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Sensual bath by System JO

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I use this shaving gel (cream) all over my body and I am satisfied with it. It provides easy, fast shaving and leaves my skin smooth and silky - still I feel uncomfortable if I don't apply the cream afterwards. Also it stopped irritation on my legs that I had while using another creams. But you should pay attention to the ingredients - it contains parabens and fragrance, despite it is for sensitive skin. Also it is very slippery on surfaces - be careful.
Easy shaving
Big plastic bottle
Has instructions
Can be used as a cream or as a gel
Contains fragrance
Contains parabens and alcohol
Very slippery
Not very convenient to get out
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System JO body shaving gel (as it is called on the site) or cream (as it is called on the bottle) is designed for shaving any part of your body, including intimate areas. The bottle claims that this cream (gel) is specially designed for sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling vibrant, soft, silky, smooth and conditioned without any bumps, irritation or rashes. Also the cream (gel) is unscented.

It is easy to use - you just wet the area to be shaved; apply moderate amount of the JO shaving cream to the area to be shaved, shave and rinse.

You should also know that the system JO body shaving cream (gel) is very slippery on surfaces. If you do your shaving in a bathtub, you should be very-very careful or use some sticky bathtub carpet. Also you need to clean spills immediately. This product is way more slippery than other shaving gels and creams I've tried.

Due to the system JO body shaving cream (gel) is designed for sensitive skin I was quite confused when I read the ingredients, which are: hydroxyethylcellulose, glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera, tween 20, carbomer, fragrance (aroma), di water (aqua), methylparaben, propyl paraben.

I am not sure what should or shouldn't be in a shaving gel (cream), but parabens, alcohol and sodium laureth sulfate don't sound safe for sensitive skin. Also you can see that there is a fragrance in the list, despite the package claims that system JO body shaving cream (gel) is unscented.
    • Bath / shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

There is some confusion with the notions "cream" and "gel". This is because system JO body shaving cream (gel) comes out of the bottle as a gel and you need to cream it by yourself - that is not too easy! You need to rub for a while to make it cream, but it is possible - I did it. Also I noticed that it is easier to cream it if you apply the gel on the dry skin, though the instructions claim that you should wet the area to be shaved. If you don't want to waste your time and energy you can just use it as a shaving gel. I haven't noticed any difference except for that the gel is clear, so you can see your skin and hair through it and the cream is white so you can see the cream itself better.


The gel is not runny. When I put a small amount of it on my hand, I have absolutely no problem with it staying in place, I even can hold my hand vertically for a while and it still won't move - so it has a common gel texture. It won't come out the bottle by itself - you have to compress the bottle a little (the bottle is made of plastic, so it can be easily compressed).

The gel won't absorb into the skin, but if you make it cream it will "melt" just like a whipped cream. Both gel and cream are easily distributed on the skin and both are sticky (but not greasy) if you touch it, but during the shaving process you won't notice the stickiness, because it makes no obstacle to a razor – it glides very well. System JO body shaving cream (gel) can be rinsed easily with water; there is no need to use some soap or anything like that.

Taste / Aroma

The bottle claims that this cream (gel) is unscented. Meanwhile in the list of the ingredients, which I already mentioned in the use section, there is a fragrance (aroma). The system JO body shaving cream (gel) definitely has some scent, but it is not intense. I couldn't smell it at all during the shaving process and I can't smell it if there are some other scents in the room. Still there is some scent and it is not very pleasant in my opinion. But it is not a problem for me, because I couldn't smell it most of the time. It is important to mention that once the cream (gel) is rinsed, it leaves no scent on your skin.
    • Bad smell
    • Light smell


I use the system JO body shaving cream (gel) as a gel and as a cream on all parts of my body that I usually shave. It performs just great. It is distributed easily with water or without it, it can be used as a gel or as a cream, and the razor glides smoothly over it. It leaves my skin hair free, clear and smooth.

The system JO body shaving cream (gel) doesn't provide any moisturizing. Actually, it does not say anything about moisturizing on the bottle, so I guess it shouldn't. My skin is not too sensitive nor too dry, but I feel the discomfort after shaving unless I apply some moisturizing cream. The system JO body shaving cream (gel) didn't make an exception for me - I still need to apply the cream after shaving, but it's not a problem for me, I even like doing it.

Before I started using the system JO body shaving cream (gel) I had some irritation on my legs after shaving. It wasn't bad and didn't disturb me much, but still it was there. After I started using the system JO body shaving cream (gel) it is all gone. And it doesn't give me any irritation on any other parts of my body. I am using it for more that a month already and had no problems so far.


The system JO body shaving cream (gel) comes in a plastic 8 fl.oz. (240 ml.) bottle. The bottle itself is transparent, but there is a label that covers it. On the front part of the label there is the name of the product and its properties (no bumps, no irritation, no rashes, unscented...). On the back part of the label are directions for use and warnings, which I mentioned in the use section. Between the front and the back part there is a list of ingredients, which I also provided in the use section.

front back

The cup is made of white plastic with a push to pop open top. It is very easy to close and open the cup, but in order to get the gel out of the bottle you need to turn the bottle upside down, shake it a little and compress it - I don't find it very convenient, I prefer pumps.

    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Very informative packaging

Personal comments

The bottle is reusable. If you want to fill it with something else (for example another shaving cream or shover gel or shampoo), you can unscrew the cup, clear the bottle and use it again. Be sure not to use it for something edible - this may not be safe.



When I just got the system JO body shaving cream (gel) I was very disappointed with it. I didn't like that it has no pump to get the gel out of the bottle, I didn't like the scent and I didn't like that it takes efforts to make it a cream. I also didn't like that it is very slippery.

But after I used the system JO body shaving cream (gel) for a while I've changed my opinion. I still find the pump caps more convenient, but so far I am able to manage this cap. I don't feel the scent during shaving and it doesn't stay on my skin. And I can use it as a gel or as a cream depending of what I want that day. I'm still striking with the slippery part, but it makes me more careful.

I also found some advantages in this cream (gel) - it distributes easily, the razor glides over it just fine and I stopped having the irritation on my legs. My skin is smooth and silky, so I like the system JO body shaving cream (gel) now.
Follow-up commentary
I still like using this System JO body shaving gel/cream. I still have no irritation or discomfort. I am even accustomed to the bottle, which I need to shake in order to pump out the cream/gel. If you are searching for an unscented shaving gel for your whole body I would definitely recommend this one.
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