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30 reviews

I would steel clear of this product it does not work as they say, if anything it does the opposite.

I absolutely loved the Tickle her pink clitoral stimulation gel, it added incredible sensations that caused an instant turn on, and the result was a mind blowing orgasm!

Let's face it ladies we all need a little extra oomph in the bedroom sometimes. Tickle Her Pink will give you just that through a pleasant tingling sensation. This product definitely is worth the $11.99 it's marked as.

The gel is thin in consistency and does not become sticky during use. I did need to re-apply it several times even though it did not help in creating any sensations. I could not feel anything minus a slight cooling. This was a waste of my money.

I was hoping Tickle Her Pink would do wonders for me. I wanted a product to give me an amazing orgasm like this said it would. I guess my clit is stubborn because she wasn't pleased with this gel one bit.

I honestly can't suggest this for anyone. The Tickle her pink has an awful taste, chemical smell, and doesn't work as expected.

Once I figured out how to use Tickle Her Pink clitoral stimulating gel, as per instructions, my experience was pure ecstasy. How quickly it worked was an unexpected surprise. What a lovely afternoon I had with the gel and my fingers. The best part of this review is the multiple intense orgasms. And I'm going to use the clit gel again tonight, SPARINGLY - mmmmm.

This product is worth it in every way imaginable. Whether it's a couple, or just for a masturbation experience, you will love this product. Its non-greasy, long lasting gel has a incredible warming and tingling, toe-wiggling sensation. This product is a must buy; you must try, and you will love this product.

You get a big bang for little bucks, and it is well worth the time and money. Plus, it's all natural.

Sensual and arousing, just rub in and get ready to grind! Tickle her pink is really just sublime. A unique kind of feeling that will really rev your engine. Tease and please your partner in a whole new way that will have her begging for more. Or test out these amazing sensations yourself to spice up your playtime. This product will renew your desire again and again…

Tickle me Pink did not tickle me, nor did it do so in pink. Instead it burned my hoo-ha and left me with nothing. While there are some amazing things about this product, it simply isn't compatible with my clitoris. I don't believe every woman will experience the same effects, but it's probably a hit or miss type of thing. If you are looking for hot sensations and not so much for a throbbing clitoris, this could very well be the product to get you going.

Some days I have sex on the brain and my bits want to snooze. This arousal gel actually works the way products of its ilk are supposed to; providing a tingly plumping sensation that lasts.

Tickle Her Pink just isn't what I expected. It's not powerful and it doesn't last very long. Ultimately, it was just a waste of money, in my opinion.

I love this particular female arousal gel. This would make a nice addition to almost any woman's toy box. Whether you struggle to reach orgasm or just want a little more out of sex, this just might be the thing for you. Compared to other female arousal gels, you get a decent amount for your money.

If you're looking for an arousal lube that is mostly made of natural ingredients and you have a sensitive clitoris, this may work well for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for pure performance, keep looking. While this does have a stimulating effect to it, it requires frequent reapplication and still may be too mild to stimulate some women

After trying my fair share of clitoral stimulation products, I was ready to throw in the towel. And then I found my savior - Tickle Her Pink! This gel is light and easy to apply, it's latex-condom friendly and safe to ingest making it a very versatile companion. The best part? This gel took me exactly where I wanted to go, Orgasmtown.

I was pretty bowled over by how great this arousal cream worked for me. I think my hunt has finally stopped. It had everything I look for-- speedy arousal, intense cooling sensation, explosive orgasms. However, not everyones' body will react to ingredients the same way. And if you tend to like warming gels/lubricants, I advise you to stay away!

I know that sometimes my body just gets weird with some produces and they just don't work on me at all. Tickle Her Pink was one of those that just was a dud for me. It really just didn't do a thing at all for me in any way.

Due to the price and performance of this product, I have already and will continue to recommend this to my friends! I loved it!

Tickle her Pink may be great for some, but for me it did not feel particularly effective. For those, like me, who feel more aroused with a heating fluid, Tickle her Pink might not do it. The cooling agent can cause a feeling of numbness which may be quite a turn-off. I will say that for those curious, it's definitely worth a try but if you know for sure you're someone who does not like cooling agents applied in the vaginal area, then it might be wise to stay away.

Tickle Her Pink is an effective clitoral stimulation gel, creating a light throbbing sensation in the clitoris, causing it to engorge more quickly than it does without the gel. It's best feature, over other gels of this type, is its price point, which makes it a terrific choice for those who are curious.

I was definitely happy to find out that a cooling sensation is just what I need to wake up my sometime slow to respond clitoral area!

Overall to enhance your sexual pleasure during masturbation or with a partner, I find this to be a product that is safe, effective, fun to experience and worth the small cost.

I personally prefer the cooling sensation over a strong heating sensation when it comes to clitoral stimulating gels so this one definitely gets my vote for the best one I have tried so far.

Tickle Her Pink is one of the best arousal lubes I’ve ever found. It causes a cool tingling sensation and aids in a great orgasm. The 1 ounce bottle supposedly contains 40 applications

Tickler Her Pink is a solid working product. It adds more sensitivity to the clitoris by adding cooling and tingling sensations. If used correctly, this pleasure gel will intensify all clitoris play and produce more intense orgasms. It really does work. And even though it comes in a small size, a little goes a long way here.

Tickle Me Pink works! Its worth trying out just to see for yourself. If you want to feel a cooling sensation instead of a warming sensation like some other products that can get too hot with friction try this and leave your own review

Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Pleasure Gel is meant to stimulate the clitoris by using natural ingredients to get the blood flowing. While I had limited success with this, I did find that it is not irritating like many other cooling type lubes. This only comes in a 1 oz bottle, but very little is needed. Overall this is a fairly good product.

This little bottle is packing some punch. Enhanced sensations and lubrication in one. Would recommend for any couple or single player out there.

Tickle Her Pink is a worthwhile addition to any woman's toy cabinet. It provides a stimulating cooling sensation and a slippery texture that is great for masturbation.

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