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Luna beads noir reviews

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16 reviews

I really liked this product. It was really simple to use and easy to clean. I noticed a difference, so for that, the money was worth it. I would buy this product again and it is a purchase I don't regret.

The Luna Beads Noir set is like the Emo younger sibling to the original Luna Beads. It wants to fit in and garner praise and attention just like its older sibling, but there is just one problem. The original Luna Beads are so popular because the intense rattling sensation they create reminds you to do your Kegels, and since the Noir set has the same size weights, there's not enough wiggle room to get the same feeling.

Luna Beads Noir are great for a person with any level of experience. They are easy to use, small, and can easily be transported anywhere in a purse.

I think this set is absolutely worth it for the beginner, or for people who don't need or want much weight. The size makes them perfect for a wide variety of bodies, and I like the versatility of loose beads and a harness. The rattle is slight but still pleasurable, and not particularly noisy. These are worth a try, but truly advanced users may want to look for something heavier.

For a set of beginner Kegel balls, these are well worth every penny. Feeling my body clench up around them during masturbation was... in the infamous words of Joey Lawrence, "WHOA". In just a couple weeks of use, my orgasms have become even more wonderful than they already were, and I'm thoroughly disappointed in myself for having not gotten these sooner!!

These are a great warm up for anything. They can be used discreetly or in the bedroom. They definitely can spice up the fun in day to day scenarios, and even work the g-spot.

Great price and easy use from a trusted brand. The harness set them apart from other sets and has definitely been the best part of the purchase, in my opinion.

Again, Lelo doesn't disappoint with the Noir set. Black is better than pink and blue! If you've found the classic set or Smartballs too big, this set is a perfect size. They're comfortable, body safe and versatile; beginners and advanced will love this set. You can even switch these beads with the beads from the mini set. I feel like my vagina gets an actual workout with these. I've been using Kegel exercisers for over 5 years, and this set is one of my favorites.

If you're looking to get a set of kegel balls for yourself, I highly recommend these. They're very comfotable and easy to use. Clean up is a breeze and it comes with a storage pouch and a sample of lube!

This set, while admittedly more visually appealing to me than the original pastels, feels incomplete and a lot less worth the money with only one set of balls, and only available in the Mini size. The rattle is more subtle, therefore the effects are more subtle. It's just not going to be enough for many women, and I don't feel they're worth the price.

Luna Beads Noir are a smaller version of the original Luna Beads for women under 30 who haven't given birth. They are set apart from other ben wa balls by their removable harness and inner/outer ball system which creates a wonderful rumble inside of you. They are perfect for beginners or advanced users. They are what you're looking for in ben wa balls!

Was this toy worth the money? It would have been for me, if I needed this amount of weight for exercise. Good materials and a nice warranty would make this perfect for a woman who has had children and needs to start somewhere.

I would reccomend these beads to anyone who really wants the benefits! The benefits are wonderful, but it will take time. So you really have to want them, otherwise you wont stick with them long enough to get anything out of the experience.

All in all, this is a well-made product that looks and feels like a luxury toy. The small size may be a downside for those who have had children.

The Luna Beads Noir are a classier version of the Mini Luna Beads, with the highest weight combination offered in that set. They feature two 37 gram weighted balls that provide resistance to tone and strengthen the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor. These were designed for women who are under thirty and have not had any children. However, those over thirty and/or those who have had children who prefer smaller balls can use these as well.

Although I've tried several different vaginal balls--with and without holders and harnesses--these are probably my favorites. The smaller size allowed for easier insertion and greater comfort during periods of extended wear. I would recommend these to anyone!

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