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Fetish Fantasy spread 'em bar and cuff set reviews

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This item is fun and exciting to play with. It opens up a whole new world of play time. The bars make it a little tricky, but that's just part of the fun to explore and be creative with it.

I like that you can put it in the case and it's out of sight and not obvious as to what it is. I would recommend it to those just starting out with bondage. It was great for me and I will be buying another that can do more, so to say.

As a couple who is a beginner to BDSM gear, we love this set. It comes with everything you need including a storage bag that can be locked. While it may not last a lifetime, it is definitely worth its weight in gold in my opinion. It has opened our imaginations to all sorts of possibilities, and it also gives us an idea as to what we like and dislike in our gear. It isn't something that can stand up to extremely hard play, but it is a good quality set.

Versitility At It's Cheapest

This is a great beginner set to try out spreader bars and restraints in general as it comes with so many pieces to play with and try out, but they are fairly easy to escape yourself if needed making them not terribly intimidating. For more advanced or rougher play, however, this will disappoint as it is rather cheap, flimsy material and likely to break or bend very easily. I'm afraid this isn't going to last long at all, but it was an enjoyable set to check out and explore.

This set is definitely worth the price. Honestly, I think it's a great deal because its a great set. You really cannot go wrong with this set.

I would definitely recommend the Fetish Fantasy Series Spread 'em Bar and Cuff Set for anyone who is experienced in BDSM or just starting out. With how versatile it is you can easily find many positions to use the set in.

This is a great set. It comes with everything needed to start spreader bar bondage. While the durability is not great, everything is comfortable and works well with moderate use.

This bar and cuff set is a great introduction to the wonderful world of bondage and spreader bars. It's incredibly easy to use and figure out, and can be pretty versatile as well.

Good kit for those new to spreader bars, but not as versatile or high quality as I was hoping for!

Perhaps decent for new kinksters or those introducing a less-experienced partner to kink, these ultimately suffer from poor design and lack of versatility. With a little work by the DIY-minded, they can be improved, but for those with experience these will only be of use for light play or for the bag. It's a nice bag for toy storage.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Spread ’em bar and cuff set comes with everything needed for a complete domination scene with your lover. It is a full blown set with spreader bars, cuffs, collar, blindfold, and locking case. Use the Spread 'em set to introduce your lover into light BDSM play or add it to your Fetish Fantasy Collection!

This is a product that takes time and patience in learning how it will work best for you and your partner. It's a definite keeper, and I'll follow up with another review in the near future.

This set has everything you need for a night of restraint. With 2 differently sized bars, four cuffs, collar and blindfold, you’ll have fun trying out the various combinations of restraint. The Velcro cuffs make quick release possible while still keeping your arms and legs where they’re placed, and they are easy to attach to and remove from the bars.

I'd never used a spreader bar before, but I've wanted one for a while. I really love using the Spread 'Em bar and cuffs set; it's easy to set up, includes everything I need, and leads to plenty of fun positions. It left me wanting more since the longer bar is still a little too short to keep someone's legs all the way apart. I think it's great for beginners, but the very basic cuffs and amount of wiggle-room probably won't impress any hardcore bondage enthusiasts.

People new to bondage will be able to find many uses for this set, and have fun doing it. Experienced users can enjoy this as well, though if you are into really rough play, it may not hold up to heavy frequent use.

Even if you find that spreaders are not your thing, there are a lot of other ways to use this kinky kit. It is great for adventurous couples of different experience levels.

The Spread 'Em Bar and Cuff Set comes with everything you need from the storage bag to the spreader bars and even to the cuffs. This comprehensive set even includes a few unexpected extras like a blind fold and collar cuff. Whether you are new to restraint or an old pro, this set can add some versatility to your play.

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