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Anal lube reviews

37 reviews
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37 reviews

If you are looking for an anal lube that will relax your anus and reduce pain quickly than Anal Lube is the best choice for you.

Worth it! Especially for those newer to anal play. Think it's not worth buying lube specifically for anal? This one'll change your mind.

This is a wonderful lubricant for those engaging in anal sex and anal play. It's thick and smooth without being sticky or creating a mess. And six ounces for $9.99 is a steal.

This is a great lube that should definitely be recommended for fans of anal play...if they're not bothered by gel-like lubricants.

I have been very happy with this lube, because it can be used in many different ways and does not dry up. Although this was my first anal lube, I am definitely sticking by this one.

This is a good lube for anal. The smell is pleasant and hides some possible smells associated with anal sex.

This product may be cheap but I must say it's worth every penny. There are high priced lubes that have nothing on this one, try it out.

This product is absolutely amazing. It's super long lasting and does its job. I would buy it again in a heart beat. I like it so much that I may even try the scented version! This lube has redeemed lubes in my eyes when I'd honestly come to hate them. I'd suggest this to anyone.

This product is worth the value it is priced at. I am very happy with this buy and will for sure buy this again, maybe even in the cherry scent.

Really enjoyed this product as a couple... I really enjoyed this product because I have had so many issues with other items in the past and I am not sensitive at all to this product! If you have issues like this with other lubes you should try this ladies cause I was to the point of giving up because we could no find anything but this that didn't cause an irritation.

This is a fabulous anal lube and works well on silicone toys. If you have sensitive skin like I do then this should work just fine. I highly recommend this.

If you're looking for some gimmicky, bells-and-whistles lube, this might not be what you want. But as a straightforward, reliable lube that always gets what you want into wherever you want it, this product should be a mandatory part of every person's accessory collection.

This water-based lube stays where you apply it, and will last longer than you do! I recommend that everyone try this at least once, it's a great buy!

It's definately not an allstar lube but it performs well enough by itself and is a great tool for mixing up your own custom lube.

This lube stay where you place it and lasts your whole play session. It isn't sticky and cleans up in no time.

If you want lube, look else where. If you want Jello with a so called "cherry" flavor and would like to pig wrestle with a bottle, then look no further!

Pretty basic anal lube that does the job. Not fancy, not high maintenance, just easy to use Anal Lube from California Exotics.

This is another lube I would stay away from. We have tried so many lubes over the years. Too many to count. This is one that we just hated. We have tried to find a use for it, just to not have to toss it. But nothing we have tried makes this lube shine.

This is a product that has more than exceeded its shelf name. It is a great anal lube—easily the best water-based formula I have used.

Great product that does not give you that sticky feeling. It is thick it lasts a long time, with a pleasant, light, sweet taste. Can be used for anal penetration, vaginal penetration, and oral sex. It is made in the USA. The bottle won't leak or spill. I am definitely going to buy it again.

I love my Cal Ex Anal Lube and even though it's a cheaper priced lube it doesn't compromise on quality.

This is the perfect product for the specified use. I highly recommend this. It is a wonderful product that I refuse to run out of.

There are likely better lubes out there, but Anal Lube does what it needs to do for a fair price. I'd recommend this lube for anyone wishing to use a safe lubricant and who is on a budget.

This is a really smart purchase for a small amount of lube that will last a long time and be really easy to apply in a clean manner. This is a great value.

While System Jo is my go-to lube, when I am in need of a thicker option I reach for the Cal Exotics Anal Lube. I tend to use this lube when I am really looking for a good stretch, especially when I am working up to a larger toy. This is also amazing to use in the shower with silicone toys, as it will not wash away as fast as thinner water-based lubes

This product is great for sex or for toys. It's long lasting lubricant will ensure a pleasurable experience without any discomfort.

Though it has an unimaginative and hilariously straightforward name, Anal Lube is quite serious in its performance. For such an amazingly inexpensive product, this lube is extremely long-lasting and provides a wonderfully slippery coating to effectively "grease your gears" for a fun and smooth ride. Faced with an empty bottle of this lube, I was PRETTY PLEASED to order another one!

It's condom friendly, it's silicone friendly, and not only is it butt friendly, but it's also vagina friendly! The thick water based formula stays where you put it until you spread it around. You seriously can't go wrong with this lube.

This is a great water based anal lubricant. It stays where you apply it and creates a nice slippery coating. Easy to clean up after your done, and it wont stain clothes or sheets.

A must for anyone who plays anally. I can't imagine using any other lube for such a use ever again. Goodbye KY! Hello Anal Lube!

In summary, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in trying anal sex or play, beginners or experienced users. Long lasting, effective and safe to use on toys. The perfect lube to make anal play comfortable and enjoyable.

If you are looking for the best anal lube ever, this is it! I would suggest anyone experienced, intermediate, or a beginner to buy this if you intend to have anal penetration!

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a excellent anal lubricant. And believe me I've tried enough of them to say that it is probably the best out there.

I recommend this lube whenever anyone asks me for recommendations. It has worked very well for both anal and vaginal play. We are very happy with this product and have purchased it on many occasions.

This anal lube is a must have for anyone into anal toy play or intercourse. It is an affordable price and the bottle will go a long way. Its jelly like consistency makes anal entry easier and more comfortable. It also smells amazing! If you like to perform anal oral... this is not the best for that. It tastes disgusting.

No anal enthusiast should be without this product. A little goes a long way and being water-based (condom friendly), saliva reactivates it if it starts to lose it's lubricating quality.

I highly recommend this one. It is very thick and lasts a very long time. You get your money's worth with this one.

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