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The original toibocks reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

I would recommend this for everyone. If your worried about the price, you can always use a coupon. For me, it was totally worth the price. It locks and looks beautiful. What more could a person ask for?

I am in love with my new ToiBocks, and it looks good in every room I move it to. No one has a clue that I store sex toys inside, as the top layer I keep jewelry in. This would make for an excellent gift for your partner, friend, family member, really anyone! It's solid wood, well made, and comes in a gorgeous cherry wood finish. This really is the "ultimate in discreet storage"!

I'd recommend it if you truly have a real need for something like this, but I'd caution you to wait for a sale or coupon code. Be careful what you intend to store inside and have a "break in" option should the lock ever fail on you.

I wish this company had more items for storage. I love this item and that it goes with my interior very well.

If you require privacy from snoops and are happy just to store a few favourites in the bottom section, this could be the perfect solution. Its stylish and elegant appearance isn't something that is going to stand out obsessively to cause suspicion. I'd be sure to hide the magnetic key, as those who are naturally talented with figuring such things out won't take long to be into your stash.

This box is classy, sleek, and holds some of my favorite possessions. If you own a large toy collection, it probably won't hold all of your toys, but it will hold your favorites. Those of you with small collections, you couldn't ask for a better way to store it.

If you want a classy, nice-looking place to store your toys, this is perfect. The design does not stand out as anything but a jewelry box. This does not work with toys that are large or have very porous material, however.

The Original Toibocks is a very "grown up" way to store your "grown up" toys. Both luxurious and discreet, it looks like a regular jewelry box. But if you learn the secret to unlocking the hidden compartment you can keep all your delicious little treasures inside.

The ToiBocks is really a must have for luxury toy aficionados who wish to keep their precious playthings in something equally luxurious. Its velvet lined interior offers a velvet lined region where the essentials can be kept for quick access, and a hidden compartment for keeping more clandestine storage of your favorite playthings. The lock is easy to use but hard to "crack", so you can be certain your secrets are safe when hidden in this box.

The Toibocks is a great purchase for people who want something elegant and secure to store their toys. My only problem was slight damage to the finish. I have decided from what I have seen with this product, that I will definately be purchasing the ToiTissue which is the sister product to the Toibocks. We really are enjoying this product and I am sure it will give us years of usage.

What a lovely box to store your valuables in. A perfect match for the ToiTissue box for a great looking set to class up your bedside table or dresser.

Great storage unit, Toibocks brings sexy look and secretiveness together. It also brings a nice big space to store your toys, but probably not the best for large collections. I would suggest this though, to everyone! Even people with large collections. This is such a nice place to store your move favored toys. It's simple and fast to open, and a great place for chargers, and batteries to be on top. Great box, and wonderful help line, too! You can't go wrong.

I think that the Toibocks purchase was my best purchase to date. It is a quality made box that will hold a number of items. It is gender neutral. My husband stated he would like one to keep his hand gun in. It's discreet looking, no one is going to know that this box is meant to hold sex toys which also makes it a great gift for anyone. It also has a secret locking mechanism which is just plain awesome. I haven't seen any draw backs in this Toibocks yet.

The Toibocks is an excellent gift for yourself or any female. I imagine it is unisex enough as well! It can hide anything you want, not just sex toys. Since the bottom compartment can be locked away from grubby hands you can keep you unmentionables safe!

A sleek design, innovative locking mechanism, this is THE perfect storage unit for anyone who wants privacy, security and a sense of power over where you can and can't hide your toys.

It's good for anyone. It's beautiful. It serves more than one purpose. Definitely not cheaply made. Holds many small and medium toys, or a few large toys. The lock is an amazing feature.

The Toibocks is an amazing sex toy storage solution that will store the average person's sex toy collection without any problem. It's gorgeous, fits in with any decor, and keeps your sex toys safe and away from prying eyes. I can't recommend it enough.

The Toibocks is an innovative, beautifully designed box for storing anything discreetly. It has a secret key that conceals whatever you like. Dark Cherry stain and red velvet fabric inside.

The Original Toibocks, by Toibocks, is one of the best birthday presents I've ever received. It's done wonders for alleviating the lack of space in my dresser. I have it sitting on my dining room table, filled with sex toys, and no one is the wiser. With its locking hidden compartment and jewelry-box-like top shelf, people have to be pretty resourceful to find out what's in my Toibocks. And I love it.

The ultimate in discreet, stylish, sexy storage! The ToiBocks is a perfectly classy edition to any decor. With a hidden magnetic lock and plenty of room for all your playthings, this is by far the best jewelry box you'll ever own.

The Orignial Toi Bocks is an incredibly discreet, larger than it appears storage option for your favorite compact toys, lubes and condoms as well as more vanilla things like actual jewelry. It appears to be a regular jewelry box but has a secret locking mechanism that makes it impossible to get into the lower area without a key, keeping your secret stuff from prying, nosy eyes.

Perfect for storing your favorite toys close at hand, and locked up away from prying eyes. The ToiBocks is high quality and simply an attractive way to store private items. The lock is easy to use, and the design screams "jewelry!" not "dildos!"

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