Sliquid Organics O gel - clitoral gel by Sliquid, LLC - review by Jul!a

Oh, Oh, ... Meh

Overall, I would only shell out the extra bucks for this if you really care about making sure your product is vegan friendly and you know you don't like overwhelming cooling sensations.
100% Vegan, Glycerin, paraben, and DEA free, Cooling sensation is nice
Not everybody is going to feel much for very long
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Those with more sensitive bits or those who know they don't need much more than a little cooling sensation to get their rocks off will probably like this, but otherwise, it's much more of a take it or leave it kinda thing. It does provide a pleasant cooling sensation, but it doesn't seem to last very long.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

It has a very gel like consistency, very similar to hair gel actually. The pump top is very convenient and once you get a feel for it, it's really easy to only end up with exactly how much you want, but ending up with a little extra while learning isn't a big deal, since it's not going to be like, half the bottle.

It'll sort of melt on the body if not rubbed in right away, but that's nothing to worry about, something that happens naturally from your body heat. It's slick, smooth, and almost a little greasy between the fingers, drying a bit sticky/tacky, and then after a few minutes nothing horrible. If you don't like the feeling on your fingers after you apply, you can always wipe it on your leg or a nearby shirt.

Taste / Aroma

It smells like peppermint, and not in a bad way. Almost like a cross between peppermint and eucalyptus, although I didn't see eucalyptus listed on the ingredients. It's a bit strong at first, but then fades so that you have to be face to face with it in order to smell it very well.


I so wish it did better for me. But, alas, it did not. I applied, felt an awesome cooling sensation, and then after a few minutes, I couldn't feel it anymore. I have read other reviews where they could feel it for close to half an hour, but no matter where I seem to apply it, I only get a few minutes out of it. Granted, those few minutes are nice and cool and tingly, but only a few minutes nonetheless.

Since I never seemed to remember that I had applied it in the first place, I never really felt the need to clean it off. But should you feel this need, a warm wet washcloth should do the trick.


The packaging is pretty nice actually. It's a little bottle only a few inches tall, has a pump top and cap, and is only obvious if you sit down to read it. Mixed in with other things out on a dresser, you could probably pass it off for something else with no problem, but if you're nervous, it will also drop right in a drawer or wherever. The cap stays on really well, so you can easily take this with you just about anywhere.

The front of the label is definitely girly, with a light pink abstract flower in the background behind the writing. To the left of that, there's their whole little shpeal, and to the right is the directions (apply a small amount of O Gel on your fingertips or favorite toy. Work gently into the tissue of the clitoris), them telling you it's naturally derived, glycerin, paraben, and DEA free, and also 100% pure Vegan, and the ingredients: water, hydroxyethylcellulose (cotton), aloe barbadensis, natural tocopherols (vitamin E), cysmopsis (guar gum), peppermint oil, sweet almond oil, menthol, citric acid (citrus fruits), and also includes certified organic extracts of: flax, hibiscus, green tea, and sunflower.


I so wanted to like this. A friend of mine reviewed it and loved it, so I made the splurge on it, and yet, sigh, it does not do much of anything for me. I would only recommend it to those who know they like short bursts of cooling sensations, or have a very sensitive clit, because it's definitely not an overwhelming cooling sensation.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    Bummer it did not last long. Can you reapply it and get more cooling?
  • BBW Talks Toys
    I can't use stuff like this. I'm too prone to UTIs that turn into kidney infections and make me super sick, so I just stay away from anything that is not plain-ol'-lube. Sounds like I'm not missing much.

    Thanks for the review!
  • Jul!a
    Dwtim, you can reapply as often as necessary, I just always seem to forget to reapply it, lol.

    You're really not, BBW.

    Thank you both!
  • deadpoet
    great review
  • Raggedy Andie
    Thanks for the review..I was looking at stim gels the other day but I need something intense..this is a no-go for me!
  • ToyGeek
    Interesting stuff. Maybe it's not a completely bad thing that it only lasts a few minutes, if someone's never tried this sort of thing and is a little nervous about it. After all, at least if you don't like the feeling, you're not trapped!

    (I read about someone applying toothpaste to their nether regions and it sounded terrifying!)
  • Jul!a
    Thanks everybody

    ToyGeek, that does sound terrifying, and you do bring up a great point
  • mllebeauty
    I love that Sliquid is vegan but it's too bad it did work for you. Great review!
  • P'Gell
    Good review. I have never had a stimulation gel work for me, save one, which had glycerin in it and gave me a raging UTI every time I used it.

    The Curse of the Clit O Steel and the bladder and kidneys of glass.

    I'm glad I'm not missing anything. Thank you.

  • Jul!a
    Thanks mllebeauty and P'Gell
  • Lif3sambiguity
    Great review!
  • Jul!a
  • Master DarkWolf
    Good review...
  • DreamWolf
    Great review!
  • Jul!a
  • novanilla
    Thanks! I think I'll still use some edenpoints to buy this eventually but I'm afraid it won't be enough for me.
  • pussy licker
    great review
  • Kenneth Fort
    Looks good.
  • falalena
  • Toy Fiend
    Fab review!
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