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You Take The Good, You Take The Bad

The Clitoral Hummer has some really great things about it, but unfortunately to get those good things you'll have to take a number of bad ones as well. You'll get higher levels of power with the Hummer than most toys at this price point. You'll also have a variety of types of stimulation, including precise pinpoint stimulation. Your trade off? You can't use it to apply pressure, the shaft heats up during use, and the life span of the toy is pretty short.
Good amount of power, Different types of stimulation available, Great pinpoint stimulation
Cannot apply pressure with it, Heats up during use, Short life span
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Clitoral Hummer - the name says it all, doesn’t it? In case you missed the subtle nuances of its namesake, the Clitoral Hummer is best used for clitoral stimulation. It’s longer length means that it could also be used for vaginal insertion, though I don’t recommend it for this purpose (more on that later). It should not be used anally due to the lack of flared base.

The Hummer can be used alone or with a partner. It’s larger than bullets and other small clit toys, but it still could be used during sex. As a waterproof toy, it can be brought along in the shower as well. It works as a stand alone toy or in conjunction with an insertable toy.

Featuring strong vibrations and easy to use controls, the Hummer is suitable for users at all levels of experience. It has both patterns and steady vibration settings to cater to either preference. There are, however, some downfalls to this toy that stop it from being as great as it could be.

Material / Texture

The Hummer is made of PU Coated Plastic. This rates a seven on the safety scale. It is free from phthalates but cannot be boiled to fully sanitize it. If you plan on sharing between partners, a condom is recommended.

The PU (or Polyurethane) coating improved scratch resistance and gives some impact protection. It also gives a more velvety feel than a glossy plastic would have. It’s not the same velvety feel you’d expect from silicone, but it has a bit of a powder feel to the touch that plastic alone doesn’t have. Like plastic, you can run your hand along the material with no resistance or drag.

There is a small seam that runs along the body of the Hummer. It is hard to detect with both the eye and hand. However, those sensitive to seams may be able to feel it if inserted. The seam does not run along the two areas meant for clitoral use.

There is no additional texture added to the Hummer. It is a smooth surface. There are some waves in the design itself, but no bumps or swirls that would give a textured feel to it.

Design / Shape / Size

As per my measurements, the Hummer is 7.5” in total length, of which 6.25” are insertable. At the tip the diameter is 1.25” and the circumference is 4 1/8”. Below that the diameter is 1” and the circumference 3 1/8”. The body then makes a wave outward where the diameter is 1.25” and the circumference is 3.75”. It comes back inward (with the same measurements as before) and then out again (same measurements). The small tip is .5” long.

Here you can see it in my hand for a size reference:

The Hummer looks like it’s half ice cream scoop, half...I don’t even know. Unfortunate nose? Any way you want to look at it, it’s a strange looking top to a toy. The very tip comes outward in a point, which can be used for pinpoint stimulation. On the other side of this, it comes inward and makes a scoop. This can then be placed over the clit for indirect stimulation. You could also use the area below the point for a broad but focused stimulation. They have it all covered in terms of types of stimulation someone might enjoy, but it sure does come out looking weird to accomplish that task.

The length is longer than most clitoral stimulators, so you could technically use this internally (vaginal only - no anal!). However, when in use the middle part of the shaft heats up quite quickly and to fairly high temperatures. Due to this fact I wouldn't recommend attempting to use it in this way.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There is a single button that operates all of the functions on the toy. To turn on, press once. To turn off, hold the button down. To scroll through the options, press the button once. The button takes a bit of force, but I wouldn’t classify it as “hard to press.” You just have to press like you mean it. The placement of the button means you aren’t likely to press it during use. The Hummer has a memory chip, so it will pick up on the last pattern it was on when it was turned off. This could be a positive or negative, depending on how you like to warm up.

The Hummer operates on 2 AA batteries which are not included. These are inserted at the base via a screw off bottom.

Rather than using an O ring to waterproof the toy, the Hummer uses the locking twist close which you can see in the photo above. Essentially the way it works is that the bottom clicks into the top to not allow water inside. I don't personally trust this type of waterproofing, but I could just be paranoid. I've run it under water successfully, but I wouldn't recommend submerging it in a tub or anything.

There are ten different options available on the Hummer according to the package. I count out eight. The first three are steady vibrations and the rest are varied patterns.

The three steady vibrations go from 2 vrooms at the low speed to 3 vrooms at the middle speed and then a high four vrooms at the highest speed.

The first pattern is a medium pace pulse. The second is a 1-2 pulse where the two is more drawn out. The third is 1-2-3 where the third is more drawn out. The third has five pulses, each increasing slightly in strength and length. The fourth goes 1-2 quickly and then starts a slow vibration that increases in speed. The fifth is very similar only feels stronger than the fourth. The fifth is a quick 1-2-3 followed by the slow vibration that increases in speed and strength.

The vibrations are about midway between buzzy and rumbly. They can cause some numbing if used for extended periods, but I have successfully used the Hummer for about fifteen to twenty minutes with only minor numbing issues. It won't please those that like a ton of rumble, but it's enough to avoid being a "buzzy" toy.

The vibrations are located at the tip of the toy, putting them in prime position for external stimulation. This means it won't be ideal for internal stimulation, but will work well for clitoral use.

The noise level is higher than average. It can be heard over running water and is louder than a cell phone on vibrate. When pressure is applied, it gets even louder and likely could be heard through a closed door at that point.

I'm one that expects a lot of power out of my toys, especially when it comes to external stimulation. I would not have expected enough power to come from this toy, but at the high speed I actually can orgasm easily from it. It's not the strongest in the world, but it is strong enough to satisfy all but the most power hungry out there. It won't rival a Hitachi anytime soon, but it comes just a bit below the higher powered luxury clit vibes.

There are some downsides. The first of which is what happens when you apply pressure. At the application of any pressure, the vibrations go from, well, vibrating, to something that feels and sounds like hammering. The noise level increases dramatically and the vibration starts to feel like a knocking sensation that is pretty unpleasant. If you're one that needs pressure to orgasm (as I am), this may leave you frustrated. It's possible for me to use it, but it takes a lot of concentration for me not to press down on it.

The next big downside is one I've mentioned already - the heating up. About an inch and a half from the tip of the toy begins to heat within a very short period of use. The heat begins as a slight warmth but if you continue to use it will get to an almost scalding temperature. As mentioned, this renders it useless as an internal toy if you had wanted to use it that way. If you just plan to use it externally, it doesn't cause any issues so long as you hold it near the controls and not in the middle.

The third big downside is the lifespan of the toy. I got the Hummer for assignment about three months ago. I got sick and had to postpone doing the review. When I finally sat down to do it, the Hummer was working fine. Then, about an hour letter, it died. So the lifespan on mine was three months. Three months in which time it had two of not being used at all. So the number of uses wasn't particularly high enough to warrant it breaking so quickly.

Care and Maintenance

Since it’s waterproof, care is easy. You can clean it with soap and water, toy cleaner, or a wipe. There’s no O ring to the waterproofing, just the click together closure. Due to this, I wouldn’t recommend submerging it when cleaning. I’ve had no issues running it under the sink and having water splash around the battery area.

Both silicone and water based lubricants can be used with the Hummer. Neither will cause damage to the toy.


The packaging for the Hummer is clearly made to display in a store. It has a hole at the top for hanging in a display. The front says “Clitoral Hummer” in script. Around the sides the features of the toy are listed. The Hummer is visible through the clear packing. The back has a photo of the Hummer and also has it’s name in the same scripting. It has more information about the features of the toy.

The packaging is not discreet as the toy can be seen clearly from the front and the back has a photo. The wording also makes it clear exactly what the product is for.

Personal comments

If you can catch it on sale, don’t intend to use it internally, and don’t mind that it probably won’t last very long, then the Hummer may just be for you. It does have some perks, namely stronger than average vibrations and varied types of stimulation and patterns. If you need a lot of pressure to orgasm, the Hummer will probably leave you frustrated. If you’re looking for a vibrator to last a lifetime, this isn’t it.


When I first got the Hummer, I didn’t expect much from it. I was pleasantly surprised when I turned it on and felt how strong the vibrations were. I need high level vibrations externally to orgasm and very few vibrators can provide enough for me, especially in the lower price range.

When using the Hummer externally, my only real complaint is that when I go to apply pressure it goes crazy. The noise gets much louder and the vibrations go from pleasurable to a rattle drum like feeling. Not exactly something I want on my clit in the heat of the moment. Because I need pressure, it’s very hard for me not to instinctively press down which means I have to concentrate really hard to use this effectively. On the positive side, the pointed end of this offers amazing pinpoint stimulation, which is my preferred type.

I also noticed that after a very short period of time the middle of the shaft got hot. Not warm, mind you, but HOT. So much so that it hurt to touch it with my hand. Since the first time I used it was externally, I opted not to try this internally for fear of burning up my insides.

Perhaps the biggest issue is that the Hummer just didn’t stand the test of time. I received the Hummer to review three months ago. Due to an illness I was unable to review it during that time. It worked for the three months that I couldn’t review. However, right at the end of the three months, it just stopped working. I attempted to change the batteries (three times, no less) and nothing. It’s just not a toy that will make it for the long haul
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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