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Tasty twist reviews

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22 reviews

If you're looking for a yummy oral sex lubricant that gives you a cooling effect, this is for you! It's probably the best tasting flavored lubricant I've ever tried. It really does taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream or candy. This would also make a very nice gift, especially for the price.

I had a lot of fun with this product. It provided me the minty tingle I was looking for and the taste was pleasant. I had no adverse reactions to it even though its not paraben free. I found that a dime sized amount was all I needed to get the party started and it was one hell of a party.

I think this is worth it because it is good for either sex and can be used anywhere. I have found it to last long on the body and there is plenty in the container so it can last for months. When I run out I will buy again if it is in stock since currently both flavors are out of stock (orange cream and mint chocolate).

The best oral enhancer I've ever tried. I absolutely love the taste of this. It really does taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream or candy. A plus to this balm is that it also gives your partner an intense tingling/cooling sensation. It's well worth the price.

Tasty Twist is a fun product that will add some flavor to a night of kissing, nibbling and licking. For some, the taste will make oral sex more appealling, and for others, they'll just be happy to have an excuse to lick their partner! A fun treat to surprise your lovie with, and the non-messy product makes it one of my favorites.

Tasty Twist is absolutely perfect! I have used this every time I've given oral to my partner, to help aid in the fun and pleasure for the both of us! I do wish it came with a larger amount for the price that you pay for this product. However, it is 100% worth it.

If you're looking for something different for oral besides your typical fruit flavors and you're a lover of ice cream, then get yourself a tube of Tasty Twist. It is a sweet smelling, nice tasting oral sex enhancer. It's a good way to turn your lover into a tasty treat.

The consistency and smell would be fine for oral sex, but the taste is just too fake and strong. We found both the orange and the mint products to be products that we would not care to taste again and the idea of using them for oral sex turned us both off to the idea of having oral sex. If you can handle flavors that have that fake flavor, then you will probably like these. I'd suggest trying some Jolly Rancher's hard candy first though to see if you can handle fake flavors.

If you're like any other person in this world, you want the best for your dollar. I can tell you right now that this is the best flavored oral sex enhancer that I have ever tried. I have damn near tried them all! Two drops goes a long way, and the sensations are strong but not overpowering. That is, if you use this balm liberally. Amazing product, stocking up on it just in case!

This is my new must have lick-em creme! Makes us both taste good enough to eat. Great flavor, no aftertaste and it tingles a bit to top it off!

WOW! Tasty Twist in Mint Chocolate chip tastes exactly how you would expect it to taste. It tastes like a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone! I can't wait to try the other flavor and hope they make even more flavors in the future. This is totally worth it. I would definitely buy it again!

Tasty Twist exceeded all my expectations. It tastes great without being too sweet and didn't get sticky. I wish it gave more of a tingling sensation, but it tastes good enough that I can overlook that. I won't use this every time I give oral, but it's great to mix things up with.

Tasty Twist is a very flavorful way to add to any kind of oral play. It tastes amazing, and the tingle that it gives to happy bits is just divine. My hubby didn't really like how it felt on his lips, but was willing to push past that feeling to watch me enjoy it that much.

Women, if you are having trouble getting in the mood or just want to make things more intense, you have to try this.

While it won't knock your socks off, it does provide a very nice cooling sensation for both men and women. I've only tried one other product I have liked better that produced a more icy feeling (unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere anymore). It has a nice texture. If you like the smell of orange dreamsicles, this is very true to that and will make your mouth water. And the taste (aside from a slight hint of mint) is also very true to the intended flavor. A nice addition to sex or foreplay.

This item is affordable and great for oral sex. I was absolutely satisfied with my purchase and use. The taste was great and the added aroma enticing.

If you love ice cream and oral sex, this is definitely the product for you! Tasty Twist Oral-Gasm has a delicious flavor and sweet scent to it that makes it irresistible. The tingling sensation will help drive your partner over the edge.

This product has been great for those moments when I am totally not in the mood and my husband is, and he will not leave me alone. A little bit of this gets me in the mood and wet, fast. It has also help him to want to perform more oral sex, I love it.

Tasty Twist is a fun and delicious way to enhance your oral play sessions. There are quite a few fun tricks to try with this product. It's very reasonably priced for the amount of product you receive and the pleasure you'll get every time you use it!

This is a good product to enhance the pleasures of oral sex. Both flavors are not just o.k. but good and make you want to keep licking and tasting them. I would not use this on a daily basis but it is a great novelty to try when you want to add a little something more to wine me, dine, me sixty nine me!

Fabulous tasting and smelling. Good price and well worth a try if you have a reluctant partner. I didn't notice any warming sensation but the added incentive to give oral sex was a BIG plus in my book.

This arousal lotion is a great price, and better yet it actually works! It doesn't take much to create a pleasant warming and heightened sensitivity to your "pleasure parts." Worked great on both my husband and I, and we both love the taste! This is one of my favorite lotions for heightened arousal and oral sex!

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