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Tickle her pink

Gel by Pow Products Inc.

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Tickle her red with burning sensations, not desire!

Tickle me Pink did not tickle me, nor did it do so in pink. Instead it burned my hoo-ha and left me with nothing. While there are some amazing things about this product, it simply isn't compatible with my clitoris. I don't believe every woman will experience the same effects, but it's probably a hit or miss type of thing. If you are looking for hot sensations and not so much for a throbbing clitoris, this could very well be the product to get you going.
Intense enough to be felt by most.
Nice ingredients.
Oral safe, minimal taste.
Burned my cooter!
I just don't get aroused with this.
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Tickle Her Pink is a clitoral stimulating gel. As the words "clitoral stimulating" suggest, Tickler Her pink is designed to enhance the response of the clitoris by making it more sensitive. The clitoris has more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings. Clitoral stimulants work by increasing blood flow to the area applied using ingredients such as menthol, peppermint oil, cinnamon, etc. In Tickle Her Pink peppermint oil is used to increase blood flow to the clitoris.

Tickle Her Pink can be massaged into the clitoris for solo play with or without toys, partner play/foreplay and during sex. After applying Tickle Her Pink you can add a small clitoral vibrator like a bullet or a strap on clitoris vibrator.

As with all products made to be used on the genitals, each woman's response varies. Some are sensitive to products and will feel a more intense sensation whereas some women may need a product with more intense ingredients to feel anything at all. Tickle Her Pink is probably a good clitoral stimulating gel for those who have less-responsive clitorises. Mine however, is fairly sensitive so even a mild stimulant will be felt easily by me.

For me, Tickle Her Pink is intense. It starts working seconds after massaging and it gets hot! In the begining I even said "my downstairs is on fire!" It's an interesting sensation, but not something I love.

Tickle Her Pink contains L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Daminana and Peppermint Oil.
Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Polysorbate 20, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate, Methylisolthiazolinone (and) Phenethyl Alochol (and) PPG-2 Methyl Ether, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Menthyl Lactate, Arginine HCI, Ornithine HCI

Note that this product does not contain glycerin so for those who are sensitive to that ingredient, you can use this without worry! That is, unless you're allergic to something else included in this product.

It has been said that L-Arginine combined with certain ingredients like methol or peppermint oil, will sensitize the penis! My partner didn't notice a significant change in sensitivity when coming in contact with it during intercourse, but that's not to say this wouldn't make things more sensitive when applied to the penis. In fact, I could see it working for some.
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Tickle Her Pink is a water based gel, clear in color and easy to use. It's thin and runny so if you're not careful with it, it will be messy, but otherwise isn't overly messy. If a large enough amount (probably dime size) was to fall absorb into sheets or clothing it would stain, but since this is not oily, I believe it would come out. However, I'm not going to purposefully test that. It does go on easily and stays in place. When I apply this only to my clitoris, it doesn't travel to other parts which is good because I couldn't handle that much burn on my urethra!

One thing I am pleased with is that this leaves behind no slimey, greasy or stickyness! That's awesome for girls on the go like me. I don't have time for an extra shower most days and thankfully, never felt the need for one due to this gel. After it absorbed, I couldn't tell anything was there and I didn't make it to the shower until later that night so I wore it for about 5 hours without problem.

Since I buy sample packs before buying a full sized product just incase I don't like it, I can't say how the full size bottle works. The sample is a little foil with enough product for several uses. I used two of the sample packs and each time wasn't thrilling so I don't think it's something I'll buy in full size.
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

I'm not able to detect any smell besides the faintest mint smell. Tthe taste is minimal so it isn't a problem when using before oral sex. It tastes minty, but not strong and doesn't leave any aftertaste. The label mentions that this is safe to ingest, however I would not swallow it, but kissing and licking doesn't cause problems for us. Also, with it being safe to ingest, that means no cleaning up mid-oral sex.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


A wet wash cloth will do the trick for quick clean up. Since this is a light weight gel, there isn't any left behind stickyness or thick residue so a quick rinse with a mild soap and water will completely take this away.

I do like the simplicity of Tickle Her Pink and it does increase sensitivity, but it really didn't do it for me. Instead of arousing me, it burned! I find it really hard to get past the burning to enjoy anything until this wears off. When used with a vibrator or if my partner performs oral after using this, I have a harder time feeling anything. It's almost like it numbs me a little. Thankfully, it tones down in about 10 minutes unless I'm rubbing it. Once the intense burn tones down, things are back to normal.

I like that this is safe and requires no extra work, but compared to Horney Honey, this doesn't even measure up. It doesn't cause my clitoris to swell like Horney Honey does.

It's also nice that it absorbs quickly and will last for a while if you continue to massage. The irritation subsides a lot when wiped with a wet wash cloth, but unless soap and water is used, I have to let it "wear off."

This is compatible with toys and condoms so if you find it does work for you, you don't have many worries that come along with the product.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting


Like I said, I bought sample packs first! That's the best way to go for me since I would end up wasting a lot of product if I dive in head first and buy full sizes. The sample packs are just those regular foils that you tear open and they're messy as hell. I prefer a small tube so it can be resealed as I like to save the left over product and use again rather than toss it after one use.

The pack is pink and says "Tickle Her Pink". It has some information on the back including only some of the ingredients and the pregnancy/nursing concerns. It says to consult physician if pregnant or nursing. It also says to massage into clitoris paying special attention to the "skin underneath the clitoris".

As far as discrete goes, this is clearly a sexual enhancer, but the cute pack makes it less naughty in a way. It can easily be hidden when put in a plastic bag. There is a picture of a cartoonish girl in a dress. No nudity or trashy text.

It can be tucked in a purse or drawer. Since it's small travelling with an un-opened sample packet would be fine, but I wouldn't do so with an open one since it will leak in the bag you put it in. These could make nice gifts and I often buy extra samples for my sisters, but unless you're sure the person recieving the gift would be interested and not offended by a product such as this then I would go for a nice massage oil or something instead.
    • Leaky container
    • Minimal

Special Features

Tickle Her Pink can cause different reactions for different women. For me, I experience an intense burning sensation and nothing more. Blowing on the gel will create a cooling sensation.
    • Warming


As for arousing, this gel failed for me. Maybe my clitoris is overly sensitive therfore causing too much of a reaction. I have no idea, but I usually have pretty good luck with arousal gels. My favorite is Horney Honey. I've been a fan of that stuff for about a year now and it never fails me! When I apply it to my clitoris, I'm immediately turned on and to be very blunt, the stuff makes my clitoris throb! In a good way of course, but I had hoped that Tickle Her Pink would be similar. I guess you can't have everything, huh? I'm confident that Tickle Her Pink would be a success for many women, but I just don't get anything from it. This does have a lot going for it, but I will just stick with my Horney Honey cream for now.

My partner wasn't thrilled with it. He got a little frustrated when it seemed to numb my clitoris because I wasn't able to really have as intense of an O from oral sex.
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