The Bocks Is Easy, But Can You Unlock Me?

If you require privacy from snoops and are happy just to store a few favourites in the bottom section, this could be the perfect solution. Its stylish and elegant appearance isn't something that is going to stand out obsessively to cause suspicion. I'd be sure to hide the magnetic key, as those who are naturally talented with figuring such things out won't take long to be into your stash.
~ Beautiful red colouring
~ Velour lining
~ Discreet
~Top section isn't lockable
~ Top isn't sanded smooth
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The Original ToiBocks is a ToiBocks creation and is only available in the Dark Cherry on Eden. I had a look at ToiBocks' website, but it appears it's the only colour they offer too. Perhaps in time they are planning to add the Golden Honey and Dark Licorice (written on the packaging) in the future. I'm not totally sure on the type of timber used to produce these gorgeous boxes, but I intend to contact the company. If I get a reply, I shall make a note of it in a follow-up.

The complete inside (at least where your items will be resting) is lined in a deep maroon velour. It will leave lint over anything with a slight tacky surface, such as silicone. This is where wipes come in handy.
When it comes to texture, I believe the outside is suppose to be sanded and then stained to a perfectly smooth finish. The sides of mine are, but when they did the top, they obviously didn't wipe it down after the final sanding cause it has a number of tiny bits in the stain. Apart from the hinges on the back, the rest of the box has a sleek smooth feel.



I'm not interested in placing any bottles of liquid in mine, for fear they may leak. The velour lining would not be easy to clean and would likely stain. Plus, I'm too lazy to wrap them up in a plastic bag after each use to make sure there's no spillage. But the ToiBocks could really be used for housing anything you want, no matter what your sex is. There's nothing girly about it for it to be only designated to the feminine species. Although it's not going to appear to hold a whole lot if you have hundreds of toys, it will keep a number of your favourite toys safe and in arms reach of the bed. Unfortunately, only the bottom section locks, so if you require this for extra privacy from prying eyes, it's going to cut down on some of your toy space.

I'm not completely sure what I'm going to store in mine, but I have placed a range of my most favourite toys in it out of curiosity and to give readers a better idea on what it can hold. In the top shelf I placed the Form 4, Seed, We-Vibe Touch, Lyla, Siri and Mia. In the bottom is Iris, Pure Wand, G-spot Wonder, Ilo, Fling, Zook, Couture Amante and We-Vibe 3.




It looks like your typical jewellery box in shape with rounded turned edges around the top of the lid. At the base on each side is a shallow arch just to add character and also makes it easier when picking the box up. Either end at the back, there is a silver hinge attaching the lid to the base. Inside, each hinge feature a curved silver metal piece which slides out from inside the edge (of the base of the box) when the lid is opened. Quite a simple, neat design which prevents the lid from flipping right back.
The inside of the lid is fully lined in the soft velour with a round metal plate with the company's raised Tb symbol in the centre. This is a handy position to attach the magnetic disc if you feel secure enough that no one will work out the secret lock. The disc looks like a thick coin with the top and sides being made using grey plastic. Again, the company's logo is on the top. The over side is lined with the same velour as the box is which protects the box when unlocking. Inside the disc is a powerful magnetic that shouldn't come into contact with electrical items such as computers, pace makers and tv's. If you happen to register your warranty (by mail or online), if you lose your disc the company can issue you with a replacement. But if you have any of the larger rare earth magnets, you can use that to open the box if need be.
Once you have worked out the locking system, you can carefully lift the top shelf out to reveal one large hidden compartment. When replacing the top shelf, the back must be placed in first so the lip on the back slots into a small groove in the side of the box. Then the front can be pushed gently into place.

External: 11” long x 7” deep x 6” high
Internal Top: 9 ¼” long x 5” deep x ¾” high
Internal Bottom: smidge under 10” long x 6” deep x 2 ½” high





I wouldn't get over eager with moisture if your Toibocks happens to become a little dusty. I'd tend to brush it off with a feather duster or dry cloth. If something spills on the outside, I'd recommend using a slightly damp cloth – just be sure to wring it out well first. When it comes to the velour inside, I'd be careful if you store lubes or any other liquids. Cleaning could be troublesome.

The ToiBocks arrived in a large, mostly white, cardboard box with an image of the item on four of the sides. It really could be used for storing anything, so there is nothing at all on it that is associated with sex toys. I can't see any point in keeping the box, unless you plan on moving in the near future and want it for protection. There is basic information on the sides, such as: dimensions, about the hidden lock, company's website and the colours the bow comes in – Dark Cherry, Golden Honey, Black Licorice.
Inside, the ToiBock was bubble wrapped and surrounded by polystyrene to ensure it arrived in top condition. Also included is a large zip-loc bag which contained a troubleshooting guide, unlocking instructions, warranty registration form, magnetic key and four small rubber feet. These feet peel off with ease and stick to the bottom of your box, so it can't cause damage to the surface you place it on.




I'm not really that sure how “hidden” the lock is. I managed to work out how to get into the bottom section within 2 minutes, without reading the instructions. Of course, I had read a handful of reviews where the magnetic locking system was mentioned, but no one gave away just how to do it.
Then again, we live in a world where everything is complicated and technical. Often people miss things that are more simple because they're just ‘too' easy. Sometimes the small things are over looked. I'm guessing the company relies on that.
I'm kind of disappointed that the lock isn't more complicated, as it was the main reason for my purchase, along with the divine colouring. I didn't require it for privacy. I prefer to have all my babies on display so I know exactly what I want before even opening my cabinet.
The velour inside the top tray of mine doesn't look like it's glued in place terribly well. But that's something I can touch up myself. It doesn't affect the visual appearance, but the velour on the base of the box is bubbly. It's just the underside, but you would think the company would get them perfect for a box of that price.

Even so, it's a beautiful looking box and my mum is eyeing it up. Perhaps she will be getting one for an early Mother's Day gift!
If I could make any changes to the ToiBocks, I'd love a larger one and perhaps with some nice carvings of a sexual nature – for those who don't require the discretion.

I'm giving the ToiBocks 5 stars.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    Great review!
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    Thanks for the pics of the packaging! I was wondering how discrete it was.
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