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Wet Synergy cool tingle reviews

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Not everyone enjoys a temperature change, and if you're not into cooler sensations, I do not recommend this. If you love cool sensations and temperature play, this lube is definitely one to try out.

This is a must have - it will spice up anything. No one should go through life without experiencing the enjoyment that results from using this product.

This is pretty much just like any other water based lubricant. To me, there really is not any extra cool tingling sensation.

This product is absolutely worth it! It works better than any other tingling lube I have tried. The only negative I can think of is the stickyness of this lube. I would not recommend this lube when trying to have a quickie as it requires cleanup.

Intense cooling sensations are available with Wet Synergy cool tingle, but beware, this product can numb your mouth if you decide you want oral after applying it. Wet Synergy is a good line, but be sure you're into cooling, or you will be disappointed.

Are you ready to spice things up in the bedroom? With the Synergy cool tingle lubricant you will experience some intense tingling sensations that will bring you and your partner that much closer to ecstasy. This lube is long-lasting and is not overwhelmingly cool.

The Wet Synergy cool tingle is definitely a winner. It's just right: not too overwhelming, but easy to feel the coolness.

I have fibromyalgia and endometriosis which brings about a lot of pain everywhere, especially pelvic floor pain which leads to pain with intercourse. The cooling/tingling sensation of this product seemed to almost numb some areas and it made intercourse thouroughly enjoyable for me. Quite honestly this product will help me to enjoy intercourse more often and be able to focus on something other than the pain. Probably the best lubricant I have ever used!

Love, love, love this stuff. If you like temperature play with ice, or just want to experiment with it, then buy. buy, buy.

The cooling effect I thought it would have was nothing compared to what it actually was. It was practically unbearable. It felt as though icy hot was used instead of the cooling lubricant. I would not recommend this product for anyone, especially for a first time user of warming/cooling lubrication. I will not be using this product again.

I give this product 2 stars because even though we had a horrible experience with it, maybe not everyone will feel the same way. With so many great reviews if you want to risk it go for it. But this is just a warning for those who have had bad reactions in the past.

Overall, I would recommend other lubes over this one. If it doesn't take much to get you off, then this might be perfect for you. However, if you're like me and like effects to increase the sensation and accompany the pleasure, then I do not recommend this for you.

I really enjoyed how much tingle this lube provides, especially for solo sessions. It might be too strong, or even overpowering for some, but I really liked it.

Overall, we weren't thrilled with this product. It's nice and slippery, great lubrication... But the cooling sensation was just too strong. Also, you have to be careful using it with your toys since it's partially silicone based. If someone really enjoys cooling sensations, then they'll probably enjoy this lube. But if you're sensitive to temperature sensations, this might be too much for you.

I would not suggest this product because of the scent and the fact that even though it states it is hypoallergenic — it was not in this case.

It give you that WOW factor like no other, and it's easy to wash off unlike some of the other lubes.

Overall, the only complaint I had was the fact that it is a little oily because it has silicone in it, but that's not a big deal to me. All you need is a little bit of soap and water and you are clean. I don't know a better way to put it, but this is a wonderful product.

If you are getting a lube for the first time or if you are someone who has a big collection either way you need to get this lube. It is no contest, the best one I've used in quite awhile and I definetly plan to get more when I run out. Also guys here's another incentive. It works awesome and feels amazing for a titjob!

I love this lubricant; it has reshaped how I view the Wet brand. I will be trying other Synergy products in the future because this one fulfills every claim so beautifully.

It give you that WOW factor like no other, and it easy to wash unlike some of the other lubes.

Wet Synergy is very much worth the money you spend on it. The tingling has just the right amount of power to make it feel really good.

Some cooling lubes go a bit overboard, leaving you feeling like you've been having sex with an ice cube long after you're done. Some you can't feel at all. This one, much like Goldilock's porridge, is just right. It provides a noticeable cooling sensation that isn't overwhelming, and doesn't last long after you've finished having sex. It also lasts a long time as a lube. I think the only downside is that it contains glycerin, and that's only a downside for some.

This lube lived up to what I wanted in a Hybrid lube. It easily matches up well with my fave clit gels, so I feel as though it's well worth it to have everything in one little bottle and I highly recommend it!

I felt like an ice princess tingling between my legs as I licked the minty-freshness of his finger tips with joys that this would never end! This smooth, icy, gel provides the sensations of temperature play in any playtime activities with the given benefits of fresh breath or better yet, fresh balls! This is an amazing product that will leave you feeling fresh and satisfied! It is easy to dispense, condom-safe, and travel friendly!

Synergy was a refreshing change from lubricants we have tried in the past and the cool tingle was surprisingly enjoyable. Although we have been disappointed with Wet lubricants in the past, this one was a winner!

I am really impressed with this lubricant and will be getting the bigger bottle when I run out. It has the perfect amount of tingling and adds to the sensations my partner and I already feel. It's easy to apply, long lasting, and super easy to clean up. The only down side is the glycerin ingredient, for some. I'm giving it 5 stars since it didn't cause me any problems.

This minty fresh lubricant gel is great for any kind of play you can imagine. It doesn't burn like many cooling and tingling lubes do. Tastes great, smells great, feels great.

Wet Synergy Cooling Tingle is a very cooling on a hot day when you are horny. The texture is so odd that it may be off putting to some. And if you have trouble with glycerin, you may want to take a pass on this lube.

It will definitely send a thrill between your thighs. It comes in a bottle you can take anywhere and, unlike most silicone lubes, it washes off easily because it's part water-based lube. It's a great buy!

This lubricant will not disappoint you. While there may be others that do better in specific applications or uses, this is an overall good lubricant. It sacrifices in some areas to be good in others but overall is usable in almost all uses. Its tingling is a pleasant surprise that will help add that extra little spice as well.

Water + Silicone = Synergy

Are you looking for a new type of lubricant to provide the best of both silicone and water based lubricants? Plus a little bit of cooling that is perfect for anyone who enjoys mild temperature play? Then this is the lubricant for you. It comes out as a gel that sticks to whatever you want it to!

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