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Personal lubricating gel reviews

9 reviews
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9 reviews

I would recommend this as a jack off or masturbation lube because of the massive quantity and the pump bottle. Great for the price as long as you aren't allergic to glycerin.

For the price of this lube you really can't go wrong. It's a good lube to have around and use for almost anything. I would recommend this lube to everybody.

A good thick water-based lube that is great for solo sessions and sex. Clean up is easy and you get a good sized amount for what you pay. However, if you don't use it often and enough in time, it starts to expire and turn yellow, in which case you'll have to toss out what you never finished using.

Overall, this was a good purchase. It sits by our bed and is perfect for weeknight romps. It will not be the only lubricant in our collection, and isn't flashy, but it is an essential basic- like a pair of jeans.

If you can get over the smell, stickiness and crustiness; this is a decent lube if you are looking for something water based, affordable and will stay slick for quite a while.

Adam and Eve personal gel lubricant is a thick, water based lubricant. It has a very thick, almost glue like texture. It has a locking pump bottle that does not leak. Adam and Eve lubricants are affordable and great for anyone on a budget. Contains Glycerin.

This is pretty much the perfect lube. There is nothing that I don't like about the lube itself, and my only issue is the large bottle, and even that isn't a huge deal.

What you get when you combine a great price tag with an equally perfect lube? Adam & Eve's personal lubricant. Perfect for solo or partner play, you'll definitely find yourself with more than enough to last away the night.

Definitely a must buy. Comes relatively cheap for such a large quantity, and with its thickness you won't be needing a lot for each session. Plus it works great for anal penetration.

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