents come out most. It is solid in a pot making it easy to travel with, just toss it in your purse. The smell is fun and reminds me of summertime.

I really like the scent of this, it is fresh and light and reminds me of being on a beach. I was hoping it would be a little stronger of a coconut scent, but I do like the lemon scent with the light coconut undertone. My only disappointment was that the scent did not always last long. It seemed the more active I was, the longer it lasted.

I had such enormously high hopes for this product, but it just couldn't live up to the hype the body souffle led me to have. I can't smell this right after I apply it, and after 15 minutes I can't even notice if on my skin when held up to my nose. Despite the great features, this product fails to do what I bought it to do.

This product is worth it in my opinion! It will last you a while, and it is similar in shape and texture to a waxy lip balm or chap stick that is in one of those finger-application rounds, but larger. You dab it on your skin or hair and rub it in a bit, it lasts a few hours, and then you can add some more. You can put it over your clothing too if you want to add a little scent there. It smells flowery and fresh.

Solid Parfum is a classic way to get some classic scents. The scent is rich and very long lasting. Just remember this is a solid parfum and you only need a little bit.

As everyone may notice about my bath and body reviews, I'm tough on products. I often will figure "price per ounce" and say something is good but I've found better or I usually buy something that does the same type of job for less at my local discount store so I wouldn't buy that product for myself normally because I'm a cheapskate. This whole line of products so far is one I will budget for and consider to be worth the price. Of course, I will wait for Eden to put it on sale.

Have a tropical evening right at home, grab the rest of the Island Hopping set and make a gift out of them, or just spoil yourself! This is a wonderful perfume that has other products to compliment and make a complete aromatic set. Add some sexy lingerie and go to the islands without leaving home. This scent is appropriate for both him and her!

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