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Classic chic vibe reviews

22 reviews
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Average review rating
22 reviews

I would definitely recommend the Classic chic vibe to anyone who craves intense anal stimulation! This is one of the few times I've gotten as much (if not more) pleasure through my chute as my johnson! One improvement that would escalate it through the roof would be a detached controller for free, independent use! But whether you're playing solo or with someone, this vibe definitely has a high value to cost ratio!

Buy this item!! The power of this product alone is worth every penny! If you don't think so, then at least the 7 speeds should tell you that it is amazing!

If you are looking for a discrete, reliable vibe, I would recommend this one. Having tried several other similar vibes, this one stands out and continually gives the on-demand pleasure we all desire from time to time.

I think this product is worth its money even though there are some things I don't like. Like it getting hot after 20 mins. I'm a person that needs a long play to get my bliss. But this product can turn me on so fast by rubbing it on my clit that my boyfriend loves it. When I'm not in the mood he grabs it out of the drawer and starts rubbing my clit with it and then I'm hot and ready. So if you need a quick quality starter and nothing more - that's your best choice.

We are completely pleased and 110% satisfied with this vibrator. I am glad we decided to take the plunge and give this a try because it has truly re-ignited that passion we had when we first met!

Overall, it's a really fantastic toy! I prefer to use it either with another toy or with my partner, but it would not be bad at all by itself. It's a great, affordable, high-quality toy that I would recommend!

I'll say it again, awkward me had great taste in vibrators. For less than $20, the Classic Chic will get you off in all sorts of ways. Insert it, play with it, whatever you want...the vibrations are strong, the batteries last a while, and it still hasn't broken on me after 2 1/2 years!

This is a great product. I personally love the Classic Chic . It is so easy and fun to use. Travels very well and fun to use with a partner. Classic Chic works in the tub and doesn't get damaged at all. Although, it's not as powerful or discrete in the tub as a personal preference.

This vibrator is a great buy. I found it pleasurable, but a little unwieldy. It's pretty quiet, and very powerful. It's an all around good decision on a vibrator.

75% satisfaction 25% disappointment. The Classic Chic is a great buy for under $20. It delivers its moneys worth; that's for sure. I say try it! If it died out on me I would buy it again.

This toy is definitely worth the money. Its pros outweigh its cons by a long shot. Just the fact that it won't collect lint in the sock drawer is a plus.

The Classic Chic vibe is an affordable toy that gets the job done and is great for beginners. It has 6 settings that can be annoying to move through, but are otherwise fun.

The classic chic vibe is my personal favorite for traditional vibrators. Its smooth texture makes me go for this vibrator first. Its vibration noise level is low, except for when I want to turn it on/off or change the vibration pattern. It’s great for external and internal stimulation. Beginners would have a blast with this traditional vibrator. It's waterproof and maintenance-free. This vibrator will work wonders with strong vibrations and 7 different vibration patterns, if you please.

I think this toy would be great for beginners or people who just want a simple, reliable go-to vibrator. This is the perfect "no-muss, no-fuss" vibrator. That is, unless you want something you can take underwater with you!

With 7 functions, there's one setting to fit your every mood. I loved the strong vibrations and small girth of this toy, since it was my first one. The main draw back is how loud the vibe is. Overall I'd buy another if mine ever died.

This toy is well worth the money whether it's for you or your lover. It is a powerful vibrator that gets the job done and more, making you wish there were more hours in the day just so you can stay home and play indoors.

The Classic Chic Vibe is a fantastic vibrator for nearly anyone. It has strong vibrations, seven fantastic settings. It is made of plastic, but has a very nice velvety PU coating. It may not be waterproof, and it does look plain, but it certainly will get the job done.

If you want your pleasure to be comfortable and customizable, you should be looking at this toy. Its smooth, sleek and chic, but packs enough vibrating power to be like a lady - beautiful and tough. "She" can be your BFF.

I have to say this toy really surprised me. I usually like a thicker toy, but I was pleasantly surprised not only by its length but also by the intensity of the vibrations. It is very durable and certainly a great addition to anyone's toybox.

We highly recomend this vibe! This vibe is the best yet (for us); great variety, super strong vibrations, great size and silky smooth. Easy to clean, use with water or silicone lubes. Water-proof and the batteries last forever. Even though there is no light vibe setting we still give it 5 stars.

Ready for a digital toy that will kick your ass with seven amazing vibrational functions--with REAL umph behind it? That's what the Classic Chic delivers. I couldn't find a single reason not to love this toy, and though it did make odd robot screams in one of the modes, it still wiped other multi function vibrators I've played with off the map.

The Classic Chic 6 is perfect for all those women out there who want length over girth. With seven strong functions, the toy is sure to please those women who want more than the average vibe. Perfect for those nights when all you want is a lot of power that fills you up without stretching you out.

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