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People new to bondage will be able to find many uses for this set, and have fun doing it. Experienced users can enjoy this as well, though if you are into really rough play, it may not hold up to heavy frequent use.
Versatile and easy to use. Great storage bag.
A bit cheaply made for the price.
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The Fetish Fantasy Series bar spreader bars and cuffs set has a variety of uses. A little imagination and experimentation allows for endless possibilities. Even if you have never tried bondage before, this set can be fun and is easy to use. The long bar is meant to go between the ankles, preventing you from closing your legs. The small bar is meant to restrain your arms as well. There are two sets of cuffs that wrap around your wrists and ankles with sturdy velcro. Each cuff has a clip that is used to attach the cuffs to the rings at the ends of the spreader bars, or the two other rings along the long bar. There is also a collar made the same way as the cuffs, just bigger. These also work to hook to each other or can be used out side of the bars altogether and hooked to other things such as chains or leashes. There is a nylon strap that can be used to connect both bars together or connect the collar to the top bar, further restricting your partner's mobility. We used these in several ways, our favorite being behind the back. We would attach the whole set up like the woman in the photo of the packaging, except we put her hands and the nylon cord behind her back. This is a modified "hog tie", and was so much fun to try. You could also switch the bars and use the longer bar on the arms and behind the head, like that epic scene in the movie "The Secretary". Then use the small bar for the legs so your partner has to waddle across the room. These are just two of the different ways we have used this set.
    • Couples

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This set is made up of nylon straps, foam and velcro cuffs, and metal bars, clips, and rings. It is pretty cheaply made, but has held up to some pretty rough sessions. The straps aren't very comfortable. There is some padding from the foam cuffs, but not much. I think those with sensitive skin may have issues with irritation if they struggle too vigorously. My girl likes to struggle, and she also doesn't mind that they are uncomfortable. For us, that is kind of the point. You could always use other cuffs if you have them.

The cuffs and collar are adjustable with velcro and should work well with a variety of sizes. My girl is of a large stature. She is tall, has a larger bone structure than most women, and is also plus sized. It was a relief that they fit her thicker wrists, ankles, and neck. We have had problems in the past with cheaper cuffs not being long enough to wrap around solidly, leaving her able to struggle free quite easily. The nylon strap could be longer to allow for more movement or different positions, but you could easily use rope or another tether. I also would have liked to have a ring in the direct center of the long bar, but that is just me.

The metal bars aren't heavy at all, as they are hollow tubes with caps on each end. This whole set comes in a nice storage bag that zips up and has a small padlock and two keys. I felt that this was a very nice addition, as storing such a set could be hard to do. This way, we can leave the bag anywhere in our house and no one will know what it is. They might wonder what is inside, but it just looks like long thin black bag. You could tell people it is a camera tripod or something.
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use


This product effectively restrains and puts the "victim" in some interesting positions to say the least. You could use all parts of this set individually from each other, so the possible uses are endless. It was easy use and easy to transition from one position to the next. We had so much fun thinking up different ways to use it and we loved how easy it was to adjust. The adjustable nylon strap in the middle allowed us to use this as sort of a sex sling. We used the bars between her wrists and ankles, but shortened the middle strap so that her feet were as close to her head as possible. Lying on her back, we had the perfect angle during sex to hit her g spot, and my hands were free to stimulate her all over.
    • Aids in positioning

Care and Maintenance

I would suggest wiping this down as need be with a damp cloth and then drying. You could probably use a diluted bleach solution or a mild soap if you need deeper cleaning. I would just be careful of using too much water, as the metal might rust. As for the cuffs, there is no information on the packaging to tell whether they are machine washable or other wise. I would say they are too cheaply made to withstand that type of cleaning, but maybe hand washing wouldn't hurt.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
Follow-up commentary
We use this a great deal. We like our leather cuffs better, but they work wonderfully with the bars. The case is nice, as it keeps it from getting dusty. We have to store it under our bed because we are low on space, and the case is great for this. I would still recommend this set for people interested in this type of bondage. It's easy and fun and so versatile. It is a bit pricey, but all of these spreader bars are, and at least this one comes with cuffs for your wrists and ankles and a collar as well. The storage bag is nice too and it comes with a lock. It is a really good set for couples who don't already have a set of cuffs and a collar. Buying a spreader bar and the cuffs separately would cost much more and you would still need a case to store it in. The cuffs seem like they may wear under heavy use, but will hold up long enough for you to get many uses out of them. If you find out you like them, it will be worth investing in some better cuffs.
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    I like that it comes in a nice bag with a lock but I wish it wasn't so cheaply made.
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    Nice review!
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    great review
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    Looks like fun! Thanks for a great review.
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    Great review, thanks!
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