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Some cooling lubes go a bit overboard, leaving you feeling like you've been having sex with an ice cube long after you're done. Some you can't feel at all. This one, much like Goldilock's porridge, is just right. It provides a noticeable cooling sensation that isn't overwhelming, and doesn't last long after you've finished having sex. It also lasts a long time as a lube. I think the only downside is that it contains glycerin, and that's only a downside for some.
Cooling sensation isn't overwhelming, Silicone makes it long lasting
Glycerin - for some
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Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle is a new and relatively unique cooling lube. Combining a water based lube with a silicone based lube, you theoretically get the best of both worlds; with a long lasting lube that's not that hard to clean up. This may still take a little extra cleaning effort, but it's certainly not labor intensive, and the extra cooling sensation is just about perfect in its level of intensity.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Due to the silicone in the lube, this definitely feels a lot like a silicone lube. However it's got a thicker gel like consistency that you might find in a water based lube. It stays where you put it, but spreads around smoothly and evenly and feels very silky between the fingers. Once the lube starts to "dry out" some, you'll get that same sort of dry oil feeling that seems to accompany most silicone based lubes.

Taste / Aroma

The added cooling feature leaves this with a distinctive minty smell that almost reminds me of Andes mints. Or a candy cane. I can never quite make up my mind on that one. At any rate, the scent isn't overwhelmingly strong, especially the farther away from it you get. Even right up against the skin, it smells no stronger than if you were holding a candy cane in the same spot. As for the taste, well, you should probably try to avoid ingesting this. However I licked a tiny bit off my arm, in the name of science of course, and came away with a slightly tingly tongue, and the distinct taste of mint.


I was very impressed with the performance of this one. Not being sure what to expect from a cooling lube, we were a bit hesitant to just slather it on, but feeling experimental we forged ahead. The first thing we both noticed was obviously the cooling sensation. This was followed very quickly by our amazement at how well it spread around and how smooth it felt and how well it stayed in place.

We've tried this with condoms and without, and while the sensations are slightly different, they're consistent. With a condom we've found what works best to let us both feel the sensations is to drip a few drops into the tip of the condom and then roll it on, and add some more to the outside for me. Without, we just lube one of us up and go at it. The cooling sensations are, in my opinion, perfect. With any lube that adds sensation you always hear horror stories about how it went wildly wrong, and the best case "it didn't work" scenario is that it just acts as lube. This provided a very nice cooling sensation all around for both of us, without being overwhelming at all, that lasted for a good 10-20 minutes or so. It was hard for me to tell exactly how much time, but it lasted as long as we were having sex, and then it was magically gone.

The slippery properties of this make it a good candidate for other things as well, like giving massages. Unfortunately the cooling sensations don't seem to last as long on things without mucus membranes, but it still glides around nicely. You will probably feel the need to wash it off, and while it doesn't come off as easily as a water based lube would, it doesn't seem to take much work at all to get off. We've successfully used wipes to remove it, but you can use a soapy washcloth as well if you want.

As a note, since this does contain silicone you'll want to avoid using it on silicone toys you haven't done a patch test on. It may not damage your silicone, but you don't wanna risk it.


You can get this in a few sizes, but I got mine in the smaller 1.9 ounce bottle. It's small enough to easily transport, although you'll want to keep it in a bag just in case the lid gets opened accidentally. Since it's a lot like any shampoo bottle that you'd press down on one side to lift the other, it wouldn't take much to accidentally open it during travel, and then you have cool, tingly silicone lube all over everything in your bag and that's just no fun now is it. It's also not the most discreet thing ever. Sure the package looks cool and flashy, but it's also obvious enough that it's a lube.

The back does have instructions, warnings, and ingredients in English, French, and Spanish. Directions and warnings are all fairly straight forward; apply where needed, discontinue use if irritation occurs, etc. Ingredients are listed as Glycerin, deionized water, dimethiconol, sodium polyacrylate, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, trideceth-6, PEG/PPG dimethicone, pentylene glycol, and peppermint. Since it does contain glycerin, it may cause irritation or yeast infections in those who are sensitive to it.


We really did enjoy using this lube. It isn't something that we want to grab every day, but it was very nice to use all the same. The cooling was easily able to be felt by both of us without being overpowering at all in the process, which was totally awesome. For being the first cooling lube I've ever tried, I'm pretty darn happy with it.
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