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Wonderful rumble

Bgee is slender, long, and wonderfully smooth, with an ample head curved to stimulate the G-spot. Put simply: Bgee is wonderful in almost every way. I only wish it had a bit more power.
Long and lean, prominent G-spot curve, waterproof, quiet
A little more power could go a long way
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I like adorable names. Short, pithy names that aren't "So-and-So Pornstar's Pleasure Stick," etc.

I like velvety plastic. It's soft to the touch, yet hard enough to be noticeable when inserted.

I like thin toys—you know, the kind that don't pose a threat to my insides.

And I seriously love bright colors. Really, how could I not like Bgee?

Bgee vibrator|Bgee G-spot vibrator came in a tall, black matte box. I wasn't especially fond of the lingerie-clad black and white and strangely cropped woman on the front, but at least she wasn't faking an orgasm or making out with some guy's neck. Also, the photograph of the blue Bgee on the box was a much darker blue than the toy actually is. Otherwise, the design of the box was almost... classy. A nice change of pace.

Inside the box, there was a pamphlet entitled "binformed" that included operating instructions in six languages and a limited 90-day warranty. The instructions didn't give me any new ideas, but they would be helpful for a beginner.

Bgee takes two AAAs (not AAs as the box states), and they just pop into the end where the twist dial is (there's also an O-ring for waterproof protection). Bgee doesn't have a huge range of vibration levels, and the highest level isn't anything special. However, the vibrations are quiet and have a rumbly quality about them, as opposed to a high-pitched buzzy quality, and I really like that.

The vibration is concentrated in the tip, the G-spot curve, which is an obvious plus. I worried, at first, that the vibrator would turn itself around inside me and I wouldn't know where the curve was pointing. Initially, I used the word "bswish" on the side of the shaft to determine if the curve was in the right place. Then I realized there is a very subtle seam in the plastic that just happens to perfectly align with the curve! So now when I'm using Bgee, I just make sure I can feel the seam with my thumb.

After using this vibrator for a while, I feel as though I'm making progress toward finding|How to find the G-spot my G-spot. When I slowly move Bgee around inside me, I feel some wonderful sensations that I haven't felt with any of my other toys. Also, because Bgee is quite thin, I'm never preoccupied with any discomfort.

Really, the only thing Bgee is missing is more power. I wouldn't want Bgee to be made of silicone, because I wouldn't feel it inside me as acutely. I wouldn't want Bgee to be thicker, because then I wouldn't be able to thrust as smoothly. I just want Bgee to take two AAs!
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Great review. I've been looking at these slender vibrators designed for g-spot stimulation. Too bad it isn't more powerful. Thanks for another great review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    It's lame when a toy teases you with a lot of features you love and then just can't quite get you there. "Scotty, I need more power!" "I'm givin' ya all she's got, Captain!" Thanks for the great review.
  • Program Manager
    Nice review! It is a cute thing, and I like that companies are starting to include actual information with toys. You might have better luck with this very similar vibe (or the power level might be more of the same...)
  • Epiphora
    CW: I considered that one too, but since it also takes 2 AAAs, I'm not sure it would be any more powerful (although most reviewers seem to give it a lot of vrooms). Plus, it isn't made of velvety plastic, and it's pink. Maybe someday, though.
  • Spiking Glue
    Hey, does your bgee eat up batteries as fast as mine does? I think mine ate up a fresh set of batteries with about 4 hours use. oO It's really the only AAA toy I have right now, so I'm not sure if this is just normal for AAA toys, or what...
  • Epiphora
    It's impossible for me to tell, because my batteries are rechargeable and last for varying lengths of time. I don't even have any non-rechargeable AAAs. Sorry -- I wish I could be of more help!
  • Spiking Glue
    Dang. I only have rechargable AA batteries atm. I simply hadn't been prepared for a AAA toy. I guess that's what I get for impulse buying. *laugh* But yeah, I think I've used mine for about four 45 minute sessions, and my batteries already died, and they were a pair of those fancy dancy Duracell Powerpix batteries I recently discovered. I suppose I should invest in some rechargable AAA batteries, I simply hadn't had a need for them before.
  • Scarlet's Letter
    Great review! I have been wanting this vibe for awhile now. I too like thin toys, especially g-spot toys, and now after reading your review I'm pretty sure I would love this. I like other Bswish products, and this one sounds like a winner. Thanks for the fabulous review!!
  • Kinky Kitty
    I've been thinking about buying one of these, but now I'm sure I'll search for a more powerful alternative.

  • Raven
    I bought one several months ago and have been a regular user. My experience has been a bit different from yours, though. Mine is noisy and actually rattles especially when fresh batteries are inserted. My only other problem is that the head had slipped off several times, and I'm not crazy about that. This has led me to use it more for clit work than anything else, and I love it for that, especially because of the slenderness of it. With that and the fact that it is longer than a lot of clit vibrators, it is absolutely perfect for sliding between the labia and easily going all the way down the valley. One other thing, too, is that when the batteries appeared to be running down, I got a surprise when I replaced them. The intensity of the vibe showed me that that intensity had been lessening over time and I had not even noticed except that it did seem that it took longer to climax with it. Now I change the batteries more frequently!
  • Meowmix
    Lol, It's a better built version of the one you said to buy Ramen instead of!

    This color of blue is my favorite(One of my wedding colors actually, I should tel people it's "vibrator blue") ! Velvety texture toy get me purring, and Bswsih seems to have a knack for making good quality, simple, toys.

    Glad you found something good, but no toy is perfect.
  • Polyserena
    Seems like a good one to try for me! Great review.
  • Leather & Lace
    Thanks for sharing!
  • karenm
    Thanks for your review!
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