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This G-spot vibrator is probably great for really sensitive people who need direct stimulation and aren't expecting anything else from this toy.

The Bgee is not worth it. The shape is alluring and the size is beginner-friendly, but once you get this thing on you will be scrambling for earplugs. Not to mention, the material isn't very nice. If you are wanting a good introduction to G-spotting, then I would go for something else. If you are looking for something to see whether or not you like P-spotting, then this might be okay, but only if you get it free. You would probably just be better off passing.

Bgee was great for me but not for its intended purpose. Sadly it just didn't hit that mark. Luckily it is still one toy that will remain in my collection for some time to come. It had great vibes and worked well externally. It has a nice feel and is easy to use.

This is my first toy geared towards stimulating my g-spot, and it really helped build my confidence on deriving pleasure from g-spot stimulation. The colors the toy comes in are pretty, and the minimal problems are so worth it after your first orgasm with this toy.

It's super disappointing to use. I bought this to replace my first vibrator that I wore out but this one just doesn't get me off at all. It's not strong and the vibrations are too buzzy for my taste.

This is my first G-spot toy and it helped me locate my G-spot and it was easy to insert. The size is good for beginners, but can be hard to pin-point the exact spot of the G-spot. The colors are very pretty and this toy is so worth it if your G-spot is easy to stimulate or needs pin-pointed vibes.

Good price. Good vibes. Durable. Can't go wrong with this purchase. It will provide literally years of continuous use with no fear of failure while in use.

How exciting to have such a wonderful and delightful slender g-spotter. Bgee was made for that purpose. The perfectly curved slender shaft ending in the bulbous head makes finding my g-spot so easy, time after time. The smooth increase in the moderate strength multiple whisper quiet speeds is such a teaser. Venture into the world of Bgee and be deliciously surprised.

It is worth purchasing as an addition to play with a partner. Your partner (male or female) may enjoy the vibrations on their private parts. It is good to use in solo play, but it may not provide the best results.

On the search for my right to g-spot orgasms, this was my first stop. Sadly, the light buzzy vibrations and design just wasn't meant for me. Despite not working for me, if it wasn't for the noise this thing makes it would have gotten 4 stars.

The vibrator is attractive and powerful. It's great for both clit and g-spot stimulation. It's also fully waterproof and completely submersible. It's very non-intimidating, unlike some other vibrators. I find the girth to be a little too thin and the noise produced by the vibrations a little loud, but overall this is a great g-spot vibrator for both beginners and more seasoned users.

This is a good quality, velvety textured G-spot vibrator. The vibrations were too weak for my personal taste, the bulb size is too large for precise targeting and the curve with the longer handle did not fit my body. For someone who likes softer vibrations that has a different body structure, this might work out perfectly.

The Bgee is a great beginners g-spot vibe. I love it because it does make orgasms more pleasurable. It's very easy to use, has multiple speeds, and is easy to keep clean and store.

This toy could work for many women, but it didn't work for me. The vibrations aren't that great when in use, and the toy's G-spot stimulator is too pinpoint for me: it felt like harsh poking. The toy can be used for clitoral stimulation but would be better suited to those whose bodies will work with the toy.

Stayin' Alive, but barely.

The Bgee left me disappointed. The vibrations are weak, the batteries rattle around during use, and the head was a little too narrow.

If you are crazy for g-spot stimulation give this a go. You can easily point the tip any direction and get it right.

The Bgee by B Swish is a great vibrator that, although it's specified for g-spot stimulation, can be used for, and I felt served better as a clitoral vibrator. The Bgee is great for both uses though, for beginners or for warm-up for pros.

The Bgee by Bswish is a compact multi-speed vibrator that is designed to help reach the G-spot, but its angled head makes it very comfortable for clitoral use too. It would be an excellent first toy for anyone just beginning their G-spot exploration, yet still satisfying enough to please those who have already found it.

The Bgee has wonderful deep vibrations that are concentrated in the tip. It is my first G-spot vibe, and works amazingly well for that purpose as well as for external use. If it dies at some point, I'll be buying another right away.

A wonderful G-spot toy and multipurpose vibe for all! I reach for this toy again and again, whether I want a quick jolt for my clit or a gushing G-spot orgasm.

This is a great starter toy for g-spot exploration, but seasoned sex toy users will probably be disappointed. The battery case seems a bit cheaply made, but for such a low price I am not too upset about that.

Bgee is slender, long, and wonderfully smooth, with an ample head curved to stimulate the G-spot. Put simply: Bgee is wonderful in almost every way. I only wish it had a bit more power.

While this vibe might not be good enough for those who require a hard, high vibe, it's quite strong and deeply resonant. It is surprisingly thin for its power, being just barely wider than a AAA battery. The thinness makes it very comfortable for insertion and thrusting, while the sharply angled head allows you to focus the vibes where it counts, and precisely so.

This toy is pretty much the best I've tried in a while. However, it's best suited to the beginner, a couple, or someone who likes gentle penetration.

Since I am not your typical G-spot fanatic, I didn't think this little toy would get me off. Was I ever wrong: Along with a little bit of clitoral stimulation, the Bgee had me whistling "Dixie" in no time at all. It didn't require much lube to insert and the angled tip made it easy to place it where I wanted, and since it is waterproof, clean up was simple.

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