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Terme tresses conditioner Terme tresses conditioner

Hair conditioner by Principessa Beauty

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Terme tresses conditioner reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

I'm very careful about buying scented products online, since I am very sensitive to scents and perfumes and wasn't certain what this product would smell like. Given the price and uncertainty about the scent, I took a real leap when I ordered this conditioner. The scent of this ruins the product for me, I would hate to smell like this conditioner all day after using it - even if it were faintly!

If you have the extra cash and have very dry and damaged hair, this would make a great investment for you. It helps soften any hair and you only need a small amount. With this, you can have that baby soft hair everyone loves. Just be weary about applying directly near the roots.

This is a great product for all hair types. It's lightweight and it smells awesome. If you have oily hair, I would recommend it for a two to three times a week use rather than daily.

This product is great for anyone who is looking for a heavy scent to wear. I was expecting fruit or tropical notes, and my sense of smell is overwhelmed with coconut and tropical notes that don't seem to mesh well for me.

Terme Hair Conditioner leaves my lady's hair smelling floral, but not overpowering. She has very thick hair and this does not have a sticky or stiff feeling to it. She blow dries her hair and tells me that this conditioner protects more from heat damage. I also used and liked this, but I would prefer if it were less feminine in scent and appearance.

Sometimes I just want to feel special. This conditioner lets me do that for only $25.99. Yes, it is expensive for a hair conditioner, but I take loving care of my family so I deserve some me-splurges and me-time. This classy conditioner gives me that lift I need during the day!

We both love this conditioner. It is more expensive than most, but that is OK since a little goes a long way. Packaging is lovely, ingredients are safe and it shows up on your doorstep when you order from EF. You don't have to drive to the store, saving enough money in gas to make the high pricetag worth it in these days of over $4/gallon gas! Use the conditioner and shampoo to compliment each other and you'll get all the compliments you want!

I love how my hair feels and smells using this Principessa Beauty Terme Conditioner. A little goes a long way making this less expensive than it seems at first glance. I can hardly wait for this and the shampoo to come back in stock so I can load up. I never want to be without this now!!!

If you have thick, unmanagible hair--stop right here. This hair conditioner (AKA hair tamer) is just what the doctor ordered. Sure, you can find less expensive hair conditioners but I doubt you will find a more effective or nicer scented one than Terme Tresses Hair Conditioner in the 12 ounce pink bottle.

This conditioner is a wonderful choice if you like the signature powdery floral scent from Principessa. It even works very well as a conditioner to provide moisture to your hair without weighing it down at all. While it's probably not the best choice for deep conditioning for extremely dry or damaged hair, it will still provide a nice moisturizing for most people.

This is a nice conditioner that leaves hair feeling very soft. It's a nice treat to indulge in, but it's not any better than any other salon brand conditioner in my opinion. It might be a little too much for oily hair types, but will be great for dry hair and normal hair.

This is a luxury item to say the least! It works just as it claims it will on the label, but it can be out of the budget of some households. It takes a small amount to work properly. Though I wouldn't use this as an everyday conditioner, it is great as a refreshing conditioner when my regular conditioner has begun to weigh down my hair a bit too much.

I am not a fan of conditioners. Honestly, I use them only when needed which is one a week at most. But this conditioner is one of the best I've ever found and that makes it worth the higher price tag. a little goes a long way, so it should last you a decent amount of time too. I've had a chance to try a few products from this company. This is my favorite so far.

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