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Clitoral hummer reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

You may be asking yourself, "Is this toy for me?" I can't answer that question. I can tell you that this toy and I are not a good match. I was not a fan of the vibrations, the noise, or the on and off dial at the bottom of the toy. I was not impressed with the waterproofing of this toy. If waterproof is not a big deal to you, you enjoy buzzy vibrations, and you don't mind the dial on the bottom of a toy, I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

If your looking for simple clitoris fun with one self at a affordable price with a nice vibe, this guy is for you. If your looking for a vibe that feels like a jack hammer try another product.

I was displeased that the settings were a bit difficult to change and the product overheated within minutes of my first use.

This vibrator will stop working after a while and the functionality could be improved. The vibrations are very powerful. Coupled with the rigid material, the vibrations can be pretty brutal. The shape is okay; it gets the job done, but it's not that great.

Why are you reading this? JUST BUY THE TOY ALREADY. You can't get stronger, rumblier vibes for this price. Great buy.

I would say that even though I do not like the feel of mine being inside me comfortably, I would prefer for clitoris stimulation. Also, this clitoris hummer is worth every penny, as good as it works its job it should cost more.

If you are looking for a toy for clitoral or other external stimulation in this price range, this is the perfect one for you!

The Clitoral Hummer is an inexpensive yet powerful and versatile external vibrator. I love both the scoop and the hook. Together they are an exciting combination. Unfortunately the motor runs hot. It's a decent toy for short play periods. However it's not great for extended play. I wish that wasn't so because otherwise it's a fabulous toy.

The Clitoral Hummer by California Exotics has nice medium to strong vibrations, a velvety smooth texture, and a can't-beat price. Anyone can afford this toy! It is perfect for beginners, as it is not intimidating at all, but rather cute. This vibrator may not 'wow' more advanced toy users, but it certainly won't be a waste of money.

This toy isn't really worth it, because it will probably just die on you in the end. It's rather loud and isn't ideal for pressure stimulation because of the "rumbly" vibrations. It also gets quite hot, which can be a turn off for some.

The Clitoral hummer has 10 functions of vibrations including some nice patterns. This toy is great for beginners or those who love low, rumbly vibrations and fun in the shower. The price point is sure to please everyone!

This is a great clitoral toy, one of my all time favorite toys, to be exact! I used it last night, as a matter of fact, and I'm a happier girl today because of it! If you are like me, and have a sensitive clitoris, you will love the Hummer because it's great for beginners and "Pros"! It's powerful, but it is also easy to adjust the feeling by moving to it certain spots so it is more sensual than a beating!

The clitoral hummer is great for anyone who loves strong vibrations for external stimulation. It's pretty design and velvet touch start a wonderful journey to heaven! This toy is a keep close at hand toy!

A fantastic vibrator for beginners, but not one that's strictly limited to the novices either. Its 10-speed function offers something for everyone and allows for a lot of variety!

This toy is, overall, a great investment. It's durable, waterproof, has a built in microchip to remember your last setting used, and 10 different speeds to choose from. I don't have any complaints except that one of the vibrations is a little overpowering, but it's easily overlooked with 9 other options to choose from.

Let this baby hum you all the way to nirvana! While the design of the Hummer doesn't lend to easy insertion, the strong vibrations, dual sculpted head, and ten functions make it a wonderful gift for your clitoris (and, really, doesn't your clit DESERVE a present?). Let the scoop side of the Hummer surround your clitoris with vibrations or use the nub to focus all the vibrating power on one spot. With a partner or solo, the Clitoral Hummer is sure to make your toes curl!

If you like vibes that provide lots of different vibration patterns, you will never get bored with this toy! It's waterproof, cute and even has a microchip that remembers your last setting. It's a great little toy to add to your toy box.

I would say that this toy is worth $21.99. It's fabulous! The vibrations are awesome and not like any other toy I have owned before! It defiantly brings my orgasm to a whole new level! If you are one of those people who love strong vibrations I think you should look into this toy.I think the Clitoral hummer is great for users at all levels of experience!!

The Clitoral Hummer has some really great things about it, but unfortunately to get those good things you'll have to take a number of bad ones as well. You'll get higher levels of power with the Hummer than most toys at this price point. You'll also have a variety of types of stimulation, including precise pinpoint stimulation. Your trade off? You can't use it to apply pressure, the shaft heats up during use, and the life span of the toy is pretty short.

Ah! Clitoral Hummer! You will make an excellent gift idea. With your multiple patterns, strong vibrations, discretion, and variety of uses, you are hard to fault! Add that to your very affordable price, and you will make a friend happy, indeed!

I was almost positive that this was going to bring me perfect clitoral stimulation. Instead, I was very disappointed with this toy. Between the motor running hot during play and the vibrations numbing the hands, this toy did not work well for me.

The Clitoral Hummer by Cal Exotics may look innocent but don't let it fool you, this vibrator brings 10 toe curling functions. You get 3 basic high to low speeds as well as 7 different variations of pulsations and vibrations varying from low to intense. If you're looking for great power but cannot afford the high end luxury vibrators then the Clitoral Hummer is for you. This vibrator will not disappoint and there is bound to be something for everyone here.

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