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Sliquid Organics O gel reviews

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Sliquid O is a pricy organic gel that heightens orgasm for females. Sliquid is free of glycerin and parabens, which means it is safe for all users. The gentle tingling intensifies with friction and adds heat to any experience. I enjoy using this project very much but the small bottle will run out quickly and it is honestly too expensive for me to buy again.

Sliquid Organics O gel is a great product to add to your bedroom to enhance things, whether alone or with a partner. It is used as a clitoral gel to stimulate and heighten arousal by the cooling/tingling sensation. It can also be used on other sensitive body parts. It lasts a fair amount of time for what it is, it's water based, slick, and eventually absorbs well into the skin.

This product does help to lightly stimulate the clitoris, bringing about an orgasm faster/easier, but the effects may not be strong enough for some. I really love that the product is body safe and eco-friendly, but it’s pretty pricey, especially considering how small the bottle is.

I have been searching and searching for an arousal gel that wasn't going to sit my poor genitals aflame. I have found this in Sliquid Organics O Gel. With a nice smell, lovely sensation and body friendly to boot, this is a product I will find myself buying and using again and again.

Perfect if you're looking to try a lighter, cooling clitoral gel that isn't too overpowering. Perfect for vegans! I recommend this if you've tried other gels and found them too strong, or if you've tried other clitoral gels and haven't found them strong enough, start light and build your way up with multiple applications with this gel. Build your way up to your level of pleasure with Sliquid Organics O Gel!

Overall, I would only shell out the extra bucks for this if you really care about making sure your product is vegan friendly and you know you don't like overwhelming cooling sensations.

Smells nice, cools a little and that's all

While the idea behind this product is good, the execution is lacking. O-gel will give you a few minutes of cooling sensation and no more. If that's enough to stimulate you, you'll like this product. If you need more, like me, look elsewhere for an arousal lube.

Sliquid Organics O gel feels absolutely perfect. It's not too stingy, or too burny. It's arousing enough that it heightens sensitivity during sex without being so strong that its distracting. It is an excellent choice for those who are looking to gently ease into stimulating gels as well as those with sensitive skin. Although it's not much good as a stand alone lube, it blends very well with silicone, water-based, and natural lubes.

This gel absorbs into the skin quickly but provides deliciously long lasting, gentle tingles to the sensitive tissues of your girl parts. I found it to do exactly as it claimed and added a whole new level of wow to my bedroom fun time.

If you are wanting an arousal gel that delivers what it says it will, is totally vegan friendly and earth friendly and easy to use, then look no further. I love these products and the results will not let you down.

I can't get enough of this stimulating gel! The cooling sensation isn't overwhelming, but definitely increased my pleasure. I also love that it's organic!

Not just a tingling water-based lube, this gel is designed specifically to be massaged into sensitive skin and leave behind a lovely tingling effect that is deep, lasting and arousing.

I really love the O gel and I'll definitely be getting more whenever this bottle runs out! Way better than Sensually Wycked, and much safer than both Wycked and Good Head gel (which turns my stomach because of parabens) 5/5

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