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Synergy hybrid lubricant reviews

38 reviews
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Average review rating
38 reviews

Between the lasting pleasant sensation the fact that it stays in one place and that the product lasts longer than others, I'd have to say, if you're still not convinced, it's a great item. You need to feel it for yourself just to know how great this product is.

This lube brings fantastic slippery sexy fun without getting sticky or thick. We love using it. It's much better quality than many I've tried so far.

This is a wonderful lubricant to try if you are sensitive and if you need something multifunctional. Easy clean up, full control without compromising quality, and biological activation make it somewhat of a designer lubricant.

If you like a thicker lubricant that helps make sex a better act, Wet Synergy is the way to go.

If you like thin and slippery, this lube is for you. I don't have a huge issue with it, especially since I bought such a large container, but I don't think I'll be buying it again.

If you're searching for a new lube for sexin', for the great price and how long-lasting it is, you'll love it.

I love, love, love this lube! I will never buy another type of lube again after using this one. I highly recommend this for everyone for every use.

a great product, PERIOD ! use a pea sized amount and you are covered from start to finish. use a bit more if your partner is going for more of a "slipe and slide in" enjoyment.

If you are willing to take the chance you can enjoy your silicone toys with a premium quality 90% water, 10% silicone formulation that optimizes safety and efficacy. Also, if you are just looking for a better than water-based experience for your normal (non-toy) sexual activities - but not willing to go 100% silicone, Wet Synergy is certainly worth trying out.

Great lube that didn't cause any irritation and was easy to clean up. Can't really fault it in any way other than wishing that the bottle was a little easier to grip when your hands are slippery.

In brief, Synergy was not the lube that we expected. While I would recommend trying one of Wet's other lube lines (Original or Platinum), this one did not live up to our expectations. It also succumbed to the downfalls of both water and silicone-based lubes.

This lube was far better then I had honestly expected. After using only warming or cooling lubes, I thought it would be horrible. But for a standard lube, it worked wonders and I love using this for anal on myself and partner!

If the ingredients are compatible with you, try this lubricant out and get ready for a great time. Adds some extra smooth fun to your sexy time with no disappointing baggage.

Overall, this is a very good water based lube and if you already have a favorite this one is at least worth a try for a back up or even a new favorite. It's long lasting and nonsticky and stays in place.

Synergy is a water and silicone hybrid lubricant that works amazingly! It is long lasting, with such a little amount! It is cheap, with a great quality!

This is a great lube for anyone. Works really well, long lasting, and it's not messy! No more wet spots from runny lubes makes this a hands down winner for me!

I would try this lube even if you already have a favorite that you use. I tried this after a friend told me about it and even though I already had a favorite this is my new favorite! It stays put, never gets sticky, works great with latex condoms, and never needs reapplied. It doesn't get much better than this!

This lubricant is amazing in the fact that it lasts a long time and just glides on the skin. It isn't sticky at all but it has silicone in it.

I think this lubricant is good if you want a thick, long lasting lubricant that you know will work out. It works great with latex condoms and it makes intercourse much easier. It is not runny or goes all over the place. But if it does, it's easy to wash out!

I love this product, it works for anal, vaginal and g-spot it gives that wet feeling with out it being your own fluids. I would recommend this product to every one, every one I have talked to that has had the same problems as me has gotten it and said it worked for them as well.

I have tried many other lubes, and I think this one takes the cake. No matter how many other bottles I will try, I will always have this on hand.

Is it water? Is it oil? Is it silicone? No it's a Hybrid. Synergy's a 90% water and 10% silicone gel lubricant that is slick like silicone, shiny like oil, and has the moistening ability of water all rolled into one. With no sticky, tacky, or greasing feeling left behind this formula is fine to curl up and fall asleep in your partners arms after play time feeling blissful.

Overall, I would recommend this lube to other people. It has multiple uses such as shower sex, use in the bedroom, and with other sex toys. I would not recommend the use of this with silicone toys strictly because it contains silicone. The packaging does say that it is latex safe so it can be used with condoms. This long lasting lube should be washed off with soap. This purchases was definitely worth the 7 dollars that I paid for it and I will purchase another bottle when this one runs out.

This is a really great idea, I'd like to see more of these hybrid style lubes because they last a long time and they are lighter than silicone.

Rubbing this gel lube will turn it into a silky smooth, amazing adventure! It is great for good ole fashion sex or solo play. The only problem I had was it caused a slight burning, but not so much that it would turn me away from the product.

I'd use this lubricant for long-lasting sex every single time unless you want something for oral. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy cleanup, but I hope you don't get it on your bed and let it stain!

Synergy is a hybrid lubricant. It is a mixture of silicone and water based. This lubricant stays where you place it and won't need to be reapplied. If you are looking for a high quality lube at a low price look no further!

Silky and slick, this hybrid lube will provide the best of both worlds to make your satisfaction much more pleasurable. The added silicone makes this lube a very long lasting one, but be careful about using this with silicone toys.

While many lubes sting, burn or just leave a strange feeling down south, Synergy left me feeling clean and satisfied. Rather than focusing on the odd burning or "itchy" feeling that I sometimes get when using other lubes, with Synergy I got to concentrate wholly on the experience.

If you want to promote synergy (LIKE A BOSS) in your very own bedroom, Synergy lube is something you should definitely look into. It goes on smooth, stays in place until you're ready to get down to business, and lasts a long time. You'll be THE BOSS of your bedroom in no time if you promote synergy like this.

Wet Synergy is a very interesting lubricant. It starts off as a very thick gel that stays put until friction and warmth is added causing the lubricant to "melt" into a liquid. It lasts longer like a silicone lubricant, but is less messy in the long run. However, it does require soap to be completely cleaned off.

Wet Synergy is the kind of lube that a wild kinky girl could easily fall in love with. It is that wonderful mix of all the good things about water based and silicone based lubes all mixed into one neat little bottle.

There is something to be said about an original, this one sets the bar for hybrid lubricants and delivers on different levels. A unique must add to your lubricant collection!

This is a good lube with a great consistency. It stays where you put it, and leaves you slick for a decent amount of time.

Wet Synergy is a high quality hybrid lubricant, available at a reasonable price. The blend of water and silicone aims to offer the best of both worlds. Its luxurious texture, easy application, versatility, and long lasting formula make Synergy an excellent choice.

I've tried Synergy original both vaginally and anally, and I'm pleased to inform you that I had no reaction, at all, to the glycerin. Thank goddess - that would super suck. I really enjoyed the original formula Synergy for anal. It let my partners penis and my toys glide in without resistance and never got gummy or sticky. It retained a silicone, silky smooth texture which is absolutely awesome for anal play!

The is a great lube for the price. It feels similar to some of the more expensive silicone lubricants, but it washes off like a water-based. The gel-to-liquid technology is great for getting it in place; once in place, it becomes a nice, silky lubricant.

Wet Synergy is a workhorse type lube that will provide a suitably, silky cushion of protection for your sensitive tissues. It doesn't have a pleasant taste but hits all the points We were looking for in a lube. This isn't a terribly expensive lube but performs like one.

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