System JO for women body shaving gel - sensual bath by System JO - reviews

System JO for women body shaving gel

Sensual bath by System JO

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System JO for women body shaving gel reviews

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9 reviews

This gel is great for shaving all over, doesn't lather, and gives a wonderful shave. It is perfect for intimate areas and sensitive skin. I find it keeps my skin from drying out after a shave, which is what leads to razor burn after the fact.

Overall the System JO for women body shaving gel has not met my sensitive skin standards. It often ran down my leg requiring me to apply more. It doesn't have any lather like a shaving cream and often left my already sensitive skin even more sensitive. I did like that it is essentially odorless which was helpful.

Shaving is something that a lot of people do, and shaving creams are here to make that job easier. This shaving cream goes on like a gel and can be turned into a much more visible and easy to see cream, which is fantastic for those of us who usually need corrective lenses to see clearly and don't wear them in the shower. Overall, this is a solid product. It isn't extraordinary, but it does hold its own.

I use this shaving gel (cream) all over my body and I am satisfied with it. It provides easy, fast shaving and leaves my skin smooth and silky - still I feel uncomfortable if I don't apply the cream afterwards. Also it stopped irritation on my legs that I had while using another creams. But you should pay attention to the ingredients - it contains parabens and fragrance, despite it is for sensitive skin. Also it is very slippery on surfaces - be careful.

Overall, I am pleased with this shaving cream from JO. While I don't agree with everything they say on the package, it didn't cause me any irritation and produced a very smooth and clean shave. I didn't like that it takes a while to turn from a gel into a cream, but I do like that it doesn't lather a whole bunch. I could see where and what I was shaving a lot better and ended up not injuring myself like I have with other overly slick shaving serums.

With a bad smell and major false advertising, I wouldn't suggest this to people. Has a few positives about it but not enough to make me want to buy it.

As happy as I have been with other System JO products, I just didn't like System JO For Women Body Shaving Gel as much as I wanted to. I still had some problems with getting razor burn after I used it.

I would not buy this in the store. Main reason is that it contains fragrance when the bottle clearly states that it is unscented. I can't stand false advertising, especially because I have sensitive skin and sinuses to most fragrances. I shouldn't have to look through the ingredient list to find out if they are telling the truth about no scent. It also didn't leave my skin any smoother than most decent shaving creams, or even just plain conditioner does.

I'm kind of in a quandary about this product. It DID do what it claims it does, i.e. provides a smooth rash-free shave. I, however, question the legitimacy of it's "sensitive skin" or "pure" status, considering it contains parabens, and SLES. I didn't find it terribly moisturizing, but my skin is on the dry side AND freakishly sensitive, your mileage may vary.

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